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Who's your Mommy now?!

2022-08-17 00:00:03

Who's your Mommy now?1
The executive officer of Plus Creations, an upscale fashion corporation for full figured women, was Brenda Carson. Brenda runs the company with an authoritarian grip of dicipline. She is a tall dark haired lady(a heavier version of Kloe Kardashian), about 6'1" and is herself a beautiful full figured woman. Brenda is 35 and weighs 195 pounds, but is firm with measurements of 44-30-46 finished off by a wide bubble butt. Brenda. To summarize, she is a powerful woman who keeps up her looks is pampered well, but she indulges in the best foods and drink frequently, thoroughly enjoying herself. Her appitite for men and woman has proven to be just as large. She enjoyed dating submissive(usually small) men and women and making them humiliate themselves for her own pleasures.
Brenda had employed the same secretary, Kay, for 15 years, basically the whole time she had been in charge. Kay was and old lady who was very thin and frail at 75 years old. Brenda was abusive to kay, making her work long hours and running her back and forth until she was breathless. Sometimes Brenda would set up a table in her office and make Kay massage her ample body with oil. Kay would routinely have to sit by Brenda side giving her a full pedicure every week!
Last week, Brenda felt like punishing her elderly secretary for working too slowly. Brenda was modeling a plus size bathing suit in the full length mirror when Kay entered her office. Kay began,“Miss Carson, I’m done typing that…“”Shut up and drop to your knees old bitch”, commanded Brenda. She made frail Kay crawl over to her desk on all fours, then Brenda got up and sat right on Kay’s skinny back! Well as you would imagine Brenda’s huge ass collapsed Kay to the ground after a few seconds. Kay nearly passed out. “Stop clowning around grandma, you’re ok” snapped Brenda as she rolled the frail woman onto her back but continued to apply her full weight into her stomach. Brenda put her two size 12 bare feet right in the petite elderly ladys face ”How’s that grandma, is the big girl getting the better of ya?” asked Branda sarcastically. Kay moaned again and then passed out. Later Kay awoke but she never returned to her job.
Tracey Bickley works directly under Brenda as the head of sales. Tracey is 55 years old, very conservative with short grey hair, and is very short(5 feet tall) and petite at 85 pounds. Tracey’s measurements are 30-24-31. She is divorced but has a daughter living at home with her who is unemployed. Tracey works very hard and does a reasonably good job but is frequently harassed and even bullied by her rubenesque boss.
Weeks went by and Brenda knew she needed a new secretary. Karen came into Brenda’s office to deliver the month’s sales report. Brenda stood up and approached the tiny Tracey. “You know Tracey, I’m gonna need you to step it up around here since I still have no secretary”,stated Brenda. “What did you have in mind Miss Carson?”, asked Tracey. “For starters, you’re gonna give me a massage and a pedicure right now, since old hag isn’t here to fullfill her lot in life”, stated Brenda. Tracey set up the massage table quickly and Brenda laid down on it fully naked and belly down. Tracey began to work in the oil on the large lady’s back, then butt and legs. “Rub the oil into my ass for a while”demanded Brenda. Little Tracey worked the oil with her little hands into the huge white ass staring at her. Tracey felt humiliated wondering how that secretary completed all of these tasks at 20 years older that herself and she was 55! The boss lady was starting to get aroused as her breathing increased. “Ok waif, now you will use both of your tiny hands and spread open my ass cheeks” demanded Brenda. Tracey was really humiliated now but complied. ”Ok”said Tracey. “Ok what, finish the job and give me some tongue on my brown eye you dumb little bitch!” snapped Brenda. Tracey couldn’t believe what was happening but realized she should comply as she really needed to keep her position at this firm. She reluctantly lowered her head and stuck her tongue into the rubenesque lady’s anus. Brenda softly cooed as she completed yet another conquest, having a woman in her full control totally humilate herself for her own pleasures. After 15 minutes of analingus, Brenda rolled over and said” Time for some cunny honey”. Tracey began massaging Brenda’s large vagina and clitoris with her little tongue. Brenda cooed more with euphoria. After cumming several times in the older woman’s mouth, Brenda demanded” Worship my feet for a while.” So Tracey worked each chubby toe of the large sexy feet into her mouth. At one point the phone rang and Brenda answered it, going though a whole 25 minute conversation while having her peds licked! Brenda hung up the phone and asked Tracey,” Do we have any interviews for the secretary position yet?” ”Not yet”,replied Tracey. “Well its been two weeks now and I’m getting a little tired of not having an assistant! Have someone here tomorrow or else!”demanded Brenda. “Yes Maam”, replied Tracey but she knew this would be next to impossible in less than 24 hours.
Later that night, Tracey comes home. Her daughter Madison is laying on the sofa watching tv. Madison is also petite like her mother, she is 4’11’ and 81 pounds measuring 30-22-30. She is 24 years old but doesn’t look it with her girly body and her cute pixie blond haircut. “Hi Mom, how was work”asked Madison. “I’m so exhausted, my boss is wearing me down.” relied Tracey. “The problem is she has no secretary and I’m picking up the slack. I got to have somebody in there tomorrow or I may be toast!”said Tracey. “Maybe I could do it Mom, I do have a business degree.” replied Madison. Tracey hesitated, it was an idea but she really didn’t want to expose her little girl to that oppressive boss. Brenda wouldn’t mistreat Madison because I would protect her, Tracey thought to herself. “Well Ok honey, we can give it a try I guess”said Tracey. “Great,my first real world job!”replied Madison.
The next day Tracey was showing Madison the ropes in the office. The characteristic clacking of Brenda’s large heels could be heard strutting across the office. Brenda approached the petite ladys. “Hello Miss Carson”Tracey initiated. “Hi, and who do we have here Tracey?”asked Brenda. “This is my precious daughter Madison, she will be the new executive secretary, if that’s Ok?”replied Tracey. “Well that will be just fine, have Madison report in my office in ten minutes.”Brenda said to Tracey as if Madison weren’t even there.
A few minutes later Madison entered the rubenesque lady’s office. Brenda was impressed with the cute petite nature of Tracey‘s daughter; just her type she thought to herself. “Have a seat Madison” said Brenda. Brenda began to walk around the office stating what she expected of her new secretary. Then she leaned her large buttocks on the front of the desk so that she was just in front of Madison, facing her. “Do you think you can handle it?” asked Brenda. “Yes, I will do my best for you Miss Carson.” replied the little waif. “Good” relied Brenda as she kicked off her heels and now sat her big ass completely on the desk. As she continued to go on about the details of the job, she put her bare feet onto Madison’s theighs. Madison thought it was unusual but didn’t say anything.

Weeks went by and things were working out well with Tracey and her daughter as Madison was picking up the load for every one. Brenda came in late one day and called Tracey on the intercom, “Come to my office now!” The older woman scrambled to Brenda office. Brenda just sat back in her chair and said to Tracey ”You know the routine sis”. With that the petite woman came over to Brenda and got down on her knees. Brenda kicked off her pumps and extended her bare foot to Tracey. Tracey began to lick and suck Brenda’s large sexy foot. Brenda stood up leaned over the desk, and pulled up her skirt and with no pantys on, exposed her huge round buttocks for Tracey. Tracey complied and began to open Brenda’s large ass checks and tongued her ass. Tracey found this humiliating and hated doing it but figured it was a trade off if Brenda stayed away from her daughter. Just then Madison walked in, ”Oh my god, I…I didn’t know you guys were…”. “Its Ok sweetie” ,replied the rubenesque boss,” your mom was just kissing my ass for a while. Have a seat.” not only was Madison uncomfortable, but so was her mother. She was in a completely compromised position and Brenda knew it. Madison sat in the chair trying not to look but felt the need to peak now and then as she was getting excited. This powerful woman was dominating her mother, the authority figure in her life!
Brenda was really getting horney now and decided to up the stakes. She toke off her blouse exposing her huge 44D’s. Then she unbuttoned her skirt completely and she looked over at where Madison was sitting . “Don’t you want me to lick you more Miss Carson”,asked Tracey nervously as she wanted to distract the full figured woman from her petite daughter. Not taking her eyes off the young lady she replied, you just sit in my desk chair and enjoy the show. She strutted her large voluptuous frame over to the very petite secretary. Then she said ”Don’t mind if I sit, do you sweetie”. Madison stammered ”I…I don’t think”. With that, Brenda lowered her large buttocks onto Madison’s lap, facing her, with her giant breasts muffling Madison’s rely. “Right sweetie, don’t think”. Brenda cupped the small head of her secretary with her hand, pushing her little mouth into her nipple. “Wow you are really skinny girl! I thought your mother was skinny til I laid eyes on you. With a chest like you’re mother’s over there, I can see why you weren’t fed well. I’ll breast feed you good sweetie” said Brenda. Madison was really getting turned on being talked to like that with her mother sitting right there! Tracey on the other hand, was completely humiliated as her biggest fears were coming true and there was nothing she could do.
Now Brenda stood up and said ”how about licking my pussy now little lady?” Suddenly, Tracey felt her maternal instinct kicking in, she ran towards Brenda and jumped up on her back choking her from behind. “Get the hell away from my daughter you fat bitch!” yelled Tracey. For a moment, Brenda was surprised, the petite older lady had an advantage on her. Madison probably could have helped her mother her, but she just sat there, here loyalties divided. Brenda quickly bent over, flipping Tracey over her and hit the floor with a lifeless thump. Brenda lowered her big nude ass right onto the small stomach of the petite older woman. “I can’t br…breathe” squirmed Tracey. Her huge ass was pinning Tracey’s 85 pound body. Brenda reached up into her desk drawer and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. Brenda stood up and dragged the skinny older woman to her desk chair. Brenda cuffed Tracey to the chair and said ”Now enjoy the show bitch, I know I will”.
Brenda walked back over the the tiny young lady and said, ”where were we sweetie’. With that, the little blonde submissively stuck out her tongue and began to lick the vagina of the rubenesque boss. Brenda pivoted her hips so that Tracey could see her daughter. Brenda cooed with pleasure, yet another conquest. This accomplishment was like no other, with the added kinkiness of her lover’s mother looking on. Madison looked like a little girl next to the statuesque, bosomy, and huge hips she was diving into. Brenda cooed, ”That’s it baby, lick me, lick mommy’s pussy!” . Madison turned red with embarasement as her real mom was sitting right there!
Now Brenda walked over to behind the desk but leaning over it so that her big ass was right in Tracey‘s face. Brenda ordered Madison, ”come around behind the desk, climb up on Tracey’s lap and lick my ass. “But Brenda, you called her Tracey, so why didn’t you say get on your mom’s lap?” asked Madison. Brenda replied, ”simple sweetie, you just called me Brenda, from now on, you call me Mommy and her Tracey, got it? ”Madison sat on Tracey’s lap, then looked up at Brenda submissively saying”Yes Mommy”. Tracey was totally humiliated now as she had to watch and feel the vibrations of her tiny daughter providing analingus to this bitchy young plumper. Brenda was loving it as the tiny waif licked her ass for a whole hour. Finally Brenda stood up and faced her new lover,”give me a few licks on my pussy for good luck,sweetie” Madison replied”yes mommy”and she lapped up the last of Brenda’s juices. Make Mommmy cum baby. As Brenda squirted one last time into Madison’s mouth she asked her, ”who’s your mommy now?” Madison replied, ”you are. I love you mommy”. The tiny girl confirmed this by kissing Brenda huge breast.
Brenda demanded that Madison move in with her. She told Madison, I own you now! Tracey felt dejected.