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Be careful of what you wish for.

2023-01-24 00:08:32

So I guess I should begin at the beginning and try to explain why I am in the predicament I am in, well first things first my name is Kris and I have been a member of XNXX for a long time. In all my time here I have met many awesome and like minded people such as myself, and I have posted some stories and artwork along with a few tasteful pictures of my self. As I said I have met many like minded individuals on the site, and to be honest it's hard finding people who like the idea of forced sex and bondage, or to call it what it really is, rape. But It felt good being able to discuss my fantasy with others who would not judge or criticize my preferences. I mean the thought of being tied packed and ridden is in my head almost 24/7, and if not for the forum I might have no outlet.

So why rape and bondage you may ask, honestly it just gets my cock hard knowing that something is taken rather than given, toys do not get to decide who plays with them after all. I have posted numerous times about how I would love a female to kidnap me and make me her permanent rape toy, and here is the part that I need to explain, my wife has helped me live out this fantasy many times over I just got off talking about it. I had finished with a role play when I noticed there was a notice in my inbox, upon opening I noticed it was from a new member named Phaedra69s and as I read it I grew hard ," Wanna be a rape toy baby. I can help with that.", if I only knew then what I know now, I would never have replied to her.

It all started innocently enough, I told Phaedra that the idea of being tied and used as a toy was a long running fantasy of mine, I also told her about my wife pretending to rape me and how much I got off on it. She seemed interested when I wrote that I would love to role play a character that she wants and kidnaps and trains him through daily rapes how best to please her. She wrote back that she loved the idea of packing my ass with a vibrating but plug and riding me as slow or fast as she wanted, all in all it sounded like an awesome role play and I wrote back that we could start on Friday as my wife was working a shift in another district so that meant I could play all night well into the next day, she replied that that was great news and with that my horror began.

I saw my wife off Friday afternoon she would nor return until Sunday morning so I decided that since I would have the majority of the weekend to myself that I would stop at the liquor store for some Captain to help keep me company while I was being a pervert on the XNXX forum. Setting up my chair in my bedroom I kicked on my computer awaiting the log in screen and excited to begin the role play with Phaedra, after checking my in box I was disappointed to see that she had still not written and decided to visit her profile to see if she had been on recently. Unfortunately she had not, but I did notice that she had pictures so I clicked to view them, there were only three. The first showed her full pendulous breasts, each areola was large with an erect stubby fat nipple in the center, the second was a close up of a bald, wet, puffy pussy clearly leaking juices, and the third was in a darkened room, taken from behind, her long dirty blonde hair trailed down her chubby frame almost touching her fat bubbled ass.

I felt my cock stiffen and as I stared at her picture I really hoped that she would reply and do the role play of raping me, yummy I thought as I clicked back to her first picture, her huge tits rested slightly on her round tummy....., I snapped my mind from the image getting such thoughts out of my head, I mean, I could always masturbate later to the idea of it really happening. From the corner of my eyes I see a red mark on my inbox and immediately click it to find it is from her, I slow myself and read what she has offered up as a scenario for the story. She explains that she meets her soon to be rape toy online and has begun step two of her plan, step one was digging up information on him, you know, name, age, address, and etcetera. Step two was more complicated but since she knew her victim was all alone she readied herself, stun gun, ball gag, rope and cuffs...yeah she was ready to have her fun. I instantly wrote back that that was hot then apologized for breaking character and came up with my fair share, how my character was a happily married and his family was out of town for the weekend leaving him all alone.

I took another shot, my fourth of the night and sat back down at my computer with a stupid drunken grin on my face as I read her next message, her character snuck into her intended playtoy's house bypassing his A.D.T's security parameters, I chuckled...," Haha! A.D.T! That's who I use haha!". I felt my cock harden and I stood and kicked off my pants and sat back down in my computer chair in my boxers and started touching myself as I replied that my character was home alone watching the news and missing his wife and family. I sat waiting for her to reply for ever it seemed wondering if me mentioning my characters wife was off putting to her maybe but just as I was about to say something I saw the red notification and opened her message. My character watches you hidden from view, she see's you yearningly, lovingly gaze at a picture of whom she can only assume is you wife on the mantle then back to the news, she sneers as she readies the stun gun and smiles knowing you will never see her again...you were going to be hers now.

I feel my cock twitch but also know that if not for the arms on the computer chair I would have fallen over from being as drunk as I was, but I some how managed to make an intelligent reply back that I was going to have to call it a night that I needed to sleep and to have a great night and that I couldn't wait to play again. Her reply was strange as I read it," Why Wait?", I shrugged ready to type that I needed sleep that was why. It was only a moment before she messaged back again making me shake my head questioningly, " Rape toys don't get to say no!", I had had enough and logged off and leaned down to turn my computer off for the night when the most brutal sensation was inflicted upon my right back side. To put the pain in perspective for you I once dated a girl who owned a horse, this horse was fourteen hands high and huge, I once brushed it wrong and got kicked in the side, I would rather be kicked by that horse again then to ever have a stun gun used on me again, I instantly threw up all over the floor and passed out, when next I woke I was truly afraid.

Phaedra drove quickly but not to quickly back to her home state, her package lay buckled and bound in her back seat covered by a fitted black nylon cover easily hiding the fact that she had someone else in the car, she checked the dash boards clock and smiled, she was a good three hours ahead of schedule. That meant she would have time enough to do almost everything on her bucket list before the authorities were even alerted to your being missing, the longer it took, the better the chances of them never finding you, her new yummy permanent toy. As she drove she kept one hand between her wettened thighs rubbing her pussy in a now constant state of arousal in anticipation of the discussion she would be having with her new toy, smiling again she felt the familiar tremor of an approaching orgasm and hurried home.

Part Two

I woke feeling like crap, the taste in my mouth was disgusting, a mix between Rum, coke, and salmon and rice, ew! I tried to raise my head I realized that I couldn't, there was a stiff leather collar fastened around my neck tightly with a d-ring on the front laying oh so cold against my naked chest. As I tried to scream I now knew why my jaws ached so much as my spittle seeped from around the edges of my lips that was now filled with a ball-gag, I really started to panic when my head started to clear more and realize that I was naked and tied spread eagled to a mattress in a darkened room, I pulled against the wrist restraints and tried to move my hands, I couldn't, they felt like they were in a tight glove filled with gel, and my ankles had been stretched wider than I could normally spread on my queen bed which meant this must be a king. I tried screaming for what seemed like hours until I felt hoarse and afraid, I was still so disoriented from what had happened and prayed this was a nightmare.

Phaedra finished getting the rest of the supplies in from the car, she was exhausted from having to half drag and half carry her new toy to the bulkhead of her house and get him down to the basement and tied and fitted with a ball gag and restriction gloves to prevent him from trying to stop her or to hurt him self. She leaned against the kitchen counter finally taking a moment to realize that she had done exactly as she had planned and was going to get away with it, no more nights of being alone, no more rejection or being told no, and if she wanted to try something kinky she was going to from now on, she smiled as she slowly started to strip her clothing and make her way to the soundproof basement with the thought that she was about to fuck the way she wanted, for as long as she wanted to from now on and never have to worry about not having sex ever again, from now on her Rape toy was on the menu, and she was famished.

I start to try to breath evenly and convince myself that this is all a bad dream when the lights kick on and I am temporarily blinded, once my vision does clear I am even more terrified for all along the pegboard walls are hanging sex toy after sex toy some I know others I am clueless about and as I try to crane my head around I hear the creak of steps and soon hear your approach. When I saw your photos before I remember thinking how awesome it would be to be your toy, but now that I see your face and your mean cruel eyes I now know that I do not and strain harder against the bonds, I try screaming no beneath the gag and that only makes her laugh as she sits by me on the edge of the bed her hand traveling to hold my shriveled cock and start stroking it, I screamed again trying to convey that I did not want this when she laughed again and slapped me viciously across the face, " Shut the fuck up! Remember, Toy's just get played with, you're my toy now. My piece of cock when I want, so you had best get the fuck used to it.".

Phaedra looked at the flaccid cock that lay in her hand her brows knitted together in anger as she slowly started to jerk him off until his cock started to harden under her ministrations which brought a smile to her lips, Kris fought every inch of the journey and honestly she was okay with that, if he had just given in and lay there she probably would have untied him and told him to get the fuck out, she wanted a wild beast to tame, to train, and to mold into the perfect little rape toy. Gazing at the tears in his eyes she slowed her stroking hands movement till it was just a slow agony...," See Kris it doesn't matter if you really like this or not. I'm taking that decision away from you, cause it doesn't matter anymore what you want....what you think....or even what you fucking feel....hence my Rape Toy.", Phaedra watched as Kris' face first filled with anger then what she could only assume was disgust, she felt her pussy wetten as he screamed beneath the gag..." Umnghuhh! Opp ontaunt!!!". She slapped him roughly across his face and sneered as she leaned in to him crushing her heavy tits to his chest..," I know you don't want this...but I don't fucking care. You're my property now Krissy Toy! You wanted to be a Rape toy Kris so deal with your new life!", and with that said she slapped him roughly once more causing his eyes to tear up which strangely made her smile more.

I am in shock, this could not be happening to me, we were only supposed to do a role play that was all, and as she leans upon me pushing her fat tits into my chest and shoving her piggish face into my own, I am glad for the tears welling in my eyes as it blurs her sickening smile as she continues to stroke my cock with her chubby hand. My cheeks sting from where she had violently slapped me and I am sure they are as red as they feel, she leans into my ear and I try turning or pulling away but the the stiff leather collar prevents such movements making her giggle before sticking her tongue in my ear then trailing it down my neck and back up to my ear before whispering...," Huhuhu...It's been a long time Kris since Phaedra had some cock so I think I'm gonna have a little taste test first. If you move I might bite you, and we don't want that now, do we?". I won't lie, I whined and cried trying to get the words past the ball gag that I was married, and that I had a family that I loved my wife, but nothing seemed to deter the sick bitch from continuing to molest me and move her face down to my cock..

Part Three

Phaedra was so ready to just suck on a cock and then ride it, and as her hand tugged at Kris' she saw the tears welling in his eyes and the spittle being forced from around the edges of the ball gag as he screamed no repeatedly into the gag, Phaedra's face hardened and she slapped him roughly twice across the face making him tear up instantly. She smiled as she stroked his cock it wasn't much more than say six or six and a half inches when fully hardened probably, disappointing she thought but her smile returned when she reminded her self that it was now her six, or six and a half inches worth of cock. No other woman would ever touch him again, she smiled more as Kris tried to twist in the bondage but was unable to, Phaedra had tied him face up spread eagled to the iron post king size bed, he could barely lift his head up, which Phaedra did not mind for now, it would make riding his face easier later on she thought with a lustful grin, it had been almost a year since she'd last had her pussy or ass eaten and she was really looking forward to teaching Kris what she liked best. Phaedra's smile grew more wicked as she leaned her head to his now cleanly shaven crotch and balls, and she gleefully cupped them in one hand as she excitedly continued to stroke him with her other hand, she looked back to his crying face and laughed..," Ha! Ha! Ha! Get ready to be used for what you are for from now on Krissy Toy! Phaedra is hungry for some yummy cock!", with that she took his firming cock into her mouth.

My fists ball the gel inside the gloves as they pull helplessly at the headboards bed posts they are tied to, the nasty pig holds my balls in her left hand as she strokes me with her right and slowly lowers her lips over the bulbous head of my cock lowering herself down my shaft until her she engulfed me and I cried harder. I want to kick and scream, but the bindings and the gag prevent it as she begins to rhythmically bob her head up and down upon my cock, her spittle and saliva flows in copious amounts as she twirls her tongue around my glans to try to make me harder, I resist trying to imagine anything that will stop this from actually happening, While Phaedra continued I suddenly felt her grip grow firmer around my ball sack, I mewled behind the ball gag coming close to openly sobbing from the events transpiring and for some reason she seemed happy with that. Her head bobbed quicker and her tongue twirled faster as I try desperately to pull away or stop the disgusting pig from doing this to me, she momentarily pulled free from my cock with a devilish grin upon her face as she spoke...,"Aww calm down Krissy Toy. Like Phaedra said before you belong to her now. This needs to happen...It's going to happen hehehe!!...,now calm the fuck down and let me enjoy this!", I trembled and cried on the bed as she released my ball sack and stood turning to the wall.

Phaedra stood and approached her wall of toys, a cock ring, an O-ring gag, a vibrating but plug, leather straps to keep her playtoy's ass cheeks spread while she taught him he was just here for her pleasure now, she licked her lips loving the light salty flavor in her mouth from his cock and she felt her self growing wetter and hotter knowing it was now hers to use as she pleased. She heard him screaming in fear and anger on the bed as she picked up a pair of nipple clamps and turned to approach him smiling broadly. She was about to have the best sex of her life, tonight and every night from now on she thought with a chuckle as she stretched beside Kris on the bed laying the items on the bed next to him one by one. Phaedra held up her vibrating butt plug and smiled as Kris's eyes widened and began to quickly look left and right for any kind of escape as his cries behind the ball gag increased she smiled sickeningly an giddily whispered into his ear...," I know this is bigger then the one you and your wife use when you play...,but I wanna see your sweet little bum hole stretched, and I really wanna feel it when I kick it on as I'm riding you!", she reached back and opened a condom and placed it over the toy, ready to pack Kris's ass then taste him some more and ride the living hell out of him, Phaedra continued to smile as she picked up a plastic tip syringe and filled it with lube as Kris lay screaming..

I scream over and over again as the sick pig violates me and I struggle against the bondage holding me in place as she puts a condom on the monstrously big vibrating anal plug, I can only gasp and cry harder, the one I have at home is is maybe three inches long and at its thickest point before it tapers is the width of a bottle of baby aspirin, once it's in it's in, and my wife and I have had many a fun rape game nights in with it, or with it in so to speak. The ugly thing she held was probably five inches long and at it's thickest point before it tapered was the width of a red bull can, my eyes watered and I started sobbing in complete panic behind the ball gag...," Uuuummmghhuuuhhhh!!! HuhhhHuhhhHuhhh!!!", I tried begging and pleading with my eyes as the sick pig turned with a bottle of lubricant and rubber gloves, and at that moment I felt completely doomed. She leaned her piggish face into mine again, her heavy bra clad tits pushing against my naked flesh as she dreamily smiled at me and spoke softly...," First Krissy toy I wanna finger your asshole while I'm sucking your yummy cock...I'm only going to say this once more tonight,. You fight I bite.", I tried to make my mind comprehend what was about to happen but all I could do was continue to cry as she slithered closer to my groin as I screamed helplessly behind the gag.

Phaedra felt her pussy begin to absolutely drip as she told her new toy what she was about to do, then smiled wickedly as she moved closer to his crotch, his semi-erect cock waved in the air as he strained his muscles against the bondage trying to pull free. Phaedra smiled smugly as she reached up with her right hand to slap his face roughly, leaving a red print behind and then sneered into his face...," You really are being stupid Kris! I mean,.... Well, you are tied down pretty tightly. And no one knows where you are...., and well...., you are naked and almost ready for me.". The look that crossed Kris' face made Phaedra chuckle as she opened the bottle of lubricant and squirted it onto her left pointer finger, fear crossed with anger filled his eyes as he kept screaming behind the gag, Phaedra had had just about enough, it was time for her toy to learn to be quiet while he was being played with, she got up momentarily and looked down upon him...," Okay Kris I have had enough of your fucking shit! I have gone through all this fucking trouble to help make your sick little rape fantasy into a reality! You can at least act a little appreciative. Now I'm gonna take your gag out and I am warning you now, were miles away from my closest neighbor so no one will hear you but me...so no theatrics fucking got it Kris!". Phaedra watched as Kris' eyes slowly filled with tears as he shook his head yes.

I can only lay there weeping as the nasty bitch reaches behind my head to unbuckle the gag filling my mouth, and as she pulled the large rubber ball free a giant sob escaped me....," Wwwhhhyyyyyyy!!!!" she turned her angry ice blue eyes to my face and her mouth became a flat line upon her own before speaking haughtily ," Cry out like that again Krissy toy and Phaedra will get the stun gun and fucking hurt you. Got it?". My silence was all the answer she evidently needed before smiling disgustingly and leaning her head down to mine as her right hand came up to dig into the sides of my cheeks forcing my mouth open as she opened her own mouth and laughed..," Hehe!! Time for Krissy toy to be Phaedra's Kissy toy haha!!!", and with that she crushed her mouth to mine. I tried laying still and just letting everything happen but I was so grossed out by actually being forced to do any thing with her and as her tongue forced it's way into my squeezed open mouth I realized she tasted nothing like my wife and started to panic I tried so hard to close my lips against her and I was afraid as she pulled away and slapped my exposed cock behind her. I screamed in absolute pain and disgust....," Owwww!!!!! Sttooppp it!!! I-i don't wanna do this pleeaaassssseeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", and as she stared at me I knew I was doomed. I was to afraid to do anything, not that I could do anything, she lay straddled over me in just her panties and bra both satin black, and both a good size or two to small for her, it was disgusting to see her fat hanging over the top of her panties as she leaned back again retrieving an item from the side of the bed then leaned forward holding the stun gun above my tear stained face..

Phaedra had had enough, she picked up the stun gun and held it above Kris's face so he could see it, his tears and silence told her he remembered it from the previous night...," Do we understand each other now Krissy toy?", she watched as he shook his head yes causing the tears welled in his eyes to wetten above and below his eye sockets, she smiled wickedly knowing that she was going to have what she wanted, whether he liked it or not. Phaedra moved from the bed and smiled down upon Kris as she slowly stripped free of her bra and panties and let them fall to the floor with a damp splat...," Now tell Phaedra that her little rape toy is ready to be played with.", she waited for a moment or two before picking up the stun gun and threateningly waving it above him ,"...I didn't hear you rape toy.". She giggled as Kris bawled out loud,.." Sob!! Sob!! r,r, Rapetoy r,rrr...ready...sob! sob!"". Phaedra smiled, it was close enough for her as she picked up the O-ring gag and approached Kris' head,..." I really want my pussy and ass eaten but I know that you are still gonna fight me so this goes in. And after I'm done gobbling your cock and fingering your bum to get it lubed I'm gonna ride your mouth before I use you. Yeah! That sounds like the perfect first date to me! Enjoy your new life rapetoy!, he fought as she joyously pushed the O-ring gag into his mouth and tightened behind his head and she couldn't be happier with how things were going.

Part Four

I keep praying this is all a nightmare as the twisted pig continues to threaten me, I cautiously do as she wants knowing to do otherwise would bring immediate pain and punishment, I hate myself for even uttering half of what she wanted me to, which did not even seem to phase the sick pig as she pushed the O-ring gag into my mouth and tightened it telling me all of her sick plans for me. Since she had removed her bra and panties she purposely pushed her skin against my trembling frame as she double checked the restraints at my wrists...,"Gotta make sure these stay nice and tight Krissy toy. Cause when I'm on and riding, I'M GONNA BE ON AND RIDING!", her smug happy smile filled me with anger and disgust as she tightened my ankle restraints next, I screamed from behind the O-ring gag one last time in hopes of touching anything human in the foul pig...," Easssee oooppp!!! ighee oont auntt ohh iss easeee!!!", blinding white light and pain filled me as my head rocked from her closed fist punch, I feel disoriented and know I will have a black eye by tomorrow and as my head begins to clear her disgusting voice fill my ears as I lay sobbing...," Stop saying stupid things like that Krissy toy! I don't wanna hear it. You said you wanted to be raped and trained to be a rape toy....and that's what's happening now. I have gone through so much fucking trouble to help you experience your fantasy for real and all you can do is keep insulting me by trying to refuse me...Ha Ha he he!". I weakly cry as she leans back down to my exposed groin to once again cup my balls and chuckle into the air as I weep...," Hehe! This is gonna be so awesome Krissy toy!".

Phaedra felt her pussy moisten as she hit Kris in the face, she had to teach him that there was no choice, no alternative, she would ice his eye after playtime but he needed to learn that her needs came first from now on and as she leaned down to her toys straining groin Phaedra was once again impressed with his flexibility. She had almost gotten a complete Van Damme split from him and it had made it incredibly easier to shave his crotch, balls and anus clean earlier while he was out, and on the king size bed it gave her plenty of room to maneuver from face to cock or vice versa. Phaedra gently squeezed his ball sack in her left hand and lifted it tenderly exposing Kris' twitching brown eye...," There we are baby.", she squirted lubricant onto the pointer finger of her glove covered right hand and pushed it against his now clenching anus and she giggled as he shrieked like a little girl as she pushed it deep..," Hehe...good toy, let Phaedra lube and stretch this tight little ass and get it ready for play time.". Looking up Phaedra could see the anger and disgust in his eyes as she released his balls momentarily to capture his twitching cock as she fingered his anus, and just before taking him deep into her mouth she giggled in the air...,"Hehe!! I knew that I would love this Krissy toy...we are gonna have so much fun together from now on." and with that she swallowed his yummy cock savoring every inch of it as she pleased.

I can only cry and shake as the nasty pig sucks my cock again, I try not to scream as her finger violates my anus, my wife and I use our butt plug but I have never had any thing sliding in and out of me before and instantly hate it, but am defenseless to stop it. Her lust filled eyes keep looking up, and locking on my own tear filled ones as she sucks on my cock and I cry harder knowing it turns her on knowing I hate this and that she is destroying my life. I try so desperately to sound as pitiful as possible in hopes that the sick pig will have mercy...," easseee oopppppp easseeeee...", the look that appeared in her eyes made me flinch but she merely continued to suck on my cock and finger my anus until I felt the inevitable approach of an orgasm. I fought desperately thinking of any thing gay or ugly to stop myself from cumming but soon tears were not the only thing leaking from my body, Phaedra pulled her finger from my anus and her mouth from my cock as she happily turned her backside up towards my chest and face then turned her head over her shoulder to look back at me and glowingly say...," Okay Krissy toy that was fucking yummy having your cock pop for me. You taste so good baby.", I am repulsed as she dips a finger into her mouth and pulls it free to expose a sticky string of my cum dangling from it before swallowing it all and dreamily staring at my forced open mouth...," Phaedra's ass and pussy are ready for a little mouth and tongue action...are you ready for this rape toy?", I cry out in fear and anger knowing I have no real choice and I will be punished but I am so disgusted and sickened by everything...," Ahmm Ootttt Orrr Oyyy!!", I flinch hard as she reaches down between my legs to cup then squeeze my ball sack firmly as she starts to straddle my face with her meaty thighs her pussy mere inches away from my open mouth and just before she sits firmly upon my face she laughed and joyously announced...," It's playtime Krissy, and yes you are Phaedra's toy now! Yee haw!".

Just before Phaedra plopped her dripping cunt onto her toys mouth she looked down into his tear filled eyes as they darted left and right seeking some escape then lustfully breathed out as she pushed her hairless pussy to his locked open mouth and sat firmly so her anus pushed to his nose cutting off all air...,"Okay Krissy toy, you want air...Phaedra wants tongue...got it?". She felt Kris try to twist his head from her thick thighs tight embrace but she happily squeezed tighter and pushed her pussy harder to the steamy hole below it, it turned her on as he tried to stop her but couldn't, she reached down to his cock to slap it then yell..," TOUNGE NOW TOY!!!". Phaedra grunted with satisfaction as she felt Kris' tongue push into her pussy but only momentarily as he pulled it back in and tried to thrash his head more beneath her, she lifted her bottom from her rape toys face and looked behind to see him bawling and yelling....," ats asty ont aunt is easse!", Phaedra felt her anger growing, how dare the little stupid rape toy think his opinion of how her pussy tasted mattered, reaching back she slapped him roughly, when next he looked back up, his eyes were tear filled but his crying had ceased, Phaedra reached back spreading her ass cheeks and plopped back down onto her toys mouth and greedily ordered...," Now lick my fucking pussy Krissy toy or I'll get the cattle prod out to use. It makes the Taser look tame hehehe!", she moaned happily into the air as she felt his tongue push into her pussy...," See Rape toy, it's gonna be like this from now on fuccckk yesssss Unghh good boy! Good boy! Keep it up OH FUCK yeah! Good boy! Good boy!", she felt the orgasm approaching and tightened her thighs grip against her struggling slaves ears.

I wish I were dead as the foul pig pushes her disgusting pussy to my mouth, I draw in air ready to scream till she scooches back and pushes her anus against my nostrils threatening me with no air unless I stuck my tongue into her slickened cunt, I refused, I was not going to lick this disgusting bitch, she couldn't make me, or so I thought until she slapped my cock then yelled out...,"TONGUE NOW TOY!!!", I pushed my tongue forth and was instantly disgusted as I did so, she had a musky taste that wasn't to bad, but there was an after taste of sour sweat or urine and I gagged instinctively pulling my tongue back into my mouth. I was sickened and horrified of what was happening and prayed that this would just end but as she lifted her fat bubbled ass from my face I tried to scream that it was nasty and I didn't' want it, and that earned me another violent slap to my face, not gonna lie, that one really hurt. I lay in a state of shock from actually being raped and as I look up the pig was spreading her ass cheeks and dropping her pussy back on top of my mouth, she scared me, and when she mentioned the cattle prod I knew that I had no choice if I wanted to stay alive so I pushed my tongue back into her ignoring her taste the best as I could as she continued to defile me. Her foul juices and taste fill my mouth, and when I feel her thighs tighten against my ears I know it's going to be even worse soon, I strain to twist my head as she humps my tongue faster and harder her disgusting voice never quitting...," Good boy! Keep licking Krissy toy! Fuck! Yes! Yes!! Yes!", she soon settled her humping pussy into my mouth and squirted hard into it and I prayed to God for death.

Phaedra sat enjoying the orgasm that washed over her, it had been a long time since her pussy had experienced a good tonguing, not that this was a good one she thought, but a rape toy required training to make them do what you wanted them to do, she felt Kris' tongue continue to tentatively lick her past the ring of the gag licking her slowly and not as deeply as she would usually like, but again training would take care of a lot of that she thought with a wicked grin. She felt him gag again causing his hot steamy breath to push into her pussy as he tried twisting his head, she pushed her cunt harder to his mouth and lodged her anus firmly against his nose as she quiffed and then giggled into the air as his struggles began anew....," Oops he he! Ohh fuck yes!!!! That was so awesome Krissy! You like how I taste rape toy? Hehehe...doesn't really fucking matter does it? If I tell you to say my pussy is yummy you will, or I use the prod to make you say it hehe!!".She lifted her trembling thighs and ass from Kris' face and as she turned to stare into his disgust filled tearstained face her bottom lip quivered in the most depraved of ways as she looked upon his now cum covered face glistening from her girl goo. Phaedra loved how her juices had sluiced off either side of his face and pooled beneath his head on the rubber mattress cover, he lay openly sobbing and trying to turn his gaze away from hers, but again the stiff leather collar prevented it. Phaedra reached down to the side of the bed and pulled the cattle prod up onto the bed to lay next to Kris' head, the effect was immediate as his eyes met hers and stayed there and he grew silent, she giggled out loud at his now fearful expression..," He he! Awww! So Yyeahhhh.....,That was pretty fucking awesome for me Krissy but I'm more than ready for some cock now toy.". His pathetic whine filled the air as she crawled free of his face, she thought maybe before she took him in her ass tonight that she could get him to tongue her anus first, it had been so long since she had had this much fun and right now she just wanted to pack and play at this point. She was finally getting some cock tonight!

Part five

As the twisted pig lays the cattle prod by my head I grow silent, the electric prods at the end look extremely nasty and I again pray for death as Phaedra shifts her ass so see can see me clearer as she looks over her shoulder into my tear filled eyes with a disgusting happy smile on her face as she spoke...," He he! Awww! So Yyeahhhh....,That was pretty fucking awesome for me Krissy but I'm more than ready for some cock now toy.". I whined beneath the O-ring gag as she crawled free of my face, leaving it cum covered and her nasty taste still lingering upon my tongue and all throughout my mouth as she moved back down to my helpless crotch, I tried to scream as loud as I could as she brought her mouth to my once again flaccid cock and slowly sucked my head between her slippery lips her glove covered finger once again pushing and pumping in and out of my clutching anus. The sounds she makes as she sucks on me are almost as nasty and disgusting to me as she is and I am sure my face is reddened in shame and contorted in anger as she pulls the head of my cock from her lips with an audible pop...," Pop! Ha ha ha. Oh don't be mad Krissy toy I'm just teaching your yummy little cock what it is for from now on!", out of sheer helplessness and anger I screamed from behind the ring gag as forcefully as I could...," Aiegghh oont auntt iss!!! Assty Igg!!!". The look that crossed her face made me thing she was going to go for the prod and I flinched as her arm dropped quickly and she gripped my ball sack tightly and squeezed as she spoke through gritted teeth...," Because this is our very first night together I'm gonna be a little lenient...but if you call me a nasty pig again I will get the stun gun. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME RAPE TOY!!!!!". I closed my eyes and bawled for what seemed like for ever nodding my head as she slowly released my balls and started to wank me to hardness, while fingering my anus as she giggled..," Your ass is still really tight Krissy toy, I think you're gonna like the plug I have picked out for you, it's remote controlled so that I can pick the speed and settings for when I use you as an ass toy, tee he he!", I sob louder as she places a massive butt plug next to my head and tugged harder upon my cock.

Phaedra had wanted to use the prod on the ignorant little fucker when he had called her a nasty pig but decided against it as it could put her rape toy out of commission for the night, and that would mean no cock for Phaedra, and after all the trouble she had gone through tonight she was having cock, so instead she told him she would be lenient but that enough was enough then she alluded to the stun gun. She felt his anus trying to squeeze her finger to stop it as she slowly pumped it in and out, her smile grew as his eyes filled with more tears as she worked his hardening cock with her other hand his warm flesh thrilling Phaedra in ways she had not felt in years. Smiling sickly at her toy she pulled her finger free from his anus and reached for the vibrating butt plug she would be using on him tonight, she smiled at the look of fear and disgust that crossed Kris' face as she lay the rubber black monster beside his head telling him he was going to be stuffed and fucked tonight and that he would learn to enjoy being her ass toy. Phaedra's pussy felt so hyper sensitive as she trailed her hand down her front and to her wet, hot, hole and greedily started to masturbate on the bed by her rape toy, she watched as Kris's sobs grew louder and louder till he was actually bawling like a baby beside her on the bed, getting up and feeling annoyed with Kris' sobbing she went to the wall and picked an appropriate penis gag and giggled, maybe five inches long and three inches in girth it would keep her new rape toy quiet for their first time, she smiled with the thought that her new toy would have no choice, removing the ring gag from his mouth she giggled as he bawled into the basements air...," p,p, pleasse s,stopp..pp.p...please.....i, im sorry but i don't want this anymore please!". Phaedra happily pushed the penis gag into Kris' mouth filling his throat and silencing him a great deal...," Uckckckkunhh!!", Phaedra felt her pussy gush as he tried making any noise as she tightened it securely behind his head and leaned forward and purposely pushed her breasts into his tear stained face as she tightened the leather collar around his neck making sure he faced straight up so that she could watch him while she rode her new piece of cock.

I keep gagging from the fullness of the penis gag and Phaedra's disgusting taste that fills my mouth and sinus passages and I try to calm down so that I will not choke to death, my nostrils draw in and push out air so that snot bubbles form and mix with the foul pigs fluids added to my own pooling tears, I'm sure my face is a glistening mask of anger and disgust. After Phaedra had gagged me, and retightened all the restraints once more just to be sure as she put it, she sighed a deep sigh and smiled so smugly and condescendingly down upon me that I wish I could choke the living shit out of the sick pig. Phaedra leaned forward on the bed gathering the toys she had removed from the wall," Oh God I'm really about to have sex with you Kris!...," she laughed as my eyes flashed with anger and I tried to yell with the gag nearly choking me as I did, "That I hated her and wished she were dead.", what actually came out was unintelligible.. The nasty pig covered her lips with one hand as she breathily giggled out...,"...Tee he he! Ohhhhh, okay. So it's not sex per say Krissy. I'm going to rape you okay? Is that what Phaedra's new little Rape Toy wants to hear. Your mine now and I'm stuffing your sweet bum full of vibrating rubber plug, then I'm gonna love mounting you and stuffing myself with some real cock...oh fuck yes toy! It's going to be so fucking good for me from now on, I'm gonna ride you for hours tonight!"". I can only continue to cry as Phaedra picked up what looked like a leather cat's collar and tightened it around the base of my ball sack tightening it till it almost hurt, I strained my muscles against the cuffs but there was absolutely no give as she reached back down for a vibrating cock ring to slowly push around the head of my cock until it rested directly at the base with the clitoral stimulator faced towards my navel. She next took what looked like leather straps and tightened them around my ass cheeks till my wrinkled rim was stretched and gaped a little, I trembled as she picked up the butt plug and lay it between my spread legs and I whined as much as I could past the rubber penis gag as she picked up the plastic tip syringe and brought it to my anus..," aughh....aughh.", she stopped and leaned to my face and grabbed the d-ring connected to the stiff collar around my neck pulling uncomfortably on it as she laughed in my face...," hehehe....Remember when we met on the forum and you said that you wished that a sick perverted woman would kidnap you and train you through daily rapes how to best please her but that there was no real way that it could happen since a woman could never do such a thing. You know, because women are weaker, right? So I guess this really isn't rape then is it? So yeah...I guess that if you don't want me fucking you that you'll stop me he he! Oh I am about to have so much fun !", as she pushes and empties the lube filled syringe into my over flowing anus my tears are the only thing to run free and I realize that she is an insane monster with no pity.

Phaedra felt her pussy dripping in anticipation of having a real cock in it and reached up to wipe the drool from her mouth as she picked up the butt plug to hold it above her rape toys face and speak with a trembling excited voice...," Time to pack and play toy. I know it's bigger than what your used to so that's why I used so much lube in your ass....". She leaned forward to his ear and felt him flinch as she held him and ran her tongue around his ear as she whispered...,"...., I can't wait to feel your sweet cheeks spread for my my plug toy.", she laughed as his tears continued to stream down his cheeks. She still couldn't believe that she was getting away with it, she had checked his states news and he was still listed as a missing person, he lay bound, gagged, and readied to serve all of Phaedra's sexual needs and urges and she was still marveling that it was happening, it was real, she now had a permanent rape toy! Looking into his eyes she reached up and slapped his face sharply eliciting a panicked cry...," aughh....aughh!", Phaedra smiled and pushed the butt plugs tip hard to his anus spreading his wrinkled perineum...," You know Kris I really thing that's about enough of the water works, you can fucking cry after I'm done raping you okay...for fuck sakes don't fucking ruin this for me. Now fucking take this so I can start riding soon.". He fought bravely Phaedra gave him that, his cheeks though bubbled were extremely strong and it took considerable force on her part to finally work it up to the thickest part as it spread him, and soon she was pushing it in to the tapered end and t shaped handle fully against his now popped closed anus, looking to his face she frowned as tears ran freely from his eyes. Phaedra ran the the thong cords through the vibrating butt plugs base and looped them around Kris' thighs tightening them ensuring that her toys naughty little ass did not spit out her present for it, looking up she saw her toy's chest heaving in panic and disgust from having his anus filled as much as it was, she smiled knowing that he would eventually grow accustomed to some of the kinky stuff she liked doing, from his reactions with her finger something told her pegging him would be fun. Phaedra got up from the bed and dimmed the lights and moved back to Kris' helpless form on the bed, his cock stood in the air and Phaedra had waited long enough, she straddled him doing a squat position above him and slowly aimed his cock to her hot wet pussy...," Play Time Toy!".

Part six The actual rape

I lay crying and in disbelief of what is actually happening to me as the sick hog squats above my cock aiming it for her bald nasty glistening pussy, I try to squirm to stop this from happening but I am securely bound to the king size mattress and I am going absolutely nowhere. I am in shock as Phaedra grips my cock and slowly lowers her pussy onto it, my muffled scream is barely louder than a squeak as as she slides down my cock parting her pussy lips until I disappear inside her. My cock is as much of a victim of her nastiness as I am, as her pussy almost sucks me in and grips tightly while she lifts up an then lowers herself back down onto my groin getting comfortable, her piggish disgusting voice fills the room as she reaches back to spread her ass cheeks ensuring that my cock is deep within her...." Ohhh F,f,fuck yeahhhh!!!". My tears stream as she reaches to the side of my head to pick up the remote for the butt plug currently ripping my ass apart and turns it to on. I can't do anything as I am crushed beneath her weight and the butt plug pulses to life beyond anything I have experimented with before, she just stays squatted with my cock in her, I cant even move enough to try to pull free from her and she knew it as she smiled down at me and leaned forward lowering her knees and crushing her rounded belly into mine as her disgustingly pleased face drew close to my fresh tear stained one. I don't want the butt plug in my ass any longer, my anus hurts from being packed so much, and the vibrations cause my cock to literally vibrate inside the nasty pigs pussy as she leaned to my face smiling making me hate her even more...," Oh fuck Krissy toy...this cock of mine feels so good in me huuuuuu, yeahhhhhh, y,y,you like uh fuck, you like your ass being my toy baby? unnnnn fuck yeeahhh". My muffled cries are soon overpowered by the sound of her raising her pussy and slapping it back down, soon the foul sound of slapping flesh fills the room as she begins to ride me in earnest, and I am so sickened as she settles her weight on me crushing her fat belly and tits harder to my torso as she rhythmically begins rocking on my cock....," Oh fuck there we go baby ungh fuck yes! This is my cock, my fucking cock from now on yeah!". my tears continue to stream down my face as she rapes me, totally uncaring of my plight she rocks harder upon me.

Phaedra was in absolute heaven, her Rape toy's cock was buried deep in her pussy just the way she wanted, as it would be from now on she thought with a grin as she increased the pace and intensity, riding him till the sound of her pussy and thighs slapping against his groin filled the room, and she couldn't be happier with the way things were working out as his muffled cries reached her ears. She pounded against his cock not caring if she hurt or bruised him, she needed it fast and hard and she was in absolute heaven as she rocked on her now permanent rape toys cock, while he may have been only six inches long, her Krissy toy had a nice thick cock which Phaedra was loving so far. She looked to her rape toys face and saw the rage and disgust boiling behind his tear filled eyes, and his chocked cries behind the penis gag made her laugh out loud as she bounced harder and faster on his cock....,"Yeahh! Good Boy! Good Boy! Give Phaedra that nice yummy cock! Fuck YES!", she felt her orgasm approaching and begin to wash over her as she humped her toys cock harder and sneeringly whispered in his ear..." My cock, Mine....this is mine now. Don't forget you stupid little rape toy. Mine!", when she came it was hard and powerful and as her pussy squirted it shot from their pressed bodies landing on his chest and lower face causing him to scream again, the rest sluiced of the sides of his hips and pooled beneath his vibrating ass cheeks making Phaedra grow even hornier if at all possible as she watched his eyes stream tears as he pulled uselessly against the restraints. Phaedra took a moment to bask in the pleasure as her orgasm shook her entire core, she had not had sex in over a year since her divorce from her husband, stupid little drunk didn't know what he was missing she thought with a grin as she pushed and slid her hands beneath Kris' vibrating ass cheeks and palmed and squeezed them tightly as she started to rock on his cock again. She was raping him belly to belly as she fondled his ass and whispered wickedly in his ear..." Are you enjoying being played with toy? Yeah, I knew you would love this. Having some real pussy to fuck finally instead of that skinny little skank of a wife you USED to have hehe! You're probably in heaven huh rape toy?". Phaedra sees the anger flash in Kris' eyes and she sits back up crushing his groin beneath and sinking his cock into her pussy all the way. Phaedra shivered as the vibrations of the butt plug traveled through her toys cock and into her horny pussy, before picking up the remote and switching the setting to a higher more powerful vibe she watched as his face went from angry to pained and scared as she started to bounce on his cock yet again.

I want to die, she's going to ruin me I think with disgust, my anus is so sore and I am not even sure if my prostrate can handle much more as the giant chunk of rubber continues to vibrate and stretch me beyond my limits, and the foul disgusting pig doesn't even care that her bubbled buttocks slap painfully against my exposed ball sack as she lays atop me with my cock firmly buried in her fat shiny pussy. She is like a machine as she rapes me, the penis gag has effectively stopped me from voicing any objections and her nasty piggish voice in my ear makes me sick..." My cock, Mine....this is mine now. Don't forget you stupid little rape toy. Mine!", and when she orgasms and squirts all over my chest and even up to my nostril I am further sickened as it pools beneath my ass making wet disgusting sucking sounds as she bounces on me. I have tried convincing myself that this is not real, that it is a bad dream, and that if I close my eyes tight enough I will wake and this disgusting nightmare will end, the problem is that when I open them I am still under her grunting shifting body and soon her hands slide beneath to come to rest on my sore and sensitive ass cheeks, and she grips them possessively and squeeze them as she leans to my ear to fill it with her disgusting voice...," Are you enjoying being played with toy? Yeah, I knew you would love this. Having some real pussy to fuck finally instead of that skinny little skank of a wife you USED to have hehe! You're probably in heaven huh rape toy?". I hate the pig that is on top of me and when she says that I must be in heaven because of what she is doing to me I scowl in anger behind my tears as she sits back up and turns the butt plug to a higher setting and begins to ride my cock even harder in a cowgirl position. I can only cry in shame, pain, and disgust, while the foul bitch rides me like nothing more than a toy and as she smiles smugly down at me I again pray that I could choke the living shit out of her...," Yes! God boy! Gooood Booooy! Fuck fucking good rape toy yes!", I want so badly to puke as she leans back down stomach to stomach and forces her hands back beneath my vibrating butt cheeks to squeeze them yet again and whisper sickeningly into my ear as she started riding me harder...," I am loving t,this so far baby...ooohhhhHH Fuck yes!". I try to go away to a part of my mind so that I may escape but try as hard as I can Phaedra the evil slut wouldn't let me as she leaned her piggish face to mine and kissed my cheeks repeatedly spewing filth from her mouth...," Good boy! Good boy! Tell Phaedra you're loving this so far.". I mumble in pain, shame, and disgust as she tightens her grip on my ass cheeks and humps against me harder making my balls slap into her fat ass cheeks from her movements when, I cry as I feel her left hand release to come up behind my head and unbuckle the penis gag and pull it unceremoniously from my mouth and throat.

Phaedra was riding on the crest of orgasm after orgasm as she fucked her new piece of cock, Kris kept trying to struggle beneath her and she hadn't felt so sexually turned on or satisfied......, she stopped and realized that she had never felt like this before...she smiled sickly knowing the hidden cam would catch her expression, and the greatest part?, she could have this whenever she wanted to from now on. She lay back down crushing her tits to his chest as she slid her hands beneath and gripped his ass cheeks tightly, his ass was her toy now as well and she wanted to try so many things from now on. She humped back harder loving the way his ball sack slapped at her ass as she rode his cock, the clit stimulator on the cock ring was heavenly but paled to how good having his vibrating cock sliding in and out of her thoroughly drenched pussy felt. Phaedra looked down to Kris' face as she felt her pussy cum again, his eyes flashed with disgust as she started kissing him while she raped him...," Good boy! Good boy! Tell Phaedra you're loving this so far.", his muffled cry only fueled her own as Phaedra gripped her toys buttocks harder and slammed her pussy on and off of his trapped cock till she felt her pussy squirt again causing her toy to cry out below herm loosening her left hands grip she brought it up behind Kris' head to unbuckle and pull the penis gag from her toys mouth...," AUuulkkkkkk.....cough ulk..p,p,leaa". Phaedra stopped with his cock buried deep in her and with her free hand pinched her thumb and forefinger to Kris' cheeks keeping his mouth open as she leaned in to kiss him deeply then pull back and give him a hard dangerous look...," You said you wanted this Kris. You don't get to change your mind now...your mine. My rape toy. It's your life now so fucking get used to it. Now I'm gonna play with you some more and I want you to stay quiet unless told otherwise, you can cry if it helps toy but I don't want to hear anything from you except to tell me how good it fucking feels! Disobey and I'll show you how the fucking prod feels!!!...Do you understand me toy?", Phaedra laughed as Kris let loose a giant sob before nodding his head, leaning in she continued to push her tongue into his mouth and kiss him deeply as she rode him hard.

Phaedra lay atop her new piece of cock, lazily looking to the clock she had been with him for the better part of seven hours, the Viagra she had forced him to take helped considerably as she slowly pulled his softening cock from her pussy and looked to his tear stained face, she had to put the ball gag back into his mouth about an hour back when he kept telling her he didn't want to fuck any more and that she was nasty. She was actually okay with him talking back at that point as she had cum hard again from his protestations and she was absolutely thrilled as she felt him finally cum in her.....," It's about time you stupid little slut!!! Your cum is only meant for Phaedra from now on.", his squirming and crying increased as she slowly stood on wobbly legs by the bed and grinned down at him...," Well Krissy toy hope you had as much fun as I did. Goodnight rape toy I'll be back in the morning to suck on your yummy cock some more, then when I get home from work Phaedra can ride her toy some more. You'd like that wouldn't you baby? Hehe!!", as she left the basement Kris' cries filled the air.