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2023-01-21 01:33:27

The rumour was that just one woman would have sex on a rotation basis while the other five watched and enjoyed. Another rumour was at least half of them were bisexual.

I moonlight as a gigolo pleasuring women in that age group so connecting with that group of women was very appealing to me.

I kept asking my female clientele and network about the group but always drew a blank response.

However, in due course a lady who introduced herself as Nancy over the phone asked me if I would like to be the ‘featured man’ (her words) for their next meeting.

She explained that the women were all high profile people in business and government, all were single, all were very attractive, and they all had a very strong sex drive and were discreet.

The sex was all about sex for pure sexual pleasure, entertainment and enjoyment for all six of them with no emotional attachments Nancy explained.

Further as part of the process of joining the group they all had to have a Taurus or Libra star sign, which Nancy told me usually ensured an even stronger sex drive and lack of sexual inhibitions.

Confidentiality was paramount she explained, I was to divulge their identity to absolutely no one (so the names here are not real).

Nancy told me this month’s lady on rotation would be Lorraine, a Libran, who worked in a very responsible, highly paid job in the banking sector.

When I arrived for my appointment in what turned out to be a large suite of a five star hotel, Nancy met me in the foyer and then took me through a side door of the suite.

On the way up in the elevator I had a close look at Nancy. Very attractive facial features, and a size 12 body. Very short white skirt, well above the knee, with a nine-inch slit at one side displaying a gorgeous well-developed thigh, with a black silk blouse open to display ample cleavage and obviously no bra as I admired her erect nipples.

“Before you meet the girls, I want you to change into this black silk dressing gown and be naked underneath it. I also want to be the first to check you out,” she smiled as she watched me undress.

“Wow, magnificent, long and thick and you are not even erect yet,” she told me as I was quickly naked for her as she sat in a chair with her legs crossed so I could savor her very good legs.

She told me to stand close her as she had her hands all over me.The feel of her hands on my chest, nipples, ass cheeks and then my cock was very arousing and she was watching my cock respond.

“I think we are going to enjoy you,” she smiled as helped me put on the very short and tight dressing gown. It will barely close to cover me and no belt or buttons I notice, the exhibitionist in me enjoying the implications.

“I think you will enjoy Lorraine, she is very attractive, very uninhibited and she loves fucking. All of us do, especially when five horny women are watching.

“I almost forgot to tell you, these women really do enjoy watching their man masturbate to finalize proceedings.”

Nancy leads me into the main room and the first thing I notice is four very attractive women sitting on higher than usual chairs staring at me. They are all dressed to impress as the cliché goes, every one in a very short skirt with their legs crossed to reveal lots of bare thigh, and all showing generous cleavage.

There are also lots of full-length mirrors on the walls which I am sure I will enjoy looking into soon.

“This is our man for tonight,” Nancy tells them as she introduces me and they shake my hand. Of course the gown falls open and my semi-erection is on full view.

Nancy takes my gown off and asks them if they would like to feel my cock before Lorraine has it.

All four of them have a feel, coupled with remarks such as, “Wow,” “impressive,” “lucky Lorraine” and “hello big boy.”

By now I am fully erect and the exhibitionist in me is enjoying the moment as I stand with my hands on my hips flaunting my erection for five women as I look forward to using it.

I am sure I recognize at least two of the women from newspaper articles and TV appearances.

“Here’s Lorraine,” they all say as one. I turn to look and my first impression is Lorraine is a knockout. Being paid handsomely for this is a huge bonus I muse: I would have done it for free.

Lorraine looks very similar to a famous model, with a size 10-12 body. She is wearing high heels, black stockings with a similar black silk dressing gown to the one I was wearing.

“Hello baby, I am hanging out for a really good fuck while my friends watch for entertainment. How about you?

“Take this off for me so you can see what’s underneath.

“Like that baby?,” she smiles as her gown drops to the floor.

She is totally naked apart from a skimpy black garter belt to hold her stockings up.

Her absolutely brilliant thighs are highlighted by the large amount of bare flesh above her stockings. As I take in the rest of her body while she poses with her legs open I say to myself this woman has the perfect body for a garter belt and stockings. Her thighs are just brilliant, then trimmed black pubic hair and very good well formed ass and good tits.

“Kiss me baby, kiss me, kiss me,” she demands with her tongue poking out.

That touch is electric as we tongue kiss with five women watching as Lorraine feels the weight of my cock in her hand.

“Magnificent, love your cock, you are just magnificent,” she tells me loud enough for the other women to hear as I lick and kiss her nipples.

I am very aware of the five women watching as I lick my way down to Lorraine’s cunt lips.

“Baby yes, baby yes, baby yes,” she repeats as I tease her cunt lips with my tongue.

Then as Lorraine kneels in front of me and licks the tip of my erection and takes three inches of it into her mouth I can hear a collective gasp and five women saying ‘wow’ as one.

“Enough foreplay and amusement, fuck me now, I want you right now,” she purrs as she sits on a stool so she is side on to the women watching.

I am standing and the stool is the perfect height for me to slide my throbbing erection into her as she wraps her legs around me.

The other women are watching very intently as I slowly feed the full length of my erection into her and I can see their reaction in all the mirrors.

“Is that good Lorraine?” one of the women asks.

“Is he good Lorraine?” another asks.

“Magnificent, fucking magic, long and thick, and rock hard, are you enjoying watching?” she replies.

As I glance sideways for their reaction I notice that all of them are now completely naked. Two women are masturbating, one is teasing her nipples and the other two are in a lesbian embrace.

One of them has her legs over the others shoulders as she is being licked and having her nipples teased.

“I have been hanging out for a really good fuck while my friends watch and this a really good fuck, really fucking good.”

“Yes baby, yes, so fucking good,” she is moaning as she teases her clit with two fingers and shudders as she orgasms.

“Now fuck me doggy style,” she tells me loud enough for the other five women to hear as she leans over a table so the others are looking at us side on.

You could hear a pin drop as I tease and stroke my wet erection then grasp Lorraine’s gorgeous ass and slowly feed my erection into her until my body is slapping against her ass cheeks.

As I build up a rhythm the feedback from the five women becomes louder and more excited.

“Yes baby, yes, so fucking good, fuck me, fuck me, harder, baby yes, yes, fuck my cunt, baby yes, yes,” Lorraine is almost chanting.

“Fuck me harder, harder, harder, I am going to cum,” she is moaning as my torso is slamming very noisily into her glorious ass.

“Fuck yes, yes baby, yes,” she moans as her body shakes and she has a long and noisy orgasm.

I always get a buzz masturbating with a woman watching: six naked women watching is sexual heaven as one of them applies some oil for me.

“Do it for us big boy,” one of them is whispering as I soak in six naked and very attractive women all focused on my erection as I slide the tip of my thumb and forefinger along my erection

“Are you close big boy?,” one of them asks.

“Very close, very very close,” I moan as wrap my fist around my erection and slide it along the full length so I am making a slapping noise as my fist slaps against my balls.

“On my tits, my tits, my tits,” Lorraine tells me as I grunt, shudder and do just that for her while five other women watch and enjoy.

“That was awesome, you were very good. We are not supposed to ask, but are you available privately?,” two of the women ask as I clean up.

“Yes,” I smiled as I handed them my card.