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Motorcycle maverick and gothic Charlie

2022-09-28 00:10:42

Motorcycle maverick and Gothic Charlie

I feel like writing another fantasy. over the last 2 years, I have come to realise, that I am the only person, that has yet to see the movie top gun. it's not my first movie pick but it wasnt as boring as some of the other movies I have watched. my only complaint is that, in the locker room scene, no matter how Maverick stands, leans, moves, that darn towel stays on :-p

Charlie, as I will call myself, (from the movie) showed up to Maverick's (insert one of my doms here) house in a long gothic cape, tied shut. this is my fantasy so It isnt exactly normal, like all things me, a dash of odd flaoting about. Charlie insisted on going for a motorcycle ride and Urged Maverick to grab the toy bag. Maverick helped her onto the bike. black fuck me shoes and all. when gathering her cape bottom, so the back wheel wouldn't eat it on the race, Maverick noticed that Charlie wasn't wearing any pants under that cape! An evil smirk danced acrossed his face as he climbed on the bike and fired it up.

Charlie held on tight, resting her head on Mavericks back, eyes closed, as the motorcycle sped off into the night. down a few winding roads, her hair blowing in the wind. Maverick came to a stop at the peir 39. they walked side by side under the moonlight as Maverick took his bike under the peir to lean it up against one the pole, tucked deep under. He didnt see anyone around. it was late enough that they were mostly alone. charlie took a moment admire the waves as they crashed in. she was really absorbing her surroundings, the moonlight sparkling off the water like flecs of diamonds on the sea. smell the salty air as seagulls whiz around overhead. for a moment she was taken back to another point in time, a happy moment, safe, warm, fun.

Maverick watched her standing, staring at the ocean. then, in a move out of an old black and white movie, he tipped her back in his musclely arms and kissed her. first on the lips and then he thrust his tounge inside her. 2 tounges dancing around together in a sea of hot emotions. (excuse me while i giggle a bit at how cheesey this is turning out) In a bold move, Charlie started sucking on Mavericks tongue as if it were a hard penis. what a tease. as they parted she bit his lip a little on her way out really making his cock throb. (momentary pause in typing while master sucks on my neck a bit. this gets me wet and tingly down low.)

Maverick stands in front of Charlie now, tipping her hood back and slowly untying the cape. it falls to the one in one quick sweep reavealing her outfit. White fishnet dress, strappy underwear and pasties! like this exactly...

I have the perfect pasties in real life, the cape, but do not own this underwear or dress.

he pushed her back up against the support pole and kissed her hard as pure passion flowed threw them. his next move, laying her down on the bike and continueing the makeout fest. she was layed back, arms back above her head. she had her legs draped over Mavericks, toes in the sand. he was sitting on the bike seat leaned over charlie, making out. she could feel his hard penis through his pants and was starting to gyrate her hips a bit. as he kissed her his other hand fished in the toy bag for the rope. still kissing her he used his free hand to tie her wrists to the bike handles. it was sensual and flirty, a kiss for every rope manuver and knot.

when her hands were tied he sat up admiring her work. his hands traveled down her sides and then up her stomache, hands cupping her valumptuose breasts and pinching the hard, erect nipples a bit before climbing off the bike to tie her legs. he put an egg in her underwear, pressed up agianst her clit. it was buzzing low.

"you are not allowed to cum. you must ask, beg, plead but you may not come without my expressed permission, do you understand slave?" -Maverick announced.

"yes Sir"- Charlie Replied.

he then carefully tied one leg to the pole and the other leg to the bikes kickstand. after he legs were secure, he pulled up her fishnet dress and covered her head with it. she could still breath, its fishnet on her face. he peeled off the pasties and grabbed a paddle from the bag. he asked charlie to count the blows. "thwack!" one paddle to the right breast. she winced a bit as she said 1. "thwack" a 2nd blow, to the left breast this time. "2! thankyou may I have another Sir" slipped out as she made a face. the paddle stung a little bit but he wasn't hitting to hard. Maverick wasn't punishing her, he was pleasuring her. he rubbed the right breast a bit before hitting it agian with the paddle. doing the same for the 4th blow to the left breast. she counted all 4. her nipples were erect and her pussy was pretty wet. after 4 more "thwacks" of the paddle Maverick stopped to admire the read breasts.

"look at you whore, your breasts are bright red, your breathing is slow and your panties are soaked. lets see just how wet you got" maverick said, grinning as he stood over her. he slid her panties to the side, stole the toy and felt her with his finger. she was dripping, oozing and his finger was caked in her juice.

"does the naughty slut want to be fucked hard on this bike?" asked Maverick.

"Yes Sir." replied Charlie.

"How bad does the slave want to be fucked? I want to hear you beg for it whore" said Maverick.

(not good at begging, excuse me a moment while i think of something clever, and skip songs.katy perrys-roar has been overplayed a gazillion times on radio)

"slave has happy tingles, an insatiable need to be fucked. sluts pussy is dripping and aching for Sir's hard throbbing cock. please fuck me sir!" Charlie replied in her sexiest voice.

so he did. he climbed back on that bike, pulled her soaked panties to the side and pounded his hard throbbing cock deep inside. he put his hand over her mouth to quiet her loud moans and let the other one travel between her breasts fodling and pinching nipples as he wished. he groaned a bit under his breath as he found his release filling her pussy up with cum.

he was trying not to be too loud. he didn't want to alert the partygoers on the peir. he stood up catching his balance and then untied slave. slave was grinning from ear to ear as she drank the water Maverick handed her.

"now it's your turn, my sexy obedient slave. go stand with your boobs pressed to the pole and wait, no peeking."-Maverick ordered.

she scurried off slowly, carefully, in her heels so as not to fall and skin her knees. she waited pressed up agianst the pole. Maverick slipped off her panties and slipped on a strap on butterfly vibrator toy and tied her to the pole, it kissing her shoulders and down her back along the way. she squirmed periodicly, his facial hair is ticklish.

he had the vibrator remote in his hand as he grinned. this was going to be fun. he stepped back a bit, set the toy on high and gave her permission to cum. he was smacking her ass good with the paddle. each blow pushing her into the pole, and pressing the toy harder agianst her clit. she counted them all, 1-2-3-4-5... moaning as she did. she made it to 17 blows, and two red ass cheeks later before squirting all over the pole and the sand below.

after cleaning up a bit, they hopped back on the motorcycle, riding off into the night. she had changed into street clothes of course, a jakes cigar hoodie and skinny jeans. Maverick dropped her off at her friend, C's house for wine, and shenanagins. he went back to his pad to finish up some work.

The End!