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Teen Titan Chronicles 3: Amazons Attack

2022-06-27 00:00:03

Introduction: What those kids really get up to
I have been reading some graphic novels lately for one of my graphic design classes at university and one of the major novels studied is DC comics Teen Titans. While reading them it occurred to me that the writers had made it too unrealistic. It’s not the superheroes, aliens and monsters that struck me as being unrealistic; it’s the fact that a bunch of teenagers left alone in a tower every weekend don’t have more sexual attraction to each over. This is what would really happen at night in Titans Tower, enjoy.

I have used one of the later versions of the Teen Titans, made up of
Beast Boy
Robin (3rd Robin)
Wonder Girl (2nd Wonder Girl)
Kid Flash (2nd Kid Flash)
Speedy (2nd Female Speedy)

Dear readers, I’m sorry for the delay between this story and the last one, I’ve just had a lot on, but I plan to write some sequels to this story as soon as possible (but knowing me there probably will be more delays, really sorry about that). I’ve got a ton of sequels planned out so if you bear with me I will try and get them done soon. Also I’ve done my best to edit this, but I’m not perfect so there may be spelling or grammatical errors throughout the story, sorry in advance for that. Also this story was kind of planned out differently and was envisioned as a little more realistic, but it kind of got away from me so be warned. I hope you enjoy this story and the rest of the stories that I’ve posted, have fun .

Usual disclaimer: Before reading the following story please note that I have read the Teen Titan’s comics and I know about the personalities and the plot of the comics. I fully intend to change the personalities and the plot to make this story the way I like it. I’m especially changing the personalities on purpose, making characters that are censored in the comics more sex crazy (as they should be in real life). So I really don’t want to hear any comments about how unrealistic the plot or the personalities are. I also don’t want to anyone to make comments about bloody little annoying details such as how someone’s powers could negate what I’ve done to the story, or that this person is unlikely to do this because of some condition that only dedicated comic book fans would know. Anyway I’m simply asking you to read it as it is, a sex story, and not as a novelisation of the comics. If you don’t believe you can read my story without making annoying comments like this I suggest you do the smart thing and don’t read it, however if you do read it and put stupid comments in then there really isn’t any hope for you in life is there. For the rest of you enjoy.

It was the end of an interesting weekend for the Teen Titans. They had decided that the team would become super powered fuck buddies to alleviate their sexual desires and general teen horniness. What no one in the team realised was that their tower had been bugged with hidden cameras and various groups had witnessed the extreme orgy that had kept the teens occupied for most of the weekend.

The blond heroine Wonder Girl was flying away from San Francisco reflecting on her experiences of the weekend. Not only did she have sex with her boyfriend SuperBoy for the first time she had also had her first lesbian experience and had been fucked in every hole by a variety of objects, be they cock, dildo or tentacle (beast boy became an octopus and fucked her in the pussy, and people say I’m not funny).

It was only as she was about to leave that she had received a message from her mentor Wonder Woman, telling her to visit her on Themyscira, the home of the Amazons. The cryptic message hadn’t given a reason why and only talked about how she might be gone for a little while and it had been cleared with her mother. Wonder Girl hadn’t even thought about refusing she had simply flew towards the island assuming it was some sort of mission or training exercise, she couldn’t have been further from the truth.

As she landed on Themyscira she immediately looked around for Wonder Women who usually was there the moment she arrived. Today was different, Wonder Woman was absent and the only people around were a couple of Amazonian guards. Wonder Girl walked towards them and inquired where the princess was and they pointed towards Wonder Woman’s quarters “she’s there waiting for you”. Wonder Girl walked towards Wonder Woman’s room and entered, not even bothering to knock. As soon as she entered she stopped in surprise and shock.

It was the first time that Wonder Girl had ever seen Wonder Woman naked and she couldn’t help but admire her body. Wonder Woman was toned and tanned, completely covered with muscle. Her medium size breasts were perfect with brown pointed nipples. Wonder Woman appeared to have an all natural feminist view when it came to her body, especially when it came to her cunt, which was surrounded by a thick forest of black hair. However it was the thick golden dildo that Wonder Woman had been pounding into her cunt that had gained Wonder Girl’s full attention.

Wonder Girl stood there in shock for several seconds, just staring, before she looked away and started to turn towards the door apologising “oh god, I’m so sorry, so sorry”. Before she could reach the door Wonder Woman called after her “stop, come back here”. Wonder Girl turned slowly and walked towards Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman slowly pulled the dildo out of her dripping snatch and laid it on the bed next to her and closed her legs so that only the top of her pubes were visible.

“Look I’m sorry I should of knocked” Wonder Girl babbled to an amused Wonder Woman who smiled at her. “Why are you so embarrassed about, surely you’ve seen stuff like this before?” “What no, I’ve haven’t, I never...” Wonder Girl replied, trying not to think about the previous weekend. Wonder Woman looked at her and arched an eyebrow, “really? Now that does surprise me”.

Wonder Girl, trying to keep eye contact with Wonder Woman’s face “so why did you call me here?” “I thought that we could do a little bit of training this week, to get you ready for your next week end with the Titans and ....” She stopped mid sentence as she noticed that Wonder Girls eye’s had slipped down towards her tits and the top of her cunt.

Wonder Woman slowly opened up her legs so that Wonder Girl could get a better look at her slit, which was still leaking juices onto the bed. “Why don’t you go down there and finish me off, I was getting close before you arrived”. Wonder Girl looked up in shock “what? I don’t do, no, that’s just, no”. Wonder Woman, sighed, as if trying to contain some great anger and looked back up “now, I don’t like being lied to especially by a little slut like you”.

Wonder Girl looked up shocked “what are you talking about I’m not a slu...” but was cut off by a slap from Wonder Woman that sent her reeling backwards. “Again with the lies, I use to be the Goddess of truth, I really really hate lies”. Wonder Girl got to her feet “why are you..” she stopped when Wonder Woman picked up a remote control and flicks on a TV on the far wall of the room (ok some people might comment that there is no TV on this island, those people are nerds who need to have sex, so says the guy writing a sex story based on a comic book).

Wonder Girl slumped back in her chair, her face going pale as the TV started to stream pictures and videos, all of them containing images of her antics from the weekend. Wonder Woman started to narrate “so this is where you’ve seen dildos being used” she said pointing at a picture showing her and Raven lying next to each other pumping huge plastic cocks into their cunts while watching Robin ass fuck Speedy. “This is you being a lesbian” she continued looking at another clip of her eating out Starfire with Raven fucking her from behind. “And this is you being a slut” Wonder Girl winced at the next picture, showing Starfire, Robin and Cyborg making her airtight with cocks in every hole.

Wonder Woman flicked the TV off and looked at Wonder Girl anger rising in her face “you wear my symbol, you bear my powers gifted to you by Zeus and you go around acting like a slut with your little friends”. Wonder Girl nodded meekly too mortified to respond. Wonder Woman continued “well if you’re going to act like a slut then you should be treated like one” and with that she grabbed Wonder Girl’s head with both her hands and forced her face down onto her cunt. She then proceeded to lock her legs around Wonder Girl’s head with a vice like grip.

Wonder Girl tried to struggle out Wonder Woman’s clamping thighs, but found that she wasn’t strong enough to break free. Even as she struggled the intoxicating aroma of Wonder Woman’s pussy was too much for her to bear and she gave into temptation and started to explore Wonder Woman’s moist folds with her tongue.

Wonder Girl slowly ran her tongue along the length of Wonder Woman’s slit, savouring the sweet taste of her juices. She desperately moved her tongue along the outside of her thighs licking up all the juice she could find, trying to avoid Wonder Woman’s inner folds. This didn’t go unnoticed by Wonder Woman “eat me out like you eat your friends, I want you to make me cum”. Wonder Girl shook her head, trying to avoid the temptation to stick her tongue deep into her mentor’s cunt “no it’s not right” she said, her voice muffled.

Wonder Woman sighed, “why do the sluts always make me do this to them?” she yelled out a few lines in ancient Greek, and the two Amazonian guards who had directed Wonder Girl to the room appeared, spears in hand. Wonder Girl hadn’t really been paying attention when she had received the directions; however a brief description of the guards is needed. The first guard was blonde and quite large, with huge tits, while her companion was a medium size with small tits and vivid red hair. The red head was different to many of the other Amazonian guards that Wonder Girl usually saw around the island. While the usual guard on duty, such as the blonde had a deferential look on their face or a look of kinship whenever they saw Wonder Woman, the red head was different. She was looking at Wonder Woman now straight in her eyes with no sign of respect, they instead seemed to be radiating deep disgust, the reason why would have to wait. Wonder Woman, maintaining her hold on Wonder Girl, looked up at them with a smile “it seems that this little slut has a problem with discipline, and obeying orders, I think that she needs to be punished”. The guards smiled in evil pleasure and nodded in agreement, “strip her” Wonder Woman ordered.

Both the guards drew short knives and proceeded to cut away Wonder Girls uniform. Wonder Girl struggled trying to break free of Wonder Woman’s thighs (a place where many men would kill to be, I guess there’s just no pleasing some people) “what are you doing, how are you going to punish me?” she cried out in fear. The guards finished their task leaving Wonder Girl naked, with the exception of a red thong, soaked with Wonder Girl’s excited pussy juice, giving her a rather nice camel toe. Wonder Girl’s tits hung down from her body, her pussy continued to flow as she waited in growing fear of what was to come.

A sudden sharp pain erupted from her right breast causing her to yelp in pain, a second blow landed on her left tit hard, causing it to swing hard into her chest with an audible slap of flesh on flesh. More blows started to rain down onto her vulnerable tits, as Wonder Girl realised what was happening. The Amazon guards were striking her tits with great force, using the butts of their spears. Wonder Girl continued to yelp in pain as blow after blow was landed on her. The guards started focusing their blows onto her nipples, making her cries of pain louder and shriller. Wonder Girl’s cries were expelling blasts of air straight into Wonder Woman’s cunt causing her to moan with pleasure, “umm that’s good, all you need to do to stop the pain is to stick your tongue in, is that really so hard?” Wonder Girl just groaned at the pain, “no its, oooh, wrong ow”.

Wonder Woman rolled her eyes in frustration, “I guess we’ll have to move to more sensitive areas” and nodded to the guards, who stopped their beatings. Wonder Girl wondered only briefly what was about to happen, this stopped when she felt hands lower themselves onto her ass. The hands did nothing at first, except slowly caress her cheeks, causing Wonder Girl to shiver in anticipation. The hands slowly rose off her, making her wince, knowing what was coming. The hand struck down hard and fast, causing her to yelp. The hand spanked her again and again, each one causing her to moan in pain. Wonder Girl felt herself growing red, not only because of the blows, but because she found herself getting even more soaked due to the pain.

The spanking continued for ten minutes despite the continued protestations of Wonder Girl. Wonder Woman just lay back enjoying the Wonder Girls gasps into her cunt, “the only way they’re going to stop is if you eat me out, come one it’s not that hard, think of me as a member of your team, they all seemed to enjoy it”.

Finally after 20 minutes Wonder Girl broke, between the pain in her crimson buttocks, her dripping wet pussy and the intoxicating smell of Wonder Woman’s cunt she started to eat out her mentor, trying hard not to think about how much she actually wanted to do this.

She started off slow, extending her tongue and tasting the juices flowing from Wonder Woman’s pussy. Wonder Girl groaned in pleasure, Wonder Woman’s cunt tasted amazing, better than any other she had tasted before, and she greedily ran her tongue all around her pussy, drinking down the juice that coated the inner thighs of Wonder Woman.

The moment Wonder Girls tongue touched her skin, Wonder Woman raised her hand and her 2 attendants stopped raining blows down of Wonder Girls tender cheeks which caused Wonder Girl to gasp in relief. She made to lift her head from Wonder Woman’s pussy, but found that she was still being held down inches from her slit. “You don’t get up until you make me come”, Wonder Woman told her, with a hint of menace in her voice. Wonder Girl, was again resistant, but all it took was one blow from the Amazons behind her to convince her to finally eat out her mentor.

Wonder Girl slowly inserted her tongue into Wonder Woman’s cunt and began lapping in earnest. Her tongue extended as far as she could get it, and she moved it around the inside of her pussy causing Wonder Woman to moan in pleasure at her new fuck slave. “Yeah that’s good slut, oh my gods you are a good pussy eater, I thought your teammates were just being generous with you”.

As Wonder Girl continued to eat her out, Wonder Woman spread her legs apart, releasing Wonder Girl’s head from between her thighs, although Wonder Girl didn’t dare take her head from her pussy. She was completely fixated on her mentor’s pussy, not only because she knew she would be punished if she stopped, but also because she now found herself addicted to Wonder Woman’s sweet pussy juice, and was gulping it down like it was the nectar of the gods (Wonder Woman use to be the goddess of truth so this is a good description).

Wonder Woman just laid back and enjoyed herself, groaning and feeling herself coming close to an orgasm. She signalled again to the waiting guards, who had been fingering themselves in the background, and motioned them towards Wonder Girl again. Wonder Girl jumped as she felt their hands on her ass again, and for a moment believed that she was going to be punished again, instead she moaned aloud in pleasure as she felt fingers enter her dripping pussy and rub her clit. Wonder Woman smiled down at her, “don’t worry my little slut, as long as you obey on this island all you get is pleasure, if you disobey you get pain, so stay a good slut for us and you’ll be fine”.

For a moment Wonder Girl paused for a slight moment in apprehension when the word ‘us’ was used. Whilst she had already worked out the punishment/reward system, she was wondering how many people Wonder Woman had meant by us; however her contemplation was swiftly ended by the onset of Wonder Woman’s orgasm.

Wonder Woman spasmed in pleasure and moaned her way through her orgasm “ooooooooooooaaaaaaaah”, Wonder Girl lift her face away from Wonder Woman’s snatch, seconds before squirted, hitting Wonder Girl straight in the face. Wonder Woman collapsed backwards leaving Wonder Girl to wipe her face clean and swallow whatever juices she could find.

Wonder Woman eventually sat back up and looked down at Wonder Girl with something vaguely like pride. “Wow she really is a good pussy eater” she said to the guards pleasuring Wonder Girl. The guards stopped and looked at their princess, “trust me she’s good and I know good pussy eating when I get it, this entire islands eaten me out at some time or another”. As Wonder Girl looked up in surprise one of the guards at the end of the bed looked up “you mean the whole island with the exception of mistress?” she commented snidely, focussing a certain amount of distain on the word ‘mistress’. Wonder Girl wasn’t surprised to see it was the guard with the vivid red hair who had kept looking at Wonder Woman in disgust, perhaps this mistress was the reason why.

Wonder Woman glared at her “yes with the exception of mistress, and I’ve warned you all before about using that tone when talking about her”. The guard looked up in something resembling anger and defiance “but we should stop her she shouldn’t....” Wonder Woman banged her hand down in anger making the guards and Wonder Girl flinch “enough she is my mistress by right of conquest and as she has me, she gets all of you as well, if I hear one word against her again I will make your life hell, is that clear”. The guard nodded, fear showing in her eyes “yes mistress I understand, we will follow the laws”. Wonder Woman glared at her for a moment longer than nodded, her message had sunk in “I know it is different but we will follow the laws”. The guards nodded again and Wonder Girl looked up in curiosity, questions filling her mind.

“So you’re all lesbians on this island? Way to stick to stereotype, and what all this about mistresses and who has right of conquest of you, and what the hell is going on”. Wonder Woman stared at her for a second, briefly remembering that she was there, before slapping her across the face “little sluts don’t ask questions, they are told what they need to know when they need it, is that understood?” Wonder Girl nodded, the hand mark clearly visible on her face, but confusion and curiosity were still within her eye.

Wonder Woman stared her hard in the eye for a second then sighed, “However this is a time to get information you need. Yes everyone on this island is a lesbian or bi and no it’s not a stereotype it’s always been this way”. Wonder Girl gave her a blank stare, but didn’t dare ask questions, luckily she didn’t need to “thousands of years ago we amazons were made immortal and isolated away from men on this island, needless to say we all got horny and since there is only so much you can do yourself, we decided to share pleasure with our sisters (this is fact, anyone who knows about Wonder Woman and amazons in general know that a group of women isolated from men all turn lesbian, especially amazons, it’s what all men believe so it must be true). For thousands of years we pleasured each other in peace, but then the doorway to man’s land opened and we had contact with men again, so a few, mostly those that went into man’s land became bi mostly to experiment and have fun, but the rest stayed on the island giving pleasure to each other”. Wonder Girl tentatively raised her hand “Wonder Woman nodded at the sign of respect and waited for the question “are you bi or just lesbian?” Wonder Woman looked at her for a second and almost looked embarrassed but answered anyway “even after I entered man’s land I tried to stay true to my sisters but I failed. It turns outs out the guys in the Justice league don’t need to stuff their tights; every hero on that team is hung and knows how to give to an Amazon”.

She looked up in wistful memory before noticing the looks on the faces of the guards and Wonder Girl “anyway, I’m bi”. Wonder Girl raised her hand again “and the other parts of the question I asked before, you know, before you slapped me”. Wonder Woman sighed again “I guess you need to know that too, the mistress system, we’re a warrior society where the strong dominate, the law is, if you can dominate an Amazon, then that Amazon is your sexual servant and you are their mistress. “There is a caste system, with the weak sluts at the bottom being fucked by anyone above them, the next level is the bronze cocks, they can fuck any weak slut they want and they know who the dominates are in their order, the silver cocks are above them and the gold cocks are above them, and at the top is the jewelled cock who can fuck anyone she wants”. The only other caste is the outsiders, females who can get to the island, but are not Amazons, they are usually off limits, but if they wish to enter the caste system they are awarded full access, it is only fair that they enter if they wish, but must suffer the consequence if they fail”.

Wonder Girl gave her a look of pure confusion “you’re joking right, the bronze cocks the jewelled cocks what does that mean” “it’s meaning will become clear later” replied Wonder Woman. “Where was I, oh yes, you can only progress up a level if you can dominate a member of a higher caste, you then trade positions with them. So a weak slut could become the jewelled cock if she could dominate her and then the jewelled cock would become a weak slut, and then get fucked by everyone she ever forced to fuck her”. As this sentence ended a look of rage briefly sprang across her face, just for an instant and Wonder Girl suddenly had a suspicion about someone’s position but she needed more information “please tell me more” she begged. Wonder Woman looked at her suspiciously but continued anyway “you can dominate a girl anyway you feel, but it is generally in a sexual manner, and you don’t have to do it honourably, you can ambush them, take by surprise, anything may be done to dominate an Amazon or to ensure you don’t get dominated”. Wonder Girl had gotten enough information at this point to make an educated guess “I would have assumed that you were the jewelled cock, but you talk about having a mistress, what rank are you?” Wonder Woman looked at her in anger but answered “I’m the top golden cock, only the jewelled cock can control and fuck me, and she does on a regular basis, and you are quite right I was the jewelled cock until I lost the position.

Wonder Girl looked at her in shock “but if you’re the strongest Amazon there is, who is dominating you?” Wonder Woman glared at her then slapped her again, hard “that is not a smart question to ask”. She slapped her again on the other cheek “I’m the strongest Amazon, but the jewelled cock has the power to dominate me and so I obey her, we all do, and she wants to stay nameless to you”

Wonder Girl felt tears start to well up after the blows, she knew she should stop but she had to understand better and so raised her hand again “and what about me, why are you doing this to me?” Wonder Woman smiled evilly “we had intended to leave you alone, you didn’t need to get involved, but then we saw that video of you and we found out what a little slut you were, so both me and the Jewelled cock agreed that you needed to be initiated. You are to become a lowly weak slut for now, and you can’t advance until we allow you to, and we are going to wait awhile before letting you do that. You will be the lowest of the low, anyone can fuck you when they want even the other weak sluts, its better then you deserve”.

Wonder Girl still believed this to be some sort of joke, “you can’t be serious” she asked, “I’m not going to play along with this, and you can’t make me” she said and got up making a grab for her clothes. Wonder Woman laughed at this, “bet you 50 bucks you’re wrong” this caused Wonder Girl to stop only a few inches from the bed.

Now it is a generally accepted fact of fiction that if you tell some what they can and can’t do, and then you place money on whether they can actually do it, they generally find that you can in fact do what you say you can do. So it was with great apprehension that Wonder Girl turned around and looked at her with a certain amount of dread “just say for arguments sake you had a threat to make me do this, what would said threat be? Also let’s be clear I’m not placing any money on this, I’m just curious”.

Wonder Woman looked at her with a face of pure innocence “me, what could I possibly do if you refused to become a sex slave for the Amazons, there is nothing I could do to stop you” she said in that tone people used when they don’t expect you to believe a word they said. Wonder Girl nodded slowly answering in the same tone “but supposing that I said no, would something bad happen that I might regret?” Wonder Woman looked at her and appeared to think, “well I suppose if you said no, which you are free to do, all slapping and forcing you to eat me out aside, something might happen that could be bad for you”. Wonder Girl again nodded in apprehension “such as”. “Well” Wonder Woman said “I suppose the complete tape of your teams exploits over the weekend might get leaked on to the internet, or directly shown to your mother, completely accidentally of course” “of course” Wonder Girl agreed nodding along, fear starting to appear on her face. “And supposing that this video was shown to your Mother, she wouldn’t let you go to Titan’s Tower on the weekend, or let you see SuperBoy or your friends, in fact she would probably ask me to force the Titans to shut down as a team, and as a concerned mentor I would be obligated to do this. But that probably wouldn’t be enough for your mother, she would be pretty pissed with you and would permanently strip you of your powers (Wonder Girl’s mother can actually take away her powers whenever she wants) and might even kick you out onto the street”. Wonder Girl looked terrified at this moment “umm, well yeah but..” Wonder Woman interrupted her “but wait there’s more”. “By a strange coincidence the location of you without your powers may accidently be released to some super villains who would capture you and might be instructed to turn you into a whore for all those super villains that hate you, or hate me or who just hate super heroes, by pure accident of course”.

Wonder Girl had turned a sort of whitish grey at this point and looked petrified “however” Wonder Girl looked up at this, knowing what was about to come next. “However if you didn’t leave and you agreed to become a true Amazon, the video might not be shown to your mother and none of that would ever happen”. Wonder Girl sighed deeply, and made her decision, not that she really had much of a choice “you know I’ve changed my mind, becoming a true Amazon doesn’t sound too bad”. Wonder Woman smiled “no it really doesn’t, however I want your word that you will obey all the rules, and I want it legit, swear it on all the Greek gods that you will”. Wonder Girl just stared at her, “why do I have to do that”, “to make sure you don’t back out of the deal, if you break your word those Gods hand out some premium wrath”.

Wonder Girl sighed, “I swear on all the Greek gods that I will become a true Amazon, beholden to the rules and laws they abide by, and especially all that stuff about being sex slaves as long as a certain video doesn’t get leaked out onto the net or to my mother”. Wonder Woman nodded happily, “glad to hear it you’ve done me proud by listening to me and becoming a true Amazon”. Wonder Girl rolled her eyes “and it had nothing to do with the fact that you gain a new sex slave for your harem”. Wonder Woman looked almost shocked “of course not, I hope you think there’s more to me than this whole Amazon sex caste system”. Wonder Woman then turned round and knelt doggy style on the bed “now I want to cum again, and this time you can do it by eating out my ass hole”. Wonder Girl sighed loudly “you know for one of the world’s most beloved superheroes and an ambassador for peace, you really are a scheming bitch”. Wonder Woman laughed “I have my moments” she replied “now less lip, more butt munching”.

Wonder Girl rolled her eyes, but without any hesitation (or let’s face it, any real choice) also knelt down doggy style behind Wonder Woman, and moved her head down close to her ass. Wonder Girl used her hands to spread Wonder Woman’s ass cheeks, and was rewarded with her first close sight of Wonder Woman’s ass hole (note the use of first close sight, trust me she is going to be seeing it up close again many, many times). It was brown and puckered, and to Wonder Girls interest looked red and slightly painful, almost as if it something large had been fucking it lately. She quickly got back to the job at hand as she heard Wonder Woman make an impatient grunt from in front of her. She slowly run her tongue along Wonder Woman’s crack, the tip of her tongue caressing her entrance before it continued its run to the top of her cheeks. Wonder Woman groaned at the slight contact with her puckered hole “yeah that’s good baby, do it again”. Wonder Girl run her tongue along the same route and again barely grazed her rosebud, causing another groan from Wonder Woman.

Wonder Girl continued to tease Wonder Woman’s ass hole for several minutes, causing copious amounts of moaning from Wonder Woman as she writhed in pleasurable anticipation for the main event, her pussy leaking juices down her thigh. Wonder Girl then used this moment to her advantage, in an attempt to gain more information of the mysterious Jewelled cock, “wow your ass hole sure looks tender” she commented, before teasing it again with her tongue. Wonder Woman moaned at the contact “oooooh yeah, oh it’s really tender” she panted. Wonder Woman gave it another good lick “yeah the girls at the tower had their ass hole this red as well, and my tongue always made them feel better”. She spat into Wonder Woman’s ass hole before slowly working her tongue in fully, stirring the spit around in the entrance to her anus, causing a large moan of pleasure from Wonder Woman, “oaah, ooh that’s good”. Wonder Woman continued her ministrations with her tongue before removing it “you know what the funny thing was with that?” Wonder Woman groaned at the loss of the tongue in her ass “aww, what was that honey”. Wonder Girl slowly inserted her middle finger into Wonder Woman’s anus and began to slowly finger fuck her, this caused Wonder Woman to buck in pleasure and moan deeply into the bed. Wonder Girl kept fucking her with her finger “it was only that tender after they had gotten a long hard ass-fucking, I wonder who was ass-fucking you?”

Wonder Woman froze realising at once what Wonder Girl was doing, but before she could say anything the red headed guard who had spoken out before laughed “oh the jewelled cock was giving it to her good about ten minutes before you arrived, you should have heard them going at it”. Wonder Woman started to turn red with anger and was about to shut the guard up, but instead found that she could only moan in pleasure. This might have had something to do with Wonder Girl shoving another finger up her ass while at the same time shoving 3 fingers from her other hand into her pussy and started giving her a vicious finger fuck. Wonder Girl nodded at the guard “why, what does it sound like?” She asked, doubling her efforts in an attempt to stop Wonder Woman from talking. The Guard laughed again, doubtlessly trying to rid herself of some of the anger she had been feeling towards Wonder Woman and the other strange events on the island “oh well the Princess is yelping in pleasure at the fucking the Jewelled cock is giving her, then you hear her squeal like a stuck pig and you know that the Jewelled cock is ass fucking her. “How do you know that?” “Oh it’s easy” said the guard “before the Jewelled cock came the Princess here had nether been ass fucked, and now she gets it all the time, but she still isn’t use to it, it’s funny the amount of times she called as weak while she ass fucked us, and now she screams like a little bit....” “ENOUGH.”

Wonder Woman screamed in orgasm as Wonder Girl’s efforts to silence her came to an end. She shook on the bed moaning loudly before she moved forward, pulling herself off Wonder Girls fingers. She got up, her face red from both rage and her latest orgasm and slapped Wonder Girl across the face with all her strength, sending her flying across the room into the wall denting it. She then advance upon the red headed guard, the room shook as she advance “I’ve had it with your disobedience” she roared. With one movement she lifted the red head guard up and threw her into the opposite wall. She turned at once to the large breasted blonde guard who was covering in terror, “what rank does this women hold?” she asked pointing to the red head desperately trying to stand up. The blonde glanced at both of them wondering what side to take then folded with one look from Wonder Woman “she holds the rank of bronze cock princess” she muttered eyes downcast. Wonder Woman smiled at her “thank you for this information” she said, then gave a hard slap to the side of the blonde Amazon’s face, causing her to reel backwards. “That was for not stopping either of these idiots” she said motioning to Wonder Girl and the red head, “now go fetch two guards who hold rank as a silver cock and another bronze cock and bring them here at once”. The blonde guard regained her composure and moved quickly towards the door before the sound of Wonder Woman’s voice stopped her “oh and make sure the bronze cock is ranked lower than you in the pecking order” she said smiling at her. The blonde guard nodded and ran out the door to complete her task.

Wonder Woman then turned her attention on the red headed Amazon who had managed to get back onto her feet after being thrown across the room. Wonder Woman tackled the red head to the ground and tore her clothes off, revealing another well muscled and tanned body, with small breast, small pointy red nipples and a forest of pubic hairs the same fiery red as her hair. Wonder Woman smiled, the red heads body clearly pleasing her. She dragged the Amazon by her red hair other to the bed where she sat down on the edge, so her legs were over the edge. Wonder Woman than grabbed the back of her prisoners head and shoved it down hard into her crotch. At first it appeared that nothing was happening, that both Wonder Woman and the guard were content with each other’s positions and that nothing new was going to happen. It was only after Wonder Woman started groaning in pleasure did a dazed Wonder Girl realise that the read head was eating out Wonder Woman.

The red head continued to eat out Wonder Woman for several minutes, until the sound of running feat could be heard approaching the Princesses’ rooms. Wonder Woman upon hearing the footsteps finally let the guard go, allowing her to drop back onto the floor, her face covered with Wonder Woman’s natural juice. Wonder Woman then stood over the broken guard with a scowl on her face “if I remember correctly this is the fourth time I’ve had to break you and remind you that I’m the dominate Amazon here, do not make me do it again, you are below me and I will use you as I see fit, you will not disobey me again, do I make myself clear?” The red headed guard nodded enthusiastically, clearly broken as the door opened and the blonde guard with the large boobs returned leading 3 other Amazons. The newcomers surveyed the room, noting the broken expression on the naked red head lying on the ground, and Wonder Girl leaning on the wall, her face red from Wonder Woman’s last slap. Wonder Woman nodded at the 2 who appeared to be of greater importance than the two younger guards “you both outrank this piece of shit” Wonder Woman said indicating the red headed guard. “Take her to the coliseum and punish her vigorously, make her understand that she isn’t anything but a toy to those higher up and better then her”. The two Amazons who appeared to be of a more important status nodded and lifted the red head between them carrying her out of the exit “don’t stretch her out too much, I want to use her later” Wonder Woman cried after them, licking her lips in anticipation.

She then turned her attention back to Wonder Girl “don’t try anything smart again, you’ll get the information your after when you get it, do you understand?” Wonder Girl was still dazed from her flight across the room but had the sense to nod quickly, realising that it would go very bad for her if she kept annoying Wonder Woman. The Amazonian princess smiled at her side kick, “good, now lets get back to where we were before” she said returning to the bed and kneeling once again. As Wonder Girl kneeled behind her again, Wonder Woman turned and looked at her “and the next time you piss me off I throw you through the wall”.

Wonder Girl once again spread Wonder Woman’s cheeks and again revealed her brown hole. Deciding not to try anything fancy or tricky, she merely stuck her tongue as far into Wonder Woman’s ass as she could and started licking it for all she was worth. Wonder Woman groaned in appreciation at this “yeah that’s good baby, keep licking mama like that”.

This continued for several minutes, filling the air with the sounds of Wonder Woman’s grunts and the slurping sound of Wonder Girl’s tongue at work. Wonder Woman felt herself getting close to another orgasm and decided to make the whole event a bit more exciting. She snapped her fingers at the blonde guard and the new guard, a medium sized brunette, and indicated both Wonder Girl, and something lying on the bed. Both guards nodded, and the brunette moved across to Wonder Girl and lay down on the bed behind her and slowly wormed herself between Wonder Girl’s legs, and without any hesitation started eating her out.

Wonder Girl moaned in pleasure deep into Wonder Woman’s ass as she felt the guards tongue enter her snatch. She loved the feel of the tongue as it worked its way deep into her folds, licking up all the juice that had been dripping from her. She felt the guard’s fingers starting to explore her thighs, rubbing against her clit and her puckered butt hole, causing deep blasts of pleasure. She was so caught up, eating out Wonder Woman’s shit hole and from the experiences that the brunette’s tongue that she didn’t even notice what the blonde Amazon was doing. She didn’t hear the question, and barely caught the answer from Wonder Woman “just shove it in; I’ve already lubed it up plenty”. What Wonder Girl did notice was the sudden pain coming from her ass hole as something large, cold and slimy was forced deep in to her tightest hole.

Wonder Girl yelped in pain and looked behind her trying to work out what was happening. Behind her the blonde Amazon was working the large golden dildo, the same one she had seen Wonder Woman using before, into her shitter. She groaned at the deep pain that the golden intruder was causing her as it slipped deep into bowels. She was relieved that the guard was decent enough to have had the dildo lubed up before she subjected Wonder Girl to this ordeal, and was tempted to ask for more. She scanned the bed and the floor looking for the bottle and couldn’t find it. Wonder Girl groaned at the sensation as the Amazon worked the dildo in a few more inches, leaving only a hand width for later use. As she finished scanning the room she realised that there wasn’t any lube, it was juice that had covered the golden dick when Wonder Woman had been fucking herself with it. Wonder Girl looked around in shock, her face a mask of disgust and hatred as she looked at her smirking mentor. She groaned in dismay and tried to reach around behind her to remove the phallus that was stuck deep inside her ass, covered in Wonder Woman’s secretions. She grabbed the end and started to pull it out, only to be stopped by Wonder Woman’s voice “stop, leave it in”.

Wonder Girl looked back at her in shock “but it’s covered in you pussy juice, your pussy juice is being forced into my ass”. Wonder Woman nodded “well that’s sort of what I had planned when I told her to stick it in”. Wonder Girl looked at her in disgust “aaah, this is oooh, so wrong, you can’t do this to me, this is too far”. Wonder Woman gave her another evil smile “hmmm, yes this is pretty wrong, yes I can do this to you, and no this isn’t too far, I can take it a whole lot further” she said. Wonder Woman then nodded at the blonde guard “and speaking of taking it further, why aren’t you fucking her precious little ass?”

The blonde guard grabbed the dildo and started to fuck Wonder Girls arsehole hard with the thick golden cock, causing the teen to groan in pain in disgust. Wonder Woman smiled at her discomfort, before pushing Wonder Girl’s head back down onto her puckered back door, forcing her to shove her tongue deep into her canal. The guard fucked Wonder Girl hard, the pain only marginally stopped by the lube provided by her mentor. Wonder Girl’s mind felt blank and defeated, there was nothing she could do, and she felt so powerless. With her tongue wedged deep into her hero’s anal canal and a dildo covered in Wonder Woman’s juices being forced into hers causing her untold pain while bringing her closer to an orgasm, she felt truly helpless. To make matters worse there was nothing she could do about it, as any attempts to resist would result in the team breaking up and with her potentially becoming a fuck slave for the worlds supervillians.

After a few minutes, Wonder Woman came again “ooh god, that bitches tongue is magical” she moaned in pleasure before rolling off, just in time for Wonder Girl to cum hard. Wonder Woman lent behind her sidekick and pulled the golden dildo out of her ass hole with one pull and moved back to Wonder Girl’s face. Lifting the collapsed girls head up she forced the dildo into her mouth “suck it clean bitch, suck it clean”. She throat fucked her hard “suck on that dildo; do you enjoy the taste of your ass and my pussy together does it taste good?” Wonder Woman than dropped the dildo onto the bed and looked Wonder Girl deep in the eyes and then she smiled. “Wow” she said smirking “I’ve pretty much broken you, you’ve finally worked out who’s in charge here”. Wonder Girl just nodded submissively, it was true, Wonder Woman had totally dominated her, and there was nothing she could do and no point in resisting.

Wonder Woman smiled, and then positioned Wonder Girl onto her back “just going to test how much this worked” she said, smiling all the time. She kneeled just above Wonder Girl’s face before peeing on her, a thick torrent of piss directed at Wonder Girl’s face. Wonder Girl sputtered at the foul stream being squirted onto her face and tried to get up, then just collapsed seeing there was no point in doing anything.

Wonder Woman finished urinating on Wonder Girl and pulled her up and looked at her. She was covered in piss, her pussy was still leaking juices, her mouth was covered in spittle and pussy juice and her asshole was wide open and enflamed. The best part was her eyes, even looking like she was and with the guards laughing at her appearance, she didn’t look up, she was a defeated girl, obedient to Wonder Woman’s wishes, the perfect sex slave. Wonder Woman sighed in relief; at last she could stop this unnecessary act of domination and bring Wonder Girl towards a path of pleasure, if the Jewelled cock didn’t kill her first.

Wonder Woman gently caressed her hair, causing Wonder Girl to flinch slightly, causing Wonder Woman to smile again in amusement. “It’s alright” she said softly “I’m not going to hurt you like that anymore, I don’t need to, you already know I own you, and I’m so proud that it took so long for you to break”. Wonder Girl looked up slowly, confused “what do you mean?” she said softly. Wonder Woman smiled “I’ve dominated you and know you know not to resist me. Sex for us Amazons has two different meanings, sex for great pleasure and sex for establishing dominance. Now that I’ve dominated you, all you’ll get from me is sex for pleasure, both our pleasure.” Wonder Girl looked relieved, no more domination sounded like a dream for her at that moment “but why are you proud, how long was I supposed to last”. Wonder Woman smiled at her “it took death threats to break you, with most other girls I just need to fuck them hard, but for you to break I had to threaten every aspect of your existence and then degrade you, I’m so proud of your defiance, and now you can choose not to be dominated again”.

Wonder Girl looked even more confused “how can I stop being dominated, I’m a lowly slut, the lowest I can’t stop it, that’s what you said”. Wonder Woman nodded “you’re right, you can’t, but you don’t need to, it’s true you will be used by the other girls, but they’ll be gentle, and they’ll make you feel as good as you make them feel. As long as you don’t challenge those above you and you remember that my mistress rules us you’ll be fine. The only time you need be dominated is if you gain a higher position, and to do that you will have known the joy of dominating another”. Wonder Girl nodded, understanding her mistress’s theory “it makes sense” she agreed. Wonder Woman nodded, “this whole system was only meant to ensure great pleasure among the Amazons, and we’ve just let it get out of hand with this domination business”. Wonder Woman smiled happily “and now I think you are ready” “what for?” Wonder Woman smiled “the coliseum, and the untold pleasure that lies within, if you’re good”.

Wonder Girl nodded, suddenly trusting her mentor again, threat of violence was gone and talk of sexual satisfaction could be heard. Wonder Woman’s words made sense, an island dedicated to the pleasuring of women sounded like a great idea. She thought back to the pleasurable experiences during her weekend with the Titans, and how right it had felt becoming fuck buddies with them, why not do it here as well. She was glad that the dominations would stop now if she chose to, however the idea of controlling an island of pussy did sound appealing to her, maybe she would try for that later, she thought with a smile.

Wonder Woman saw the smile, and understood Wonder Girls line of thought, she knew that she had converted her to the Amazon way of life; she just wished she could have been gentler about it. In all honesty she hadn’t wanted to do this to Wonder Girl and she disliked being violent towards her. The other Amazon’s knew the risks and the pain, it was their lifestyle choice and they weren’t forced into it, not like Wonder Girl was. When she had first seen the video of the Titan’s exploits she was glad that Wonder Girl had found sexual freedom and pleasure with her friends. All that Wonder Girl was doing was having fun being fucked and Wonder Woman understood this. She wasn’t opposed to the Titan’s fucking, hell she had even thought about flying over on the weekend and joining in. The thought of all those horny teens pleasuring her had made her pussy leak a gallon of juice. But her mistress, the jewelled cock, had a different view, she was furious about Wonder Girl fucking the Titans and demanded the that Wonder Woman act in this way, to dominate Wonder Girl and force her into the Amazon way of life.

Wonder Woman sighed, regretting all that she had done, and then realised that they needed to go. She gently took Wonder Girl’s arm and nodded towards the door “we should head out, don’t worry it won’t be too bad”. Wonder Woman then turned to the two guards “thank you for your assistance ladies; you’ve successfully turned my sidekick into a true Amazon”. She noticed that the guard’s pussies were leaking juices in copious amounts, and that they blonde Amazon was giving lustful looks towards her companion. She smiled at the blonde “you can use my bed and my toys, you’ve done well and I’m not cruel enough to leave you this horny any longer”. Both guards nodded happily, and looked at Wonder Girl as she came closer to them. She gave them both a long kiss on their mouth, her tongue forcing its way in, while her hands caressed their soaked cunts. “Thanks for the incredible orgasms you gave me, find me later and I’ll return the favour tenfold” she said winking at them, before following Wonder Woman out the door.

Both Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl left the room, the sounds of the guards eating each other fell away behind them. Both were completely naked and covered in the various fluids excreted during their heated session. Wonder Woman took the time to explain the new rules of the island to her side kick. “While on the island now, you must always be naked and do everything naked from now on, if anybody ranked higher than you wants you for sex then you have to obey, unless you’re doing something for me or someone high up”. Wonder Girl nodded, Wonder Woman continued “you’re going to see a whole new island now, with amazons fucking and eating each other pretty much everywhere, the only time you should stop doing any of this is if a guest arrives on the island, then we have to act normal”. Wonder Girl nodded again, now understanding why she hadn’t seen any of these activities before, Wonder Woman must have stopped the Amazon’s from acting this way while she was here, she winced wondering how many girls were left horny because of her. “The most important rule of all is, no one off the island can know about this, it would cause complications” she said, “could you imagine how many guys would try and perve on us if they knew we’re an island of continuous pussy eating, we would never get any privacy”.

As they walked on Wonder Girl had some questions she wanted answered, and she was fairly certain she wouldn’t get hit for asking them now. “Is it true that you never got fucked in the ass before the current Jewelled cock became your mistress?” Wonder Woman looked at her and smiled strangely “no, not before the Jewelled cock, although I’ve been tongued and fingered there a fair bit”. Wonder Girl looked at her in disbelieve, she hadn’t really believed it before now. “Why not, do you know how amazing it feels to have a nice cock up your ass? (Ladies this is true, go out and let guys fuck you in the ass, my address incidentally is...)”. Wonder Woman sighed deeply “no, but I’ve heard its good, especially when it’s not a fucking huge monstrosity. You see in our culture being ass fucked should only really happen if your being dominated, and no one ever dominated me before the Jewelled cock”. “How come you were never dominated” “Well my mother was the jewelled cock when I reached maturity and she held that position until her death, that’s when I took it. When I started in the hierarchy no one who wanted my position could dominate me, and all those above me didn’t want to anger my mother by dominating me. That way I became top golden cock under my mother and no one could ever beat me after that, the only person who could was my mother and we left each other alone.

Wonder Girl looked at her in admiration, “wow all those years and nobody took you down, this new Jewelled cock must be pretty amazing”. Wonder Woman nodded in agreement “yeah she is something else”. Wonder Girl had one last question “what about Donna (first Wonder Girl, kind of dead during the period this is set)?” “What about Donna?” “Did she take part; did she ever try to take you on?” Wonder Woman smiled, “oh she took part, and she was good, and she took me on a couple of times”. Wonder Girl was amazed, Donna always seemed so gentle; she couldn’t see her dominating anyone. “So what happened, who won?” Wonder Woman smiled again “let’s just say Donna was a good fighter, but was better at eating pussy and squealing loudly when she got ass fucked”. Wonder Girl laughed, it was good to know that she was inheriting another tradition needed for being Wonder Woman’s sidekick.

It was at this point that Wonder Woman stopped at an end of a path that led to a large empty space. Wonder Girl looked around, “where’s the coliseum” she asked. Wonder Woman ignored her and reached forward into thin air and grabbed at something. She brought her hand back and opened it, revealing a small metal anklet with strange symbols on it. Wonder Women held it out to her and Wonder Girl took it, examining it closely wondering what it was. Wonder Woman took it from her and motioned for Wonder Girl to lift her leg. Wonder Girl did so, noticing for the first time a similar anklet on Wonder Woman’s leg. Wonder Woman attached the anklet with a click, and out of no were a gigantic stadium appeared before them, the sounds of cheering, moaning and screams of pleasure reverberated from within. Wonder Girl stood frozen, her eyes open wide in amazement, “magically shielded sex coliseum, only a girl wearing one of those anklets can see or enter it” explained Wonder Woman. Wonder Girl nodded “wow that’s pretty amazing” “yep, while you can do whatever sexual acts you want across the island, this is where you come for the serious fucking, this is where the Jewelled cock holds court”.

Both the superheros entered the stadium, moving through an entrance way towards a gate that blocked what was occurring within. Wonder Woman moved towards the gate glancing side long at Wonder Girl “that anklet is a sign of a true Amazon, wear it proudly and permanently, it will nether come off”. Wonder Girl nodded as they reached the gate. The gate was guarded by two Amazons, completely naked but armed with spears, who were looking wistfully behind them but stood to full attention when they saw Wonder Woman approaching. Wonder Woman walked up to them smiling “evening ladies, how much longer you on guard shift for?” “Another two hours” sighed one of the guards, subconsciously rubbing her pussy which, Wonder Girl noticed, was sopping wet. Wonder Woman winced in sympathy “oh, well hang in there, come in when you finish and make sure to say hi to our latest initiate”. Both guards glanced at the naked Wonder Girl who smiled at them, one guard liked her lips “I think we might” she said smiling.

Wonder Woman nodded and moved across to a storage rack set next to the gate, the storage rack was labelled ‘marks of authority’. Wonder Woman looked back at Wonder Girl “you wanted to know about the different caste names, this is where they come from” she said opening the storage rack. Inside the rack was a large collection of strapon dildos, each of them metallic, large and all looked extremely well used. Wonder Girl noticed that not all the strapons were the same, there were three different types, bronze, silver and gold. Each type of strapon was larger than the type below it, ranging from the medium sized bronze cocks, to the large golden cocks at the end. Wonder Woman reached down and grabbed the golden cock at the end of the case, as Wonder Woman attached it around her waist, Wonder Girl couldn’t help but notice it was considerably thicker than the other golden cocks in the collection. Wonder Girl looked at the range of metallic cocks in front of her “what do I get to bring to the party?” she asked, “I could bring a whole lot of pleasure and pain with one of those large ones”. Wonder Woman looked confused for a second “umm you don’t get one, you’re a weak slut, you don’t get one of these till you dominate an Amazon in a higher position that you, which we’re not going to let you attempt for a fair while”. Wonder Girl sighed, “so I get to go into a big coliseum filled with Amazons who out rank me and who have giant metallic cocks while I get nothing?” “Pretty much” said Wonder Woman “great” smiled Wonder Girl.

They turned towards the door and one of the guards knocked on the gate with the butt of their spear. Before the gate opened Wonder Woman turned to Wonder Girl “before we start, I just want to warn you”. “What about” asked a suddenly apprehensive Wonder Girl “the Jewelled cock. Look the other girls in there, they might make it a little hard on you since it’s your initiation, but they’ll have their fun and then make you feel so good, but the Jewelled cock is different, she’s sadistic and cruel and when she fucks you, which she will, it’s going to hurt you, physically and mentally”. Wonder Girl looked slightly frightened but tried to muster up some bravado “I think a can manage, you’ve seen what my boyfriends cock is like and what I can take&rdqu