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My Wife And Bestiality

2022-10-20 00:50:03

Fbailey story number 307

My Wife And Bestiality

When my wife turned forty and our youngest of three left the nest she became different. She liked animals but then again she had always liked animals. No, this was quite different.

She made no bones about liking male animals. She said that if it had a cock she would suck it or fuck it no matter what species it was.

She showed me some of the pictures that she had downloaded from the News Groups. There were several different women letting dogs and horses fuck them and they sucked the animal's cocks too.

She said that she wanted to start fucking animals and that she wanted me to document it for her. She wanted me to start a Sex With Animals Diary and to add pictures into it. She also wanted to make videos of her doing it too.

I could not believe how open she was about it all. That evening I listened as she called four of her girlfriends and told them of her decision to start fucking animals and asked them if they had ever thought about, if they had a dog that she could borrow, or if they knew of someone that she might contact. As I expected all four said that they had never ever given that a thought before, that they did not have a dog that she could borrow, however one told her to contact her sister-in-law.

Damned if she didn’t. My wife called the woman and explained that her sister-in-law had suggested that she call her. I guess the woman laughed and asked if she was being set up. My wife assured her that she was serious and that she wanted to get started as soon as possible. She told her to come right over. Then my wife had to explain to her about me coming along to make a video of it. The woman apparently wanted a copy of the video in exchange for letting her use the dog. She agreed and off we went.

The woman lived outside of town on a dirt road. She was what I call a Gentleman Farmer. It was not exactly a working farm and it didn’t make any money but she had chickens, pigs, a couple of horses, and a cow for milk. There were a couple of dogs too. She had a vegetable garden, a flower garden, a hayfield, and a cornfield. Her farm was well cared for with nicely painted buildings, fenced in fields, and it looked like it should be in a magazine.

A very nice looking woman came out of the house to greet us. She introduced herself to me as Daisy and told us that she was five months pregnant. I also found out that she was thirty-five years old and that it was her first child. My wife told her that she was forty and we had three children. Our oldest son was married and our daughter and youngest son were in colleges away from home, different colleges. She told Daisy that our children were twenty-one, twenty, and nineteen years old. Daisy thought that it was amazing since they were only five years apart.

Daisy then had my wife tell her why she wanted to fuck animals. To which my wife told her about the Internet News Group, the desire in her mind, and the desire between her legs.

I could not believe how quickly my wife said yes to fucking both of Daisy’s dogs. I turned my digital camcorder on and she started undressing right there in Daisy’s front yard. Daisy called to her dogs and from around the corner of the house came a German Shepherd and a big Saint Bernard. When I turned the camera back to my wife her eyes were as big as saucers.

Daisy simply told my wife to get on the ground on her back and too open up her legs. Again before I could even think about what Daisy had said my wife was on the ground opening her legs up. The German Shepherd got a good smell and went right over to her first. Daisy said he was the Alpha Male and that he always went first. Daisy also said that my wife would be happy that the German Shepherd had gone fist when the Saint Bernard got to her.

My wife loved the way he used his tongue to lick her outer pussy lips and then the way he slipped it up inside her. Obviously his tongue could go into places that my tongue could never reach. At first all he did was sniff and lick but after he got his fill he started rooting into her pussy as if he were trying to get his snout into her pussy. He was trying to push her across the grass. Daisy said that was his signal that he was ready and that my wife should get on her hands and knees. Again she did so very quickly.

That German Shepherd climbed up on my wife’s back and started thrusting his hips at her and trying to stab his cock into her. Daisy told my wife to give him a hand and help aim it before he found the ‘wrong’ hole. Either way he would be in a hole soon. My wife reached between her legs, grabbed his rather impressive doggy cock, and aimed it at her pussy. On his every next thrust he was in her and he was no gentleman about it either. That dog treated my wife like his own personal bitch. He scratched her sides a little but Daisy said that she tries to keep his nails rounded and smooth.

Daisy cautioned my wife about the German Shepherd’s knot but she said that she wanted to experience everything that he had to offer her. So she allowed the knot to be inserted. Then it swelled up to a size that she could just barely endure. The German Shepherd could hardly care if he was hurting my wife or not. It was pure animal lust at its finest. He thrashed into her pussy like a jackhammer. I swear that he must have cum two or even three times before he finally gave up and rested on her back. However, just as soon as he was ready he tried to leave. He couldn’t get his knot out of my wife so he finally turned around to leave. That left them still connected but ass to ass. His tail continued to whip her back and sides as he panted and strained to get free. My wife lowered her head to the grass. Daisy said that it could be another ten or fifteen minutes before he could pull free and suggested that my wife just try to get comfortable in the meantime.

While they were waiting Daisy told my wife that being pregnant like she was she just couldn’t satisfy the dogs like she used too and asked my wife if she would mind coming over once or possibly twice a day to take care of their needs. My wife said that she would be pleased to take care of her husband too if she wanted her too. That wouldn’t be necessary…yet.

Finally the German Shepherd released his death grip on my wife’s pussy and moved off to lick himself clean. Sometimes I wish I could do that. Without being asked the big Saint Bernard came up to my wife and started licking her pussy and asshole as she knelt doggy style before him.

My wife started to coo as that tongue worked its magic on her, washing away the slight pain that the German Shepherd’s knot had caused. Before she realized it the Saint Bernard was trying to mount her, Daisy was cautioning her not to let him in her ass, and my wife trying to crawl away from him. That was not a good idea as he kept after her and he was a lot better with a human bitch under him that she was with a two hundred pound dog on her back. He kept jabbing at her until he hit an opening, any opening, it didn’t mater and he didn’t care. Wow you should have seen the look on her face when he slipped his ten-inch cock up her asshole. It was a good thing that he wasn’t all that big around. She never did like anal sex all that much, she more or less just let me have it on occasion because she knew how much I wanted it. She was a good wife and now she was a good bitch too. She allowed that great big Saint Bernard to butt-fuck her at an ungodly pace until he was completely satisfied and pulled out. Luckily her sphincter was too tight to allow his knot in, otherwise he could have done her some real harm. Exhausted my wife eased herself flat onto the grass.

Daisy asked my wife if she was still interested in helping her to keep the animals sexually satisfied until after her child was born. My wife said that she was. Daisy then told her to get up and walk with her to the barn. There she introduced my wife to her pony. It was cute and much smaller than a horse but it was still much larger than her Saint Bernard too.

Daisy talked to the pony, she let him smell her pussy, and then she started stroking him under his belly. She was exciting him and it was working. His cock was longer and bigger around than the dog’s cocks had been. My wife was sure gutsy. She said yes right away, when Daisy asked her if she wanted to try him on for size.

Daisy told my wife to get comfortable on a specially made bench. It was very well padded on the end where her legs would be. It was made to fit Daisy’s body and my wife was just about the same build.

Daisy led the pony over to the bench that my wife was on and attached his leash to a ring on the wall over my wife’s head. The pony was anxious and had to be held while placing his cock at the entrance to my wife’s pussy. She was very well lubricated and previously stretched. So with little effort on his part that pony shoved his cock right into my wife and she jumped. Daisy told her that because of his length her cervix was going to take quite a pounding. Luckily he came before she asked Daisy to get him out of her. It was just as much as she could stand and no more.

My wife said that her insides hurt but that she couldn’t do anything about it. Daisy gave her a couple of pain pills and told her that they would help until she got used to it.

As we turned around to exit the barn a man was standing there, smiling at us, and holding my wife’s clothes. Daisy introduced us to her husband. My wife did not even attempt to cover up her nudity and went right to him and shook his hand. My wife introduced herself as the new dog bitch and pony mare.

He smiled and asked her about fucking the goats and pig.

My wife had a shocked look on her face as she turned to Daisy.

Daisy said, “He’s just kidding. I don’t fuck the pig I just suck his cock. He’s too fucking big to get on top of me. He weighs something close to six hundred pounds.”

My wife looked relieved and then smiled. Then she said, “That’s a lot of bacon.”

Daisy said, “Come on I’ll introduce you.”

We followed Daisy outside to where the pigpen was. The goats were in the next pen but only two had balls and really big ones too.

Daisy explained about making sure the pig was down for the count, always being aware of which way to run just in case, and lastly about taking a mud bath with him. She said that it was good for her complexion and that it washed right off in the shower. The barn had a shower but only cold water.

Daisy got right in the mud with my wife. They were on their knees. Daisy jerked the pig off until his tiny cork screw cock started to come out. Daisy played with him and then leaned in to suck it. Soon my wife was sucking on that crazy looking thing too. They took turns and the pig looked happy about it. Eventually he did come and they both got some. My wife was not as impressed with giving a pig a blowjob as she was with fucking the dogs but she too would not want that beast on top of her either.

I recorded them taking an ice cold shower too.

Next both girls got down in the goat pen and those goats attacked those two girls viciously. Talk about horny as a goat. Those two girls knelt there and talked the whole time those two goats fucked them. I’m pretty sure that each goat fucked both of her holes and both of Daisy’s holes too before they seemed satisfied to walk away. According to Daisy that was the routine…just kneel there and don’t try to move until they walk away. Otherwise they will head butt you and knock you face first into the goat poop.

After the girls took another ice cold shower we walked up to the house where Daisy’s husband had taken my wife’s clothes. However, there was no sense in getting dressed on his account.

The girls talked over a cup of tea while I had a beer with Daisy’s husband. It was agreed that every day my wife would come out about ten o’clock and sexually satisfy the six male animals until Daisy was back on her feet about two or three months after the baby was born.

My wife looked at Daisy’s husband and said, “You can have me too anytime that you need me.”

He laughed and said, “I’m very happy at the moment but thanks for the offer.”

My wife said, “Daisy just keep me in mind when he gets too much for you and during your recovery. I don’t mind really after all what’s one more?”

The End
My Wife And Bestiality