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2022-08-16 00:00:03

“Would you like that while I watch? And did I mention hung?” I tease.

“Yes, make it happen baby, would love you to watch, soon, very soon,” he groaned as his breathing quickened before he shuddered and had a huge climax.

We are a well presented and attractive couple approaching forty, both with strong sex drives and an active sex life. My partner Jon is slightly older and he had never had a bi-sexual man blow him until I organised it for him.

At least once a week I make a point of blowing him. He has the biggest cock I have ever had, eight inches and thick. At other times I suck his cock as foreplay before we fuck.

The first time I watched one man blow another was around fifteen-years ago when I was in my early twenties in an exclusive club my then lover took me to. They were both attractive and very well hung men, it was very exciting for me and ever since I love to watch one man blow another including my current partner. That experience also taught me a lot about blowing my lovers, something I pride myself on and enjoy very much.

The next day I told one of my younger girlfriends I was trying to locate a suitable man for our specific sexual pleasure. I had often told her about our sexual experiences and regular threesomes with both male and females. She especially liked hearing how my man was eight-inches and thick and she had often asked if she could watch or participate one day.

“Describe in detail what you want, I might be able to help,” Denise replied.

“A pretty man, well built, ten or fifteen years younger than us who can provide my man with a mind blowing bi-sexual experience. Oral sex only, no intercourse or kissing. I want it to be exciting for all of us, very exciting, and I want to watch. It’s all about sexual pleasure for both of us, my man especially. And I almost forgot, he must be hung. And I also want him to pleasure me with his tongue. I have told you before I love being teased and licked, especially with an audience.”

“I have just the man for you, Stuart, he ticks all the boxes. Here he is naked on my iPad, good body, look at his cock, is he hung enough? And he is very good. I want to watch though, would that be satisfactory?”

“Yes it would be. Let’s make it two-thirty this Sunday at our condo,” I smile very pleased and excited at the arrangements and aroused by his naked body and the the size of his cock.

After lunch on Sunday I trimmed Jon’s pubic hair so he had nothing but a small tuft above his cock after he trimmed my pubes. After we showered together I smeared oil all his body with special attention to his ass and cock.

“Make Stuart work for it baby, I expect you to last for at least twenty minutes. Enjoy it for me and make it exciting for me, very exciting,” I tell him as I watch him dress in very tight jeans and t-shirt. His cock is already semi-erect I notice in anticipation of the sexual pleasure he is expecting.

“It’s all about sexual pleasure for both of us, you especially. And I am going to enjoy watching you be pleasured by another man while Denise watches.

“What should I wear for our guests baby? I want to be a sex object as well as you.”

“Heels and one of my shirts with the buttons undone.”

Stuart arrives with Denise right on time, I am still not sure what their relationship is, though perhaps it will play out shortly.

He really is a pretty boy, blond with a firm tanned body, dressed similarly to my man in tight jeans and a t-shirt.

Denise has heels, a very short skirt and a blouse with with most of the buttons undone to highlight her cleavage.

Eager and happy to please my man and our guests I stand directly in their sight and let my shirt fall open.

“That looks fantastic Sarah.” Denise murmurs but not surprisingly Stuart barely gives my almost naked body a second glance as the two men size each other up.

Jon takes the initiative by shrugging off his shirt and teasing his erect nipples with his fingertips.

“Remind Stuart what he is here for today baby.”

“My man wants you to give him a mind blowing blow job while I watch. I want it to be exciting for all of us, very exciting, and I want to be turned on watching, really turned on. It’s all about sexual pleasure for both of us, my man especially.

“And I also want you to pleasure me with your tongue. I love being teased and licked, especially with an audience after I have watched another man blow my man. And perhaps I will blow you as well. ”

“Happy to oblige,” Stuart smiles confidently knowing he is the center of attention for a male and two females as Denise takes his shirt off.

“Can I help?” Denise whispers as she undoes the zipper on Stuart’s jeans and releases his very erect cock as she helps him step out of them.

“Is he hung to your expectations Sarah and Jon?,” she smirks as she teases his large cock with a finger.

His muscled ass is a turn on for me and looks fantastic as Jon and I ogle it.

“In case you are wondering Stuart is my half-brother and he is bi-sexual just like me,” Denise tells us as she drags Jon’s jeans down over his erection.

“Wow, you are even bigger than Stuart, not by a lot though.”

“Lick my nipples, turn me on, tease me, make my cock want your half-brother,” Jon whispers to Denise as I watch, very aroused.

Jon sits on a high stool in front of a wall length mirror with his toes just touching the ground and has the full attention of three people as he slides his cock ring on his roaring erection and fastens the strap under his balls.

The sexual tension is electric as Stuart kneels between Jon’s legs, pushes his erection back into his torso and licks the underside of Jon’s erection, then the sides as I tongue kiss my man, which he eagerly reciprocates to add to his turn on - and mine.

I sit on a chair side on to the two men so I can appreciate and watch closely as another man is about to blow my man’s cock, something I find very exciting and extremely arousing - my cunt lips are wet, very wet.

The veins in his cock are bulging as Stuart teases it with his fingertips, then licks the tip of it as he teases his balls with his fingertips.

It is a strange feeling for me as he slides my man’s roaring erection between his pursed lips, knowing that I was doing just that to him a few days ago and have done it countless times for our mutual pleasure.

“Any special preferences?,” Stuart teases as he lets Jon’s cock slip out of his mouth and teases it with a fingertip.

“Long and slow sexual pleasure, show my lady and yours how good you are,” Jon murmurs. “She wants to watch for at least twenty-minutes. My pleasure is her pleasure when it comes to sex she always says.”

“Do you want soft, slow and gentle or hard and fast,” Stuart teases as he expertly and very gently strokes my man’s roaring erection with his fingertips and licks it at the same time.

“Tease my balls with your fingertips,” Jon whispers in almost ecstasy as I watch intently.

“Your cock is rock hard for me, how long can you last for?” Stuart teases as he licks the tip of Jon’s cock, then expertly slides at least three-inches of it deep into his mouth while teasing Jon’s nipples with his fingertips.

“I love a challenge and your cock is very challenging,” Stuart smiles as he lets Jon’s cock slip out of his mouth before taking even more of it between his lips and pinches Jon’s nipples.

“I like watching Stuart giving you a blow job baby, your cock looks magnificent in his mouth. You are turning me on, really turning me on,” I tell Jon as I tease my nipples with my legs wide apart.

I watch fascinated as Stuart varies his technique as he pushes Jon’s erection upwards and licks the underside of it then licks his balls before he takes most of it in his mouth and sucks it very softly.

I was so engrossed in watching the two men I had almost forgotten Denise was here until I became aware of her standing beind me and teasing my nipples with her fingertips: very enjoyable and arousing in this situation.

“He is good isn’t he? I can make it even more exciting for you,” Denise whispers as she kneels in front of me without waiting for a reply and licks my already erect nipples, then the insides of my thighs.

“Love the way you shave,” she whispers as the tip of her tongue touches my very eager cunt lips.

Watching another man blowing my man now has a new dimension as a bisexual woman, his half-sister, is pleasuring me. Although she hasn’t told me, it is obvious they have sex together and group sex, which is exciting for me.

Even better the two men while engaged in a blow job are aware of the pleasure I am receiving as Denise licks my cunt. I love sex with an audience and two men engaged in a blow job is a special audience and a huge, bonus turn on.

“So good baby, so good, absolute turn on watching you having your cunt licked while I am having my cock sucked by another man,” Jon tells me as he watches Denise licking me.

“Watch me cum, watch me cum, watch me cum,” I moan within minutes as I shudder and orgasm, very turned on while watching my man being pleasured by another.

I am pleased that Jon is really making an event of this and not just a wham-bam moment. And watching the two men is very sexually stimulating for me as Denise keeps pleasuring my cunt lips: she is very good.

“You really are very good,” I tell her as I cum again.

“Tell me what the men are doing, I can’t see them.”

“He has the tip of his cock between his lips as he is stroking his full length with his closed fist. My man is really turned on, he won’t last much longer.”

This is so good that after another one or two orgasms I will need to squirt, though I want to hold off until Stuart brings Jon to orgasm

“So good baby, so good,” Jon is moaning as he watches Stuart release his very wet cock and tease the full length of it with his fingers. He then wraps his hand around it, strokes his full length softly and slowly increases the pressure.

“You wanted twenty minutes, do you think you can last that long,” Stuart teases confident of his skills as Jon is starting to breathe heavily,

I know Jon well enough to understand when he is close to orgasm and right now his breathing is very heavy, to the point he is panting as he frantically slides his very wet and very erect cock in and out of Stuart’s pursed lips.

“Twenty-minutes and counting, you have both done very well, and I am very aroused, very,” I tell them as I glance at the wall clock.

I have already cum numerous times, though I suspect the two men have been too busy with each other to notice and I am ready to cum again.

“Cum with me baby, cum with me now, I am almost screaming as Jon starts to groan and shake as he blows a high load across the room as I orgasm with him.

We all watch closely as Stuart, obviously in need of sexual relief, teases his roaring erection with his fingers and commences masturbating.

“Keep licking me Denise while I blow your man,” I moan as I motion for Stuart to stand alongside me.

“It was a huge turn on watching you blow my man while Denise was pleasuring me. Now my man can watch me blow you while Denise licks my cunt lips,” I tell Stuart as I tease his balls with my fingertips and lick and kiss his eager cock.

“You can masturbate if you prefer,” I tease as I take the tip of his roaring erection between lips. At the same time Denise stops licking me.

“Wow, that is awesome watching you taking his cock. I am going to lick your cunt some more until you squirt for us.

As I tease the the tip of Stuart’s cock with my lips and tongue I slide the tips of my thumb and forefinger along the full length of his rock hard cock and I am very aware of Denise licking my extended clit.

My man Jon is standing in my line of sight with his legs open as he teases a new erection with a finger tip and I am aware of Stuart watching him as I orgasm again from the pleasure of Denise licking my clit. I am very close to squirting, so close, but I want to blow Stuart first.

He is breathing very hard, even harder as I increase the pressure of my thumb and forefinger along the full length of his rock hard cock.

“Magic, fucking magic,” he is almost screaming as he blows.

“Now watch me, watch me squirt, watch,” I groan as I tease my clit with a finger tip and squirt then squirt some more as my man Jon masturbates to orgasm with three people watching.

As we relaxed in the afterglow we made a tacit agreement that soon Denise could be the main attraction, I want her to blow my man while Stuart licks my cunt lips. Should be fun!