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My Bodies Betrayal

2022-05-14 00:00:03

I’m at home winding down after a long day wearing only my pajamas and a t-shirt when two guys break into my house to rob it. Before I even know they are there, one guy promptly grabs me showing a six inch hunting knife telling me not to move if I know what’s good for me. He takes out handcuffs and cuffs my hands behind my back. They are surprised I’m there because they’ve been casing the house and saw us packing for vacation and saw us drive off. I tell them that only my wife and daughter left, I wasn’t going on the vacation. Now they know they have the run of the house and no one will be coming home to disturb them. They tell me that as long as I do what they say I won’t get hurt and my wife and kid will see me again. They make me walk around the house showing them where all the valuables are. Once we come across the liquor cabinet they help themselves and start drinking, obviously in no hurry since they know no-one will be coming home. They keep drinking while talking to each other and to me like nothing is out of the ordinary. After a little while I can tell they are starting to feel the alcohol. I see them exchange a look like they’ve just communicated something without talking. They make me start taking shots as they continue to drink away. All the while, they are peppering me with questions about my life. How long have I been married? Am I bored with my life? How’s my sex life? Then the bomb, have I ever had gay sex? My answer is “no, of course not that’s disgusting”. At that they grab a bottle of liquor and lead me towards the bedroom. One guy walks ahead with the liquor, the other is behind me with his hand holding my cuffed wrists, his other arm around my neck holding the knife where I can see it. He’s reminding me that as long as I do what they say I won’t get hurt. Once in the bedroom they make me take another shot, which at this point I’m pretty buzzed.

The one guy still behind me with the knife right in front of my face tells his buddy to look up. There right above us is an unused plant holder hook hanging from the ceiling. Perfect says his buddy as he digs into his burglar bag and pulls out a small piece of nylon rope. Before I know what’s happened they’ve repositioned me so I am cuffed with my hands over my head attached to the ceiling hook by the nylon rope.

As I stand there one guy holds the knife to my face and tells me their plans. Basically they have this hobby that although don’t get to engage in often, absolutely love it. And that is proving by force to a straight guy like me that while I may not be bi-sexual my body most certainly is and they are going to have fun showing me.

As he’s talking the guy behind me leans in and grabs me tight. As it registers what they plan to do I freak out thrashing and saying No, No, No, over and over. The guy in front of me takes the knife from his buddy, grabs my cheeks hard in one hand and holds the knife inches from my face. I freeze instantly with fear.

He then convinces me that it’s not worth my wife and kid coming home to find me in a bloody pulp so with that I stop struggling. I’m not going to lash out and fight, but it’s not in me to give way to total cooperation. The guy in front moves in to kiss me. Repulsed I instinctively move back but the guy behind me is pressed up against me as he holds me in place. With my hands cuffed over my head there’s not much I can do but turn my head away as he kisses my cheek working down to my neck. I can feel the guy behind me pressing in behind me holding me in place. The guy in front takes my cheeks in his hands and tries to turn my face toward him. I won’t. Some threatening gestures from the knife convince me to let him. With one hand he squeezes my cheeks forcing my lips to pucker and moves in for kissing, but I hold my lips tight while he puts his lip over my closed mouth and licks on my lips. He then grabs the knife from his buddy and reminds me what my wife and kid will find when they come home if I don’t cooperate. Reluctantly I loosen my lips and he moves right into my mouth. It’s awkward, my instincts are to pull away but I’m forcing myself not to so my head is slightly first pulling away then turning towards him again and again as I try to endure it. The guy behind me has put the knife down and has both hands around me under my T-shirt feeling up and down my chest and stomach and I can feel him rubbing against my ass. The guy in front moves his tongue inside my mouth to find mine. I try to move my head away but he’s grabbed it with both hands holding it in place. He swirls his tongue around on mine, I’m not kissing back, but at this point I’m not stopping him either so he has full access to my tongue. His hands let go of my face, I turn my ahead away, and he continues kissing on my cheek and down to my neck. He slides both his hands behind me under my pajamas and grabs and squeezes a handful of my ass. I let a groan of disgust escape as I can’t believe what is happening to me. He moves his kisses back to my mouth. I reluctantly let him put his tongue back in. Every few seconds or so, the involuntary physical reaction for me is to flicker my tongue slightly back against his. While the overwhelming feeling in me is I’m disgusted at what is happening to me, in the far back reaches of my mind there’s an unsettling realization that my body is starting to have a physical reaction to all this stimulation.

After a few more minutes of making out with me he steps back, reaches down, and picks up the knife and tells me not to move an inch. With my hands still cuffed over my head he moves in and starts cutting away my shirt. When he’s finished he sets the knife down and moves back in to me. I’m standing there cuffed to the ceiling with just my pajama bottoms on now. He stands in front of me and for about thirty seconds just spends time running his hands across my chest, tweaking my nipples. I keep my head turned away as he moves in against me again. He’s kissing on my neck and cheek and slides one hand around me pulling me tight into him, while his other hand slips behind me down under my pajamas grabbing my ass. I jump when he gently begins sliding his finger up and down my crack pushing lightly against my asshole. His buddy slips his hands into the waistline of my pajamas and slides them to the floor. Since I’m not wearing anything underneath I am now completely naked.

They both step back to take a look. There I am cuffed with my hands overhead completely naked in front of two men who were there to Rob me. They grab the liquor bottle and take a couple of swigs while at the same time slapping and grabbing at my ass. One ready to resume they switch positions so the buddy is now in front of me forcing kisses on me. The other guy behind me has grabbed my waist and is rubbing himself up against my ass.

A few more minutes of this and they stop and tell me I’m ready for the next phase. With that they unhook me from the ceiling and redo the cuffs behind my back and lead me to the bathroom. As we’re walking in one of them says he’s about to show me something that before today I would have never believed.

With that they have me stand facing the mirror. There I am standing there with my hands cuffed behind me as they are on each side of me facing toward me. It’s so unnerving to be looking in the mirror and seeing myself completely naked surrounded by these two guys that are completely clothed as they are running their hands all over my body. One of them grabs my face and forces me to make out. When he stops I can see in the mirror that the other has taken his shirt off. The other one grabs me and forces kisses. Again when finished the other has taken his shirt off too. Now for the good part, one of them says. I can see that he has found the lotion on the counter and squirted some into his hands.

With one hand he reaches down and begins squeezing and stroking my cock. With the other hand he’s caressing my ass and soon begins running his finger up and down my crack, gently pushing lightly against my asshole. The other guy holds the knife up to my neck and forces me to watch in the mirror telling me to not look away. Much to my humiliation my body is beginning to react. My cock is now semi hard. The guy with the knife tells me to start thrusting my hips back and forth. The other guy stops his stroking holding his hand still so that I am now fucking his hand. Not believing it, I can feel my cock swell and get harder. Soon the guy starts his strokes again so that they meet my thrusts in perfect timing. The guy with the knife grabs my face turns it toward him and holding the knife inches away orders me to stick my tongue out as far as I can. He then tells me no matter what I am to keep it out. Once it’s out as far as I can get it, he moves in puts his lips completely around my tongue, and starts sucking on it. He moves back and forth on it sucking like he’s sucking on a cock. Then reminding me to keep it out he moves in sticking the tip of his tongue against mine followed with his lips and slides up my tongue to meet my lips. With his tongue swirling against mine I can feel the knife up against my throat so I do what he wants and swirl back. The scene occurring now is we are making out with my tongue deep into his mouth, at the same time he is rubbing my chest and stomach. My ass crack is being massaged by the other guy and my cock is being mercilessly stroked. After a few minutes of this deep forced make out session he stops and turns my head back towards the mirror. I am completely horrified to see that my cock is rock hard as his buddy slowly pumps away on it.

The guy stops stroking my cock stands up saying “I told you so man”, before today I bet you never would have thought another guy could get you so hard. Tapping on my forehead he says “This may be telling you, you don’t want this”, then grabbing my cock, “but this is telling me you do”. With that he drops down in front of me and starts sucking my cock. I’m completely overwhelmed with this onslaught. Two competing feelings have taken over me; I’m in shock as I can’t believe this is happening to me, but even more shocking is, I can’t believe I’ve gotten so hard. While I’m completely humiliated at what’s happening, physically I can’t stop my body from reacting to it. It’s been so long since my wife gave me head I forgot what it felt like. Much to my horror I can feel my cock swell even more as he takes it all in.

Now that they’ve proved to me that my body is bi-sexual they say it’s time to prepare me for what’s next.

They strip down and we all three get into the shower (me still in handcuffs of course) where they proceed to shave my chest, shave my balls, shave my ass, and especially around my ass hole. When done I’m completely shaved except for a cropped section of pubes above my cock.

When they are done they force me back to the bedroom for another round of drinking. When they are ready they cuff me to the headboard so I’m lying on my back with my hands stretched out above my head. They prop some pillows so I’m half reclined. Better for me to see what is happening they say. They are naked and positioned on each side of me. They start by forcing me to make out with them one at a time taking turns, turning my head one way for a minute then the other way. They need to threaten with the knife a few times before I’m back to giving them full access. When I’m making out with one the other is rubbing my chest, my stomach, up and down my legs, rubbing my balls and squeezing my cock.

Next the action kicks up a gear. While one is still making out with me the other one works down and begins full attention to my cock. It starts out with a combination hand job and blow job. It doesn’t take long at all for me to be rock hard. Three things have conspired tonight for my, as they say, bi sexual body to react so favorable to them. #1 I haven’t had sex in six months so my body is very susceptible to the physical contact, #2 my freshly shaved skin is very sensitive in a way I’ve never felt before, and #3 my weakness as they’ve discovered is the kissing. The passionate and constant kissing is overwhelming. By now there’s no denying that they are good at it and the feeling is the same I get when making out with a woman. My body has craved sexual contact for so long now, that even though I’m trying to resist the feelings, subconsciously I’ve started to reciprocate by moving forward almost imperceptivity to meet a kiss as it is being initiated. My tongue flicking against theirs is a little more noticeable during kisses. At this point little moans and heavier breathing escape me as I give in to the pleasure at times.

They take turns worshipping my cock, licking my balls, rimming my freshly shaved and showered ass. They happen to have a bottle of lube in their bag so they begin introducing a finger up my ass. They constantly swap with each other. One is at my face and chest while the other works my cock. Next, one kneels between my legs, his cock is hard. He pulls my legs around either side of him. He positions my cock so it’s pointing straight up. He then lines his cock up against mine and soon has both pressed together in his hands. He begins to rub them side to side against each other while at the same time thrusting up and down. A moan escapes me as I shake my head from side to side. At this point there is no denial of how good this feels. My cock is so hard it’s actually hurts. I’m ashamed at my bodies reaction to all this.

This goes on and on with the intensity building throughout. When they’ve deemed it is time for me to cum, one holds the knife to my neck and forces me to thrust my cock while the other gives me a blow job / hand job. At the same time he has my leg positioned in a way that gives complete access to my asshole and has now inserted a well lubed finger and is massaging my prostate. The feeling is so overwhelmingly pleasurable that I can’t help but explode with cum, a loud moan escapes me as they force me to watch my engorged cock head shoot stream after stream of cum all over my stomach and chest.

After recovering for about 30 seconds I come back to my senses and tell them now that they got what they came for they should just leave. “Oh no”, they say, “We are just getting started”. They leave me cuffed to the bed while they go about what they originally came for, robbing my house. It takes them about an hour to finish up. Once done they come back for more drinking and for round two. If round one was all about me, round two is all about them. They force me to give hand jobs, blow jobs, ball sucking, rimming. They fuck me in the ass in all sorts of positions. The knife threatening is used quite a bit to get me to comply with everything.

All in all they stay all night. I cum a total of three times (unheard of for me), and I’m forced to make them cum a total of three times. By the third session I’m completely broken. There is no resistance on my part as I do whatever they want. By the end of my ordeal there is no denying their original contention; that although I may not be bi-sexual, my body most certainly is.