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Mom Caught Me pt. 4

2022-08-15 00:00:03

"Oh... my god..." Jess appeared to snap out of her brief lesbian posession. "Sorry mom" She crawled back up on her feet. Jess and mom made eye contact and there was a moment of awkward silence while mom's and my cum dripped from the corners of Jess's mouth and down her neck.

"Why did you stop?" Mom finally broke the silence. She reached down and spread her drooling cunt open. "You were doing really good"

Jess instantly crawled down to her hands and knees and began hungrily lapping at the insides of moms thighs attempting to clean off any remaining remnants of my cum from her slick flesh. Each time Jess's tongue made contact with the sensitive insides of mom's thighs, mom's cunt would involuntarily contract and I could see the little opening twitching and quivering. Soon, a small river of girl cum came running down mom's slit and Jess quickly moved her head between moms legs and used her tongue to catch the dripping fluid. She then dragged her glistening cum-slick tongue right up the middle of moms drooling hole and slurped up the generous pool of liquid that collected on her tongue with a loud sucking noise. I could see Jess's throat contract as she swallowed.

My dick started gradually rising. Mom was staring it at with glazed over eyes and a slightly parted mouth. She was moaning slightly and her big tits were heaving up and down with each labored breath she took, but the whole time she was focused on my cock which just caused it to rise faster.

"Come here baby" Mom said to me, never taking her lust-filled eyes off my thick meat.

I didn't really know what she wanted, so I just walked over to her dumbly and stood over her. Just then, Jess reached up and slid a finger deep into moms dripping hole making a noisy slurping noise as her cunt sucked Jess's finger up inside it. Mom threw her head back and gave a loud moan as Jess began to gently finger fuck my mom.

My cock was raging almost at full force by this time and a large drop of shiny precum dripped off the tip and landed right on moms big tit. Like some wild animal, Jess instantly clawed her way up mom's body and lapped my precum up with one long lick that dragged across moms juicy tit and over her throbbing nipple. I took a step back to allow my sister free reign over my moms sweat glistening body causing my dick to bounce slightly and drip another drop of precum right onto moms bottom lip.

Again my sister lunged forward and took my moms entire bottom lip into her mouth, sucking on it gently and cleaning it of my wet precum.

They started getting into it. Mom reached up and wrapped her arms lovingly around my sister and began moaning gently as my sister dragged her tongue across moms lips making sure that every last remnant of my precum was cleaned from her mouth. Mom parted her pouty lips slightly and let my sisters tongue slide into her lovely mouth. Their lips connected and they both let out a gentle moan as they began sucking and tounging eachothers mouths.

Jess was straddling the upper part of mom's right thigh and she lowered her pelvis down and arched her back sexily. Her dripping cunt came in contact with moms smooth, wet thigh flesh and she gave a slight shudder and gently bit down on moms lip. Jess began humping her hips forward and backwards, careful to keep her mouth connected to moms, effectively grinding her sopping pussy noisily on moms slick thigh. Jess reached up and grabbed a handful of moms generous tit flesh and squeezed softly causing mom to moan deeply into Jess's mouth.

I couldn't take anymore. I got down on my knees next to their faces. I wasn't sure how to get involved in this incredibly hot looking exchange, but I knew I wanted my cock near their sex-possessed faces at that moment.

They didn't even notice. Jess continued grinding her wet sex against moms quivering body and playing with one of her massive sweat-slick tits, and mom continued making out with Jess's pretty face and gliding her hands all over my sister's arched back.

I moved my cock forward a little in an effort to get some attention. Nothing. I moved forward a little more. Nothing.

Finally I touched the tip of my throbbing cock to the place where both of the girl's faces met during their passionate kiss and made a shiny precum smear on both of their pretty faces. It felt good. I wanted more. I pushed my dick harder, separating the two lusty faces with my thick member, but they didn't miss a beat. Jess began lapping and sucking at the top of my veiny cock shaft as if she was still making out with mom. She wrapped her glistening lips over the top of my cock meat and I could feel her tongue gliding back and forth in rhythm with her hips as she grinded her cunt hard into moms thigh. Mom immedeately began hungrily lapping at the river of precum that had formed down the bottom of my dick and moaned in approval.

It felt amazing. I wanted more.

I slowly pulled my hips back until my mom and sister's mouths were hungrily lapping and sucking at the head of my dripping meat. I felt them fighting to lick the sweet precum drooling from the tip of my cock, causing their tongues and lips to occasionally meet in a passionate battle at the end of my pole. Then without warning, I began pushing my hips forward, gliding my big veiny cock back through their sexy mouths until my pelvis was pushed up against my sisters face and both panting women were hungrily slurping at the base of my cock shaft. My mom turned her head toward me slightly and dragged her wet tongue down my ball sack and began luxuriously flicking her hot tongue all over my balls. It felt heavenly. I slid my precum-drooling cock back out and started gently humping my cock meat back and forth nice and slowly, essentially fucking this little wet mouth sandwich my mom and sister had made for me.

The slurping on my cock got louder, Jess's pussy sliding across my moms thigh got noisier, My dick started drooling more precum, things were really starting to get serious. Then I heard an odd noise.

"Ngg ee" The noise came from my sister. I saw her ass lift up and several gooey strings of girl cum stretched between moms dripping thigh and Jess's quivering pussy.

"Ngg ee!" She said again, trying to make words while keeping her drooling lips and tongue firmly attached to my twitching meat.

"What?" I finally asked her when I realized she was actually trying to say something.

She pulled her mouth off my cock shaft with a sloppy *pop* sound and looked me directly in the eyes. She had a sweet pleading expression on her face as saliva and precum dripped down her face.

"Fuck me!" She said clearly in a half-moan, wanton fashion.

I wanted to do that badly to her. I lifted my cock off of mom's pretty face, which was a complete mess of my boy fluids, and began crawling down to Jess's upturned ass.

I stood up behind Jess and squatted down so that my throbbing dick was level with her dripping pussy. I could hear the sounds of the two girls sucking on eachother's mouths and lapping away the remnants of my precum on eachother's faces. I lovingly put my hands on Jess's sweaty body and grabbed her firmly by the hips. I didn't really know what to do, so I just sort of pushed my hips forward until the tip of my precum-covered cock made contact with her cute little cunt hole. I could hear her moan into mom's mouth as the large head of my dick throbbed and pulsed against my sisters contracting pussy.

"Fuck that thing is big. Did it hurt when he put it in you, mom?" Jess whispered to mom in a worried voice.

Mom cocked her head to the side so she could look me straight in the eyes when she spoke.

"Jessica, once this cock is inside you, you're never going to want another cock in your life." Mom smirked at me as if she was saying the words to me instead of my sister.

At that, I pushed my hips forward and parted my sisters virgin cunt with just the head of my dick, causing a small bead of her girl liquid to drip down onto moms leg.

"Mmm Jeff, please take it slow" My sister groaned.

I slowly pushed a little more of my throbbing dick into my sisters wet hole and the head slid into her quivering entrance. She stopped kissing my mom and was staring down into her face, concentrating on staying relaxed as I invaded her sex. Her body was shaking slightly and her breathing was labored, but she didn't make any motion to stop me.

I pushed a little more in and met some resistance. Was I all the way in already? Not even half of my dick was inside my little sister and I was already all the way in? I glanced up and looked at mom who turned her head slightly so she could see what was going on.

"Push it in!" Mom mouthed silently past Jess's paralyzed body so she couldn't hear.

"It's in" I mouthed and shrugged.

Mom pursed her lips in a disapproving fashion as if I was missing something. Mom then released her arms from my sisters back and pulled my hands away from my sisters hips. She grabbed my sister firmly around the waist and pushed her body down hard against my cock. I felt the resistance in my sister's fleshy hole give out and my cock completely impaled her body.

"NNGH!" My sister cried out through gritted teeth and her body tensed up as though she was in pain. I looked down at my mom inquisitively who was now beaming up at me with a smirk of satisfaction. My mom grabbed my hands and replaced them on my sisters hips and she reached up and grabbed my sisters firm titties.

"You like that cock baby?" Mom whispered to my sister. One tear dripped off my sisters chin and onto my moms cheek. I thought I'd hurt her badly, but after a few moments my sister looked down at my mom with a determined look and a whole new resolve.

"Yeah I fucking love that cock" My sister shot loudly into my moms face.

While maintaining direct eye contact with my mom, my sister pulled her hips away from me, dragging my cock flesh out of her incredibly tight pussy until just the head was in. There was a slight tinge of redness on my cock that came out from inside my sisters convulsing cunt hole, but before I could identify what it was my sister pushed her hips back down on me, engulfing my entire cock in one smooth motion. Her body shook slightly as she bottomed out on my dick and her arms gave out. She went down on her elbows and laid her upper body and face against moms chest, keeping her back arched and her ass pointing up toward me.

I wanted to take control of her limp body so badly. I grabbed her waist with one hand and reached up for a handful of her sweaty tit flesh with the other and started fucking her tight hole with conviction. Each thrust made a sloppy smacking sound as my balls and pelvis slapped against her upturned ass and pussy. Sex fluids were drooling out from between us and dripping down onto moms thigh as I repeatedly shoved my throbbing cock in and out of my sisters drooling cunt.

My little sister was moaning loudly. I was afraid the neighbors would hear. She was yelling out with each inward thrust and whined loudly when I pinched her hard little nipple. I was really getting into it when I began to feel her body shudder. Was she cumming? I pushed my cock meat deeply into her hole like I saw the guy in the video do and was rewarded with a similar reaction.

"I'm! I'm!" She was trying to say something as her body began shaking violently. I pulled out and shoved my cock into her tight contracting hole one more time which initiated a violent orgasm within my cute little sister's body. Mom reached up under my sister and started rubbing her clit hard, using our sex fluids to lubricate her fingers. This caused my sister to moan loudly and I could feel a river of girl cum pour out around my cock and down my thighs. Her orgasm went on and on as my cock continued to twitch and throb inside her, causing continued shockwaves of pleasure to penetrate through her body.

I slid my hands around on her back and sides, soothing her through the final waves of her violent orgasm. Finally her legs and arms completely gave out and she fell down on top of mom in a lifeless ragdoll fashion. My cock popped out of her pussy and bounced upward, still hard and pulsing, indicating that it was not satisfied yet.

Mom quickly reached up around Jess's limp body and grabbed my glistening cock meat. She sighed in satisfaction as she slid her expert hand up and down it's length in a loving massaging fasion. It felt almost as good as my sisters virginal cunt and I could feel my dick twitching and throbbing as I began to reach orgasm.

"Mmmh mom... I like that." I moaned shakily as I was about to unload onto my sisters ass and back. "I'm about to cum"

My sister heard me and it brought new life into her limp body. She crawled up on her hands and knees and spun her body around so she was facing me. She threw mom's hand away and mom giggled slightly at my sisters insatiable lust.

She started stroking my cock with both hands, using the generous amount of girl cum that coated my shaft to slide her hands up and down the length. I lovingly held my sisters face in my hands as she started hungrily flicking her tongue against the tip of my dripping cock. Just as I was about to cum I saw mom crawl up on her knees next to her dick-hungry daughter and put her face next to hers. They were both flicking their tongues wildly against the head of my dick and mom reached up to graze her fingers across my wet ball sack.

That's all it took. My dick tensed up hard and a thick stream of cum audibly shot from my dick with a slight spitting sound and splashed noisily against mom and Jess's flailing tongues. The act of their tongues flicking against my cock hole as it spewed cum caused my fluid to fly in all directions, mostly on my mom and sister's face and chest. They began kissing and licking my cock and fighting to consume as much of my spraying cum as possible as my cock continued violently squirting rope after rope of warm semen into my sister and mom's faces.

Their faces were completely covered in my cum. The moment my orgasm subsided, my mom and sister faced eachother and started eating the copious amounts of cum I covered them in off of eachothers faces. They were moaning and grunting and they slurped and sucked cum from eachothers flesh. Mom stopped for a moment and looked up into my eyes as she gasped for air and my sister took it as an invitation to begin hungrily lapping mouthfuls of cum off of moms neck and titties. Mom shuddered slightly as Jess licked and sucked the remaining cum off of mom's cum-dripping nipples.

Then it dawned on me.

"Oh shit I'm going to be late for school!" I shouted and started stumbling away from the sexy scene in front of me.

"Don't say that word" I could hear my mom shouting down the hall after me.

I giggled slightly to myself at hearing that as I threw my clothes on as fast as I could.

I was 5 minutes late to school and my first period teacher was standing in front of her desk, arms crossed in an authoritarian manner and glaring at me with her piercing beautiful eyes. The way her tits were pushed up from her arms crossed and her pouty face and mouth made me want to-

"Jeff!" She nearly shouted at me, breaking my concentration. "Take your seat young man"

I ambled over to my desk and flopped down next to my best bud, Tom.

"Where were you dude? You know you get detention for being even one minute late in Miss Hunter's class!" Tom whispered to me.

At hearing his question, the events of this morning quickly flashed through my mind and I shot Tom a mischevious grin.

"Don't look at me like that dude you're creeping me out. We're on page 162 you freak"

The day was a blur until I got to last period and remembered I had detention with Miss Hunter.


Oh well at least I'll have something hot to look at.

-- This is loosely based on a couple of comments I got on part 3. Let me know what you guys and girls want to see in part 5 and I'll weave it in.--

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