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Lets Make a Movie

2022-05-10 00:00:03

Let’s Make a Movie

Brad approached the two girls waiting outside a bar. He recognized the scene. They were underage and waiting for someone to buy them some booze.

“Hey, girls. Nice night. Would you like to party?”

They looked him over, and then looked at each other and agreed with their eyes. Melissa spoke first.

“I’m Melissa. This is my friend Amber. Buy us some booze and we’ll show you a good time.”

“I can do better than that. I’m a talent scout for a new movie. How’d you like to make $1000 for a couple hours work as an actress?”

“Yeah, sure. You don’t look like a talent scout to me.”

“Well, this is no regular movie. It is a horno. Do you know what that is?”

“Do you mean a porno?”

“Yes, it is that. But it is also a horror flick. So, it’s a horno. So, for $1000 you get filmed in the nude, you both get fucked and then using computer graphics we show you both getting killed. If you’re interested, go to the Stardust Motel at the edge of town and knock on room 117.”

He turned and walked away, never looking back.

Melissa watched him leave. When he turned the corner, she turned to Amber and asked, “What do you think?”

“I say go for it. It’s a thousand dollars!”

“Yeah, if it’s for real.”

“But Mel, he turned down the chance to party with us. He seemed seriously trying to hire a couple of actors.”

“True. Well, we can at least go knock on the door and then decide.”

They couldn’t afford a taxi so they started walking. After 45 minutes, they arrived at the Stardust.

They stood silently in the shadows staring across the lighted parking lot at the door to room 117.

Finally, Melissa spoke up and asked, “Well, what do you think, Amb? Should we knock?”

“Hell yeah! After walking this far, I want my $1000!”

“OK, let’s go.”

They knocked and the door was quickly opened. A man of about 40 stood there, looking out at them and asked, “What do you want?”

“Is this where we apply for the acting job?” asked Amber. She didn’t usually speak up like that, but Melissa stayed silent, suddenly bashful, giving Amber the lead.

The man looked them up and down for what seemed like a long time, but which was actually only a few seconds.

“Come in, and we’ll talk.”

He sat down and said, “You two can sit on the bed.”

When they were all seated he said, “I’m Fred and I am directing the film. What do you know about it?”

“Well, this guy said you’re making a horno. It’s a porno and a horror film, and you’ll pay us $1000 each to be nude and get fucked.”

“That about covers it. Are you OK with that?”

They looked at each other and agreed with their eyes, then turned back to Fred and said, together, “YES!”

“OK, let me see what you’ve got.”

“What do you mean?”

“Take off your clothes. I want to see you naked.”

When they hesitated too long, Fred said, “Look, if you’re too bashful to show me your stuff, then you don’t have what we need to make a horno. Strip or get out.”

They looked at each other, agreed with their eyes, and slowly started to strip. When they got down to their panties and bras they stopped.

“Everything, and hurry up. I don’t have all night.”

So they finished stripping, blushing in the process.

“Nice blush. Try to do that when the camera is rolling. OK, now turn around. . . . OK, so far so good, but those pubs have to go?”

“What do you mean?”

“You have to shave your pussies.”

“But we’ve never done that. We don’t know how.”

“Well, you can do each other. There’s less of a chance that you’ll cut yourself that way. There’s shaving stuff in the bathroom. Spread a towel on the bed and spread your legs. Your partner will shave you and then you’ll shave her. While you’re shaving, I’ll explain how we’re going to film this movie.”

They got the needed items from the bathroom and started shaving. As they did, Fred described the plot.

“The story is about two underage girls . . . By the way, how old are you two?”

“We’re both 18.”

“Young. That’s good. That’s what we want. But you are nicely developed, too. You’ve got meat in the right places. Nice tits. You didn’t have much hair on your pussies, but when you finish shaving you’ll look even younger.”

“Thanks, I think.”

Now, here’s the story. You two will play the part of underage girls who are lured into making a horror movie. They don’t tell you it’s also porn. All they tell you is that you’ll be nude and they will pretend to kill you with a stun gun.”

“What’s a stun gun?”

“It’s a tool used to slaughter cows and other animals. It uses compressed air to fire a bolt into the animal’s brain and kills it. Pull the trigger and the bolt comes out with tremendous force. It knocks a 3/8 inch diameter hole in the skull and drives 2 inches into the brain. Then the bolt retracts back into the gun. Then the dead animal is hung up by its hind feet, its throat cut so it can bleed out, then it is gutted and cut up for meat.”

“That stun gun sounds dangerous.”

“Well, yes, a real one is. We have a fake one while will make a noise, but all it does it put a red dot on your forehead. That way it looks like you’ve had the bolt shot into your brain. Then you’ll be hung up by your feet. That’s where the live action ends and computer graphics takes over and simulates having your throat cut and being gutted then cut up for meat.”

“I thought you said we’d be fucked.”

“Yes, you are. But the girls in the story aren’t told that. They just think they’re making a horror movie. Part of the horror is that they get raped before they are slaughtered. And in the story they are really slaughtered. That’s the horror part of it.”

“So when do we get fucked?”

“Right before you have the bolt shot into your brain, while you are waiting in line, my helpers—played by my sons—will rape you. We’ll get lots of close up shots of them fucking you. . . . So, any questions?”

“Where will you film it?”

“About ten miles from here is an old, abandoned slaughterhouse. We have it set up as a movie set and all our equipment is there ready to go. So, if there are no more questions, put on these robes and we’re off.”

Fred opened the door and gave a wave, signaling his sons to drive up with the van. Then they all piled into the van for the 20-minute drive to the slaughterhouse. Once inside, Fred gave a short tour.

“You two will stand here, each behind a waist-high metal pipe. You will be bent over that pipe to get fucked. Remember, you are playing girls who don’t know they will be raped. They think they will just simulate death and slaughtering. The horror starts when they are raped. Then they realize that they are going to be slaughtered for real.”

“Dad,” said Brad, “Greg and I want to walk through the scene a couple of times so that everyone has a better grasp of the scene.”

“OK, sure. Put on the cuffs and ankle spreaders.”

Brad and Greg handcuffed the girls’ hands behind their backs and led each one of them to one of the pipes. Then they had the girls spread their legs while the placed a metal bar between their ankles with a leather clasp on each end. They could no longer walk except by waddling like a duck.

Next, Brad pushed Melissa’s shoulders, causing her to bend over the metal pipe, effectively presenting her pussy to him. He quickly dropped his pants. Already hard he pushed his rod hard into her spread pussy.

“Hey, I thought this was just rehearsal!” objected Amber.

“Assume the position,” said Greg as he pushed Amber over her pipe and slid into her.

“What kind of rehearsal is this?”

“This is where the horror part begins,” said Fred.

Just then Brad came in her pussy and Fred pulled on Melissa’s hair giving him access to her forehead.

He placed the stun gun against her forehead and said, “Bang. That was the sound of the bolt being shot into your brain, killing you and filling Amber with even more horror. Now you are dead, and I am going to fuck you while Greg continues to fuck Amber.”

And having said that, Fred dropped his pants and got his sloppy seconds inside Melissa.

“This is where I would connect this chain to your ankle spreader and lift you up to the that overhead track to be bled out and gutted while Amber watches and gets a full dose of horror,” said Fred.

“I think you guys are taking advantage of us,” said Melissa. “This is more than a rehearsal. We agreed to fuck you in the movie, but this is too much.”

“Hang in there, girl,” said Fred. “We’ll give the boys a ten minute break to recover and then we’ll go again.”

As the ten minutes quickly elapsed, Fred, Brad and Greg removed their clothes so that everyone was naked. Fred set up a professional camera to record the scene and flipped a switch. The girls saw a light blinking on the camera and felt relieved knowing they were actually making a movie.

“I’m ready,” announced Brad. “Bend over Melissa.” She did and he started fucking her. “You are really wet with all that cum in you,” he said. “It is going to take me a while to cum.” With each stroke, cum oozed out of her and ran down her legs. After about five minutes, Brad said, “Dad, I’m getting close. Get the stun gun ready.”

Fred got the stun gun, grabbed Melissa’s hair and pulled her head up into position. He held the gun against her forehead and said, “You tell me when, Brad.”

“I don’t get it,” said Amber who was watching as she waited for Greg to get hard again. “What is he waiting for?”

“He’s waiting for Brad to cum. If he shoots the bolt into her brain while Brad is cumming, it causes her pussy to clamp down hard on his cock and makes his orgasm much more intense.”

“But that’s just a fake stun gun, right? It will just put a red dot on her forehead. Right?”

“And this is where the horror begins,” said Greg.

Just then. Brad said, “Now, Dad!”


“Unnnnhhhhhhhh!” groaned Brad as Melissa’s pussy clamped down hard on his cock.

Fred let go of Melissa’s hair and her upper body slumped down. A small amount of blood began dripping from the hole in her forehead and into her dangling hair.

“OK, Dad. She’s dead but still warm. Just as you like them,” said Brad as he pulled out and stepped aside.

Amber tried to scream, but was in such shock that she couldn’t even breathe. She couldn’t look away as Fred fucked the dead body of her friend. Fred came quickly, then immediately took the hoist chain and attached it to Melissa’s ankle spreader. Using a hand-held remote to activated the hoist motor, taking up the slack in the chain. Brad lifted Melissa’s body over the pipe so that she was lying on the floor. Then the chain lifted her feet and legs and soon her whole body was off the ground. Soon he had her high enough so that her pussy was eye height. Taking a sharp knife, Fred bent over and slit Melissa’s throat. Blood gushed out and flowed down a floor drain underneath where her body was hanging. As her blood drained, Fred took the knife in his right hand and taking her tit in his left, he cut it away from her chest. He put it into a stainless steel pan he had waiting on a table. Then he cut off the second one.

Amber looked at Greg who said simply, “Breasts are mostly fat. We render them down to get the fat and use it to make nice bars of finest quality soap. It sells at a premium price. By the way, Amber, you need to start breathing!”

And Greg smacked her on the back, causing he to suck in a huge lungful of air.

“That’s better,” said Greg. “I don’t want you dying on me until I’ve fucked you again. Dad likes them dead, but not me.”

After a few minutes, Amber was breathing more normally and said to Greg, “I see you’re not really making a movie.”

“Greg laughed and replied, “Oh, but we are. We just aren’t going to pay you. This is a high end snuff film and you and Melissa are going to become very famous actresses. You just won’t have a very big fan club. Our customers are those very rich people who are interested in horror, snuff, necrophilia, rape, slaughter, cannibalism and such.

Then they looked and Fred used the knife to open Melissa’s belly from pussy to sternum. Then, with practiced hands, he reached inside and pulled out all her intestines, kidneys and stomach, using his knife to cut them free from all internal connections. Next he cut out her liver, placing it in a second pan and saying, “This will be delicious.”

Last of all, he removed her uterus, then ran his knife around her vagina. Pulling out the sleeve-like organ, he handed it to Brad, saying, “Here’s her pussy. I know you like to save them as souvenirs.”

That was too much for Amber and she fainted.

“Oh, no, you don’t,” said Greg. “I want you alert. Greg, get the smelling salts.”

When Amber was once again fully awake, Greg, resumed fucking her. Amber was crying and saying things like, “Please don’t kill me. I don’t want to die.” But the guys weren’t even listening. They had heard it all before and had no intention of stopping.

“Dad, I’m going to be a while before I cum, if you want to finish processing Melissa.”

Hearing that, Fred took a power saw and separated Melissa’s head from her body. Then, using the same saw, he parted her sternum. Turning the body around, he ran the power saw down her spinal column separating her body into two halves. The sides swung apart each hanging by its own ankle.

“Brad, put these sides of meat into the cooler and we’ll finish cutting them up tomorrow. Greg should be almost ready to cum. Greg, how are you cumming along?”

“Getting close. Get the stun gun.”

Just as he had done with Melissa, Fred pulled up on Amber’s hair bringing her forehead vertical so he could place the sun gun against it. Then, against her will, Amber felt herself building up to a huge orgasm. Fred saw the signs and said, “Greg, she’s gonna cum. Try to cum at the same time and I’ll plug her then. Just tell me when.”

Ten seconds later, with Amber moving as much as her restraints allowed, Greg started cumming and said, “Now!” Fred pulled the trigger and for a second, Amber saw more stars than usual. Her body kept spasming for a full minute, her pussy the tightest Greg had ever felt. Finally, it was done. Greg dropped down exhausted and Fred entered the hot dead pussy.

Fifteen minutes later, both halves of Amber were hanging in the cooler with the two halves of Melissa. Then Fred said, “These girls will give us enough meat for a couple of weeks. That’s a wrap!”