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Confused Cuckold Part 1_(1)

2022-10-19 00:21:26

My name is Clay and I am what some may call a cuckold.

But my story is an unordinary one. I am not a typical cuckold who is a sissy and may not love his wife. I love my girlfriend very much, and I am capable of pleasing a woman, with a 7.5 inch penis, and an average body. I was also raised pretty manly, I did not grow up in a way that would even leave anyone to think of my cuckoldry as a fathomable life choice for me. I was and still am, an avid fisherman and sports enthusiast. I actually am currently attending college to get a degree in sports journalism, so nothing girly there. I've always loved sports and have never thought of guys in a sexual way. But when I first got into pornography I always seemed to enjoy observing the dick and really concentrated on the dick's shape, size, how much it came, the head, and the girth. I eventually got very curious about sucking dick. It was something that i always wanted to do and I preferred it over the possibility of anal, which has a major drawback in the possible pain. This curiosity in guys rapidly turned into a thought that only included black guys. White guys just weren't attractive to me.

I am still dating my girlfriend of the past 3 years, and I just graduated high school. Whenever we first started dating in my sophomore year, she had no attraction to black guys (even though she is mixed with black and white) and I was actually really only the first guy she ever thought of in a sexual or lovey-dovey way. The bad thing is that we met on in the internet, so there was no way we could sexually interact being that she lived 11 hours away and neither of us had a car.

With the lack of sex being very apparent, we had to get creative in how we were able to get off. Skype sex lost it's luster and we were desperate for something hot and new. So whenever I learned of my newfound desire to give blowjobs to massive black dick, it eventually spiraled into me being a cuckold as my girlfriend fucked black guys 11 hours away. I only sucked a dick once, but sadly enough the guy was gay, not straight or bi, as I like manly men. I could never love a man, especially not a feminine man. But my girlfriend and I both enjoyed looking and touching large black dicks of strong and manly black men.

It soon became apparent that neither of us found white guys attractive, even though she was dating a white guy (me). Which I was surprisingly okay with. After awhile, I found myself unable to cum to anything other than thought of her being viciously ravaged by a large black man and his horse dick. The dirty talk constantly had to be revved up more and more, with a higher dosage of humiliation and more detail, usually insinuating the contrast of skin color, the difference between his dark, toned body, and my small white body,and also the inference that my penis wasn't large enough.

The only thing was, she had never actually done anything with a black guy before. All i could ever think about was how badly I just wanted to watch her impale herself on a massive, dark, veiny cock. And I knew she wanted it too. But did I know what I was getting myself into?

Now, my girlfriend is very attractive, so it's not like she's ugly so I turned to guys to get off. No way. She has the most beautiful brown eyes you will ever find, with size 36 D tits at only 16 years old, a nice round bubble butt (that looks great in both thongs and panties), beautiful acne free skin, and cute little feet, as she stands about 5'2. She is the definition of a "thick girl". With curves like crazy, a tight little pussy, big tits and ass, and nowhere near fat. The perfect girl in my opinion. No one wants skin and bones. I truly love her with all my heart.

One day, she informed me that she was getting repeatedly hit on by a a black senior named Jamarcus. She was a freshman so she obsessed a little bit. He was a bit of a player around the school, but she found him to be attractive. Naturally, i spent several days masturbating to the thought of her slobbering all over his perfect dong. He sent her pictures and we both agreed that it was very impressive. The guy was a total douche so my man side wanted her to avoid him, but my sissy side wanted her to spend the rest of her life getting her brains fucked out by this well endowed and truly blessed teenage asshole.

Knowing my girlfriend's shyness and tendency to chicken out, i never expected it to really happen. But that didn't stop me from blowing many loads thinking about it. But boy was I wrong about her.

One day, after we had been together for about two years, she went close to three days without any contact, friday afternoon all the way til sunday night she went without contacting me in anyway. I was oblivious to the fact that all throughout that time span, my wildest dreams were being made a reality. She went over to his house after school, and stayed with him all weekend until sunday night. I was pretty worried.

Late sunday night she sent me a text saying " "Sorry for not replying, i was busy fucking Jamarcus all weekend. We got to his house friday afternoon and immediately started making out, and god damn is he a good kisser. Then after he was rock hard, I dropped down to suck his big black dick and it was way bigger than your little white one. Double the thickness and close to 10 inches, where yours is maybe 8 on a good day. Plus he is a fat mushroom head and a dark ripped body. I almost came just sucking him off. Eventually he couldn't take it anymore so we started 69ing and he ate my pussy SO GOOD. I'm gonna need him to teach you a lesson or two on how to eat me out. I came all over his face and he cleaned up every last drop like a real man. After that, I rode his dick like a champ and took it deep like the slut I never knew I was. He popped my cherry Clay. I fucked you and one other person and still had my hymen. I fucked him for two seconds and he popped my cherry. You are both pathetic. But trey popped my cherry instantly. Even through all the blood and the pain, he fucked me so good and i squirted three more times before he came in my pussy. I was always scared of getting pregnant but I didn't even care, it just felt so good. I made you and David both wear a condom but I wouldn't dare insult Jamarcus by making him wear one. I pushed most of the cum out and ate it. Then we smoked a blunt, and decided to shower. He fucked my lights out in the shower and i came another two times before taking his large, but slightly reduced load in my mouth, as we were just a blur of wet and sweaty bodies. We then fell asleep and slept until around lunch on saturday. We cuddled all night and I felt so happy in his large and powerful dark arms, it just seemed so natural. I woke him up to the sound and feeling of me slurping on his cock, spitting and slobbering all over his thick tool. He fucked me again and made me squirt all over the bed, this time he didn't even cum. He let me jack him off while we watched a movie and he fingered me. I sucked him off around dinner and then we smoked some more, this time we fell asleep shortly after. Sunday when we woke up, he took me home after fucking me reverse cowgirl and me moaning 'Jamarcus, you fuck me so good Jamarcus' and often calling him daddy until we came together and i licked our combination of juices off of his huge and mesmerizing penis. after another hot and sexy shower, he took me home in his truck, where I gave him road head with my cock hungry mouth. I swallowed his load graciously and got out of the vehicle. It was the best weekend of my life and I can honestly say I will never enjoy you again."

I can honestly say that this text was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. It was miraculous how much power each of the words she said to me had in that message. She had seemed to have lost all shyness, she didn't seem to be worried about how I felt, she was no longer the cautious, sweet girl she used to be. She still was a sweet, loving, and amazing girl, just not to me. She was still mine, but all of her perfect attributes and tendencies were reserved for black guys now, especially Jamarcus. And surprisingly, I was okay with that. I loved to see her be sexual, whether it be with me or another, and as much as she turned me on with her physical appearance, she looked so good around a big black dick.

I still knew that she loved me very much, but at the same time, I knew I would never be able to please her like I had the potential of doing previously. She is a sex goddess in my eyes, and if she wants to spend all of her time sucking and fucking big black men, I have no problem letting her. I actually encourage her to.

It's confusing because I love her and am protective of her, but when I get horny, ALL i can think about is watching both sets of her perfect little lips milk a big black cock. It truly is the hottest thing I can think of.

I can't wait to live with her and watch her constantly fuck big black dick, and maybe she'll even share with me!