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Candy From Strangers 5: Routine Follow-up

2022-05-22 00:00:05

Life is idyllic in the sleepy seaside town of Heaven’s Cove. The people are exceedingly friendly and helpful. One can get a friendly hello where ever you go. Just be careful if you bring your wife or girlfriend to this sleepy little town, she might never be the same after.

Life continued on as normally as it did for most of the residents here. A handful of them though, their lives were changing in incredible ways and now their changes were on the brink of spreading through the city like a plague of debauchery.

Take Sheriff Lewis “ Lou” Brown and his newest Deputy Erin Sullivan. Five days ago they discovered and learned the true nature of the “ jellybeans” that had found their ways inadvertently into their hands. The results on them were intoxicating and exhilarating.

The Sheriff took off the week with “ sick” days and Erin had done the same. Instead of blowing their noses into Kleenexes though, the Sheriff had spent those two days blowing his loads of sperm into every orifice that Erin would offer up to him. And she offered them all.

They had taken the entire remaining stash of jelly beans that Hannah the innocent little girl had given them, and they had entered a prolonged period of fucking each other to their limits. They lived on a steady stream f the candies and sex. They would fuck for 4 to 6 hours at a time. Taking breaks to refuel with food, or catch a few hours sleep and then go at it again like animals in heat.

They emptied out his fridge the first night, their appetites being overwhelming. Even though it was just a direct response to the drug altering their bodies. “Lou”s craving for meat and protein was overwhelming, and he ate steak 4 times a day for those 5 days. Erin on the other hand couldn’t get enough milk; she went through jugs of it, and went through 6 buckets of rocky road ice cream.

This was of course just their bodies rebuilding themselves to what the drug was instructing them. Lou craved protein to build his muscle ass and increase his penile length and girth. Erin needed the calcium and to expand her pelvic bones to accomadate larger male cocks and the grow her breasts even larger still. Not to mention to give them energy to keep screwing like the beasts they were.

It was the evening of the fifth night and Erin was just finishing off on Lou again where we pick up this part of the tale.

The busty green eyed rehead Deputy finished coumming on Lou’s truly huge big black cock and slowly slid off him and curled him beside him panting heavily. Lou’s cock still throbbed and some cum still drooled out of him from his last heavy cum in his busty deputy moments earlier. Their two bodies were slick with sweat and the bed was soaked, despite having stripping off the last stained bed sheets.

“ My god, it just gets better and better”, Erin breathed hotly into her superiors ear.

“Why weren’t we doing this months ago”, Lou chuckled enjoying the afterglow

“ You were holding your cock and the candy out on me”, Erin teased nibbling one of his big arms.

“ Speaking of which”, Lou said reaching over her to the night stand where the bowl of jelly beans sat beside a pile of empty lube bottles.

Lou scooped up a couple more pills and downed them before giving the bowl to Erin. Erin rummaged in the bowl till she found some without looking and popped them in her mouth. Mmmm tasty.

Erin sat up in the bed and decided looking in the bowl to see the damage. She felt a moment of vertigo as she felt that strange weight on her chest she had felt the last couple days, like she her upper body was now a bit heavier. She looked in the bowl with an angry sigh.

“ Fuck, we’re down to six candies, I cant believe we went through all of them”

It was almost a relief to Lou, he needed to get back to work despite loving the screwing her got from this nympho. He was the Sheriff after all, at the very least he should show up at the office and act like one. Besides he would love to see Deborah again, maybe take her into the shower again and fuck her some more. His dick throbbed merely at the thought.

“ We can get some more at work”, he said stoking his big dick.

Erin watched him pull on his massive meet and was transfixed. She felt that intense craving for him inside her again, thrusting and bursting in her womb. Cum was still trickling out of her pussy from the last massive load he had shot into her no less then five minutes ago, but she wanted to go again. She shook her head, and focused back to the subject at hand.

“ Stop it, I’ll fuck you more later, this is important”. she said nudging him

The Sheriff released himself with a sigh, and Erin sighed as well. She really needed to fuck him, but first things first, a game plan. Erin took a deep breath and sat more upright in the bed and continued.

“ There are no more at the office, I took the entire stash with us. A few here and a few there, and since we’ve been screwing for the better part of a week; we’ve gone through them all”

“ Shit, “ Lou said feeling himself deflate a bit, “ where the hell are we going to get more”

‘ Hannah said something about this doing to her mother and her step brothers”, Erin mentioned remembering the detail from the little girl.

“ You think they have any left”, Lou queried.

“ They better, we have to get some, I want this more then just once a day”, Erin said gripping his dick.

“Then we better do a follow up on Hannah at home, see how she’s doing”, Lou said hardening as Erin stroked him.

“ Good call”, Erin said straddling the big black sheriff, “ now, fuck me some more”

“ Yes ma’am”, Lou grinned as his busty deputy lowered her sopping cunt onto his dick.

Hours later, they finished their upteenth round of sex for the last few days and had drifted off. Or at the very least, Lou had drifted off to sleep. Erin was still wide awake, her mind racing. What kind of drugs were these? Was it just an aphrodisiac? What explained the cravings.

Speaking of which, she had a hankering for some Rocky Road and another big glass of milk. Erin gently lifted Lou’s arm and slipped out of the bed and out into the kitchen. That same heavy feeling was on her chest again as she her way through Lou’s darkened house.

She poured herself a glass of milk and sat down at the kitchen table and dug into the remaining ice cream straight out of the bucket with a spoon. This was good, nowhere near as good as the sex with Lou, but pretty damn good. Her nipples tingled with every swallow. In fact, her breasts felt swollen. Just looking down at her chest she felt… bigger?

She polished off the ice cream and another carton of milk and decided to investigate how swollen her boobs were. She padded back into the bedroom and into the adjoining bathroom with the large mirror. She turned on the light, closing the door most of the way to avoid waking Lou. Erin looked in the mirror and raised her eyebrow, what the hell?

She certainly looked bigger, she didn’t rember her breasts appearing so heavy an full before. Erin was always top heavy a woman, but she looked bigger than before. She decided to test that theory by picking up her bra from the floor, she had left it here 5 days ago when she had first come home with lou and took it off to have a shower with him, and had never put it on again since.

Erin tried putting it, but she couldn’t for the life of her, squeeze he boobs into the bra’s cups. Not even remotely. It just dug into her flesh and wouldn’t clasp at all. She had easily grown from her D cup to whatever she was now. At least a couple cup sizes, or more. How the hell could she have gotten so big, so fast.

She sure as hell wasn’t pregnant, being on the pill and all. So she had missed a couple days. That may have been a cause for concern, but even getting pregnant wouldn’t cause her tits to grow and nothing else.

Before, she could cup her breasts in her hands, but now the big boobs were a lot bigger and she felt she was more grabbing a huge handful than cupping anything. In the next few days, Erin would discover she had gone from a D cup to nearly a G cup due to the overdose of “ candies” she had taken, Luckily she would stop growing at GG cups.

Lou had woken to the light and snuck in behind Erin while she was playing with her boobs in the mirror. She saw him and smiled in the mirror. He slipped up behind her and cupped his big hands onto her big bust.

“ You’re so sexy you’re playing with yourself now?”, Lou said kissing her neck.

“,Only to get you hard again”, Erin said reaching behind her to grip his growing dick.

Lou pushed it between her thighs until it popped up in front of her. She rubbed her crotch up and down its significant length.

She stopped suddenly and looked at him in the mirror.

“ How big are you?”, she asked.

“ This again? You measured a couple nights ago, you naughty tease”

“ Yes sexy man, ten inches, but how big are you now?”

Lou laughed” I’d say ten inches, they don’t grow over night”

Erin muled that for a second, then said cryptically “ I’m not so sure.. Get your measuring tape”

“ again”? Lou said nuzzling her neck and tweaking her nipples.

The drugs effects via pheromones were coming on hard and Erin had to fight urges just to guide his big dick into her and let him bend her over and fuck her at the bathroom counter.

“ Humour me, if you measure it with me, I’ll let you stick that big thing in my ass again”

They had anal sex three times so far, each time it leaving her a train wreck as he plowed her ass. She was intensely sore after, but came like a banshee while he was doing it. Erin knew he wouldn’t turn her down, and what better way to start work tomorrow then with a happy sore ass.

Lou went back to the nightstand and fumbled through the lube bottles, oils, and vibrators to find the measuring tape and brought it back to Erin. He handed it to her and she got to her knees before him. Being inches from his fully throbbing dick and the scent of her and him and the musk and the pheromones from the triple cocktail nearly sent her into full blowjob mode. But she fought the urge and gave his plum sized cock head a quick kiss and measured him, in the exact same way she had done so a couple nights earlier.

She couldn’t believe the results, so she tried from a different angle. Nope. No matter what she did, no matter what side, the answer was always the same.

“ You’re 12 inches”, she said

“ Excuse me”?”

“ You’ve got 12 inches. I don’t know how, But you’ve put on 2 more inches in five days”

“ Yeah right”

“ I have no reason to lie, see for yourself”

Lou had been measured and measured himself for women over th years that were curious as to his actual size, it was always the same; 10.3 inches. Nothing ever changed. He was usually the biggest cock they had ever had to start with, and more were curious to know just how big. So he expected nothing different. Except this time, it was. 12.2 inches. It was unbelievable. He measured again thinking he was holding the tape wrong. 12.2 inches.

“ How is that even possible?”, he simply stared at his seemingly always now hard cock in disbelief.

“ I don’t know, but I think it did the same to by boobs?”, Erin said, “ I’m bigger now”

“ So it’s a drug, that makes you horny, you can fuck all night, and makes you bigger where it counts?”

“ Yeah, it’s insane”

“ We need to figure out where this drug is coming from”, the Sheriff intoned.

“ And how to get some ourselves”, Erin said smiling wickedly

“ Of course that too, “ he smiled back

“ Come on”, Erin said gripping him by his tool and leading him back to the bedroom, “ I feel like a foot long”

They both made it to work the next day, but coming in different cars to note make the gossipers of town start with any stores. Lou was now officially tired without the boost of the drug, he still had residual effects in his system and was good and ready to go at a moments notice. He just wasn’t releasing the pheromones anymore, and his recovery time had flagged a bit, His cock and muscle mass had still significantly increased though.

Erin came in half an hour later, trying to dress more the part of a deputy. She wore trousers instead of shorts today, mainly so no one could see the vestiges of the handprints on her ass. Her shirt was still as form fitting as it was before. But this time not for intent on trying to show off her tits, her tits merely were too big for such a smaller top and she felt like she was going to burst anyways.

Deborah was quiet but friendly, having recovered from the drug state of a couple nights earlier wherin she had fucked Lou in the shower. She was embarrassed and ashamed, but also secretly aroused by the memories. She quietly brought the Sheriff and Erin coffee and slipped out as they discussed when to go visit the Chesterson household.

They decided to divy up the last 6 candies. Erin noted that Lou was a little run down, so she gave him one of each kind hoping that combination would return him to his vigour, and she was right as the chemical cocktail quickly kicked in. She on the other hand had two reds and a white, of which she wasn’t certain they would do but took them anyways.

Within 20 minutes the drugs had kicked in for both of them. Lou was releasing his pheromones, was souped up with sexual energy, his birth control in check and his body attempting to get even bigger.

Erin on the other hand had a combination that increased sexual awareness and agressiveness, essentially a massive dose of testosterone with no side effects and a massive reinforcing of her birth control. She was actually getting impatient and raring to go and told Lou it was time to get going.

They drove to the Chestersons place both of them ramped up for the day. Lou’s constant release of pheromones had mixed with Erin’s sexual aggression and just 5 minutes into the 10 minute drive, she had unzipped his fly and was sucking his cock despite his protestations about being seen in public. His drugs though kicked in, and he started not to care.

Pulling up to the cosy Chesterson home on Rosemary drive, Erin grudgingly pulled her mouth away from her boss’ big tool. She straightened her hair and wiped her mouth of drool while he tucked himself back in. She put on her mirrored shades and followed him to the front door.

As they approached the house they could hear through the walls the muffled screaming of Franny Chesterson as she was being double fucked by her two stepsons in her bedroom upstairs. The twin boys Marshall and James spent the better part of everyday fucking her, but decided she would have to be put on rotation as their friend next door would be coming home tonight and they both wanted in her ass.

“ yup, this is the house”, Lou said with a smile to erin.

The Sheriff rang the doorbell. Waited till the count of 5 then rang again. The faint howling of pleasure from upstairs didn’t abate despite the rings. Erin was about to suggest they go around back and see if the kitchen door was open, when the front door did open.

Hannah opened the door and her face was flushed, she was still wearing her pajamas even though it was nearly noon at this point. Hannah had been upstairs masturbating in her room listening to her two step brothers fuck the living shit out of her mom. Just like she had yesterday and the day before.

“ Hello Mister Sherrif Brown”

“ Hello Hannah, is your mommy home?”

Hannah blushed at this , “ she’s umm.. Busy”

Erin squatted down before her and whispered to Hannah “ Are they humping again?”, she said with a conspiratory smile.

Hannah blushed again “ Yup”

Erin asked softly , “ What if we promise to wait and be real quiet, can we come in?”

“ I guess, okay, come in”, Hannah mused then consented.

Hannah led Erin and Sheriff Brown into the house and instantly both of them were hit by a wall of chemicals. It hit them like tidal wave. This house had been ground zero for going on nearly three weeks now of the triple cocktail and variations of it. Not to mention the constant exertion and release of pheromones in the air from the daily sexual adventures.

The big black sheriff felt himself stiffen instantly in his trousers, and Erin felt her breasts swell and her nipples go hard as diamonds. A hot flash passed through the ether and they both looked at each other feeling like they had stepped into another world.

“ Yeah, they’ve got the candies”. Erin said to Lou

“ You want some candies?”, Hannah said

“ Yes please, especially the special ones little Hannah.”

“ I like them too”

“ I bet you do Hannah” Lou said staring up the stairs where the hollering continued.

“ YES!! Fuck! Yes!!! Fuck my ass!! Yes! Yes yes yes!!!!” , came Franny’s voice from the height of the second floor.

“ Mommy likes them too”, Hannah blushed.

Lou saw the candies in three distinct bowls on the kitchen counter, but the bowls were nearly empty. One for red, one for white and one for blue. He grabbed a few from each and popped them in his mouth. Erin was sitting at the table with Hannah while the little girl played games in the reflection from Erins mirrored shades.

“ What’s your favourite flavour?”, Erin asked Hannah distracted by the noise upstairs

“ YES YES!! Oh fuck! Harder! Fuck me! Yes!”

“ I like the cherry and the blueberry”

“ Me too, but I like them all”, Erin said, giving Lou a dirty look as he threw a jelly bean at her.

She chewed on the red one anyways.

“” Fuck! Yes! You two are splitting me in half!”, came more of Franny.

“ My step daddy Ted does too, but they only give him the blueberry and liquorice”

“Why is that?”, Erin said now curious

“ it makes him tired and shy, so my big brothers take care of Mommy”

Now that was interesting, different combinations made people act different ways. She wondered if it would have the same effect on women as it did on men. She would need to run experiments on unsuspecting people to get a best result.

“ Harder! Harder! Harder! Yes! Cum in me!”

That was really beginning to get on her nerves, Erin was horned up and ready to blow and she had to sit here and play nice to Hannah. She saw that Lou was packing some serious wood and Hannah couldn’t keep her eyes off it as he stared upstairs.

“ You hear that, I think it was a burglar, lets investigate”, erin said getting up

“ That’s just Momm--”, Hannah began to say

“ Just zip it Hannah”, Erin told the 12 year old.

Erin headed up the stairs with Lou behind her and Hannah distantly following.

“ Burglars huh?” Lou smiled

“Yeah, lots of ass looting going on up there”, Erin smirked.

They made their way down the hall to moaning and grunting coming from behind the door. They could hear the two boys flesh slapping wetly into their step mom just beyond the door. They would tell her she was a cockslut and a whore. They would tell he to beg for more. Beg for it harder. And she would just scream out whatever they wanted.

Erin and Lou were turned on beyond belief at this point and Erin was raring to go and kick ass take times. Lou slowly turned the doorknob but the door was locked. Erin sighed and just motioned for him to kick it..

What the hell, why not, he thought. BAM! Lou kicked the door in and swung open and slammed into the wall. The big black sheriff strode firmly into the bedroom followed by Erin who stepped to his side.

On the bed was Franny Chesterson literally sandwiched between her two 16 year old stepsons. James was underneath her with a huge breast in his face, while Marshall was behind her with his hand raised in mid ass spank. Her ass was red with multiple hand prints.His other hand was in her hair like a leash.

The boys absolutely froze mid fucking of their stepmother and turned their heads to the noise and their faces went white. Franny on the other hand kept trying to buck back and forth on their dicks when they rose

“ Please don’t tease me, give me more, I need your cocks fucking my….” Franny trailed off.

“ Oh crap”, James said.

Erin strode up a couple paces into the center of the marital bedroom

“ Well well well, whatever do we have here”

“ Oh god no” Franny moaned.

The two boys scrambled away from their step mother in instants. James pushed of his stepmother, and Marshall slipped out of her ass. The boys stepped away from the bed sporting huge erections especially for boys their age. They grabbed pillows to try hiding themselves, while Franny curled up into a ball on the bed.

“ Please officer, we can explain”, Marshall began

“ Shut. The. Fuck. Up” , Erin snapped at him, “ and put those godamn pillows down”

The boys shared an uneasy glance with each other.

“ Are you two deaf or just retarded, I said drop the pillows”, erin reiterated.

The twin boys dropped the pillows and stood there abashed. Erin gave them a thorough looked over. Goddamn they were in fine shape. And check out those peckers. They were Lou’s size just a couple days ago by a casual inspection.

“ I cant even begin to count the number of crimes being commited here”, Lou said in an authoritarian rumble.

“ Oh god , please make it just stop”, whimpered Franny from the bed.

“ let’s count a few, shall we boss?”, Erin said, “ Corruption of a guardian, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, statutory rape “

Ben chimed in, “ Child neglect, creation of unsafe envoirnment for children, abuse of familial relations “

Most of these were at best unenforceable, and some weren’t even crimes. The boys were 16 so it wasn’t stat rape, but she was still their guardian so it was still illegal. The abuse of familial relations was completely an invented crime on the spot, she liked that one. Erin almost gave him a wink for that.

“ Not to mention, the distribution of drugs to minors”, Erin finished

“ Shit, you know about the drugs?” Marshall gasped white as a ghost

“We do now”, Ben said with a faint smile

Oh yeah, he was good at this. She was letting him in her ass again tonight.

“ Shut up man”, James hissed at Marshall.

“ Drugs? What drugs?”, Franny said peeking out between fingers.

Erin laughed, “ Oh that’s too rich, she doesn’t even know”

“ Don’t even know?James, Marshall , what are the police talking about”, Franny said with a sliver of resolve

“ It’s not like that, they’re not addictive, they’re just sex drugs”Marshall continued.

“ You drugged me”, Franny said sitting upright in the bed.

Franny Chesterson had gone under a remarkable change in the last two weeks. She was still her bright bubble self with the slightly curly sun soaked blonde hair. But now she was more, the drugs had altered her even physically to dramatic proportions. Her breasts were huge, almost cartoon like. Double J’s at this point, and fortunately not to grow any larger. Her jogging days were done and the only exercise she got now was aerobics in the living room and exhausting sex from her two stepsons.

‘ Wow”, Erin said for a lack of better word

“ You were right Erin”, Lou said checking out the ludicrously top heavy, “ the drug makes them grow”

“ You knew about that too?”, James whispered

“ Would someone please tell me what the hell is going on?”, Franny said getting insistent

“ Would you please just shut the fuck up and get on the floor bitch”, Erin barked.

“ Excuse me”, Franny meekly squeaked

“ Christ, you’re a bunch of fucking idiots”, Erin sighed.

The drugs had increased her aggression overdrive and the pheromones in the air were making her hornier as hell. She had to do something about it, and shutting up this whiny cow titted bitch’s hole was a good first step.

Erin strode over and grabbed Franny firmly by the hair and pulled her off the bed and onto the floor. Franny yelped and began to fight back as she got onto the floor. But Erin just gave her a slap across the face and all the fight went out of the overly chesty blonde mom.

“ Now shut the fuck up and suck the Sheriff’s dick”

Franny whimpered and crawled over to Lou on all fours. Lou just smiled and unzipped, his dick flopped out and smacked Franny in the face. She whimpered again and went to work sucking on his knob like it was her sole duty in life.

“ Now as to you shmucks with your dicks in the wind, we need to discuss some things, downstairs now.” Erin commanded pointing to the door.

They looked at her with scared expressions then back to their stepmother slurping away at Lou’s huge dick . They slunk their heads and headed out.

Erin walked pass Franny and ruffled her hand through her hair like a puppy. The busty redhead tiptoed up and kissed Lou quickly before taking Hannah by the hand and leading her out.

“ Be sure to be rough with her”, Erin said over her shoulder.

“ I think I can agree to that”, Lou smirked grabbing Franny by the hair and shoving his dick into her stretched out mouth further.

Erin marched the boys downstairs and had them sit at the round kitchen table, still as naked as jaybirds.Erin stalked around the table quietly as the two boys nervously looked around and at each other. Erin did admire their physiques and that they were still sporting massive erections despite the obvious uncomfortability they were feeling. She wondered how much the drugs had affected the boys in size and athleticism, as she couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like being double stuffed by those two thick rods.

“ Hannah, put the candy bowls on the table, and bring me some cooking oil”, Erin instructed the pigtailed little girl.

Hannah brought the three bowls over and set them down on the circular kitchen table then went back to rummage for cooking oil. James nervously reached forward to dip his hand into the red jelly bean bowl. Erin was already a step ahead of him though, and as the blonde buff 18 year old boy nearly had his fingers in the bowl, Erin pushed them away.

“ Why don’t you have the liquorice and blueberry”, Erin smirked, “ I insist”

“ No” murmured James

“ And why is that?”, Erin smiled evilly.

“ Because…”, James stammered.

“ Because of what?”, Erin snapped

“ You already know, those two make you a wimp”, Marshall blurted out

“ Would you just shut up Marsh”, James barked at his twin.

Marshall seemed to be the weaker of the two brothers, she would have to lean heavily on him. Hannah brought over the cooking oil and set down the bottle on the table, and sat down on the other side of the table nervously chewing on the tip of a long pigtail.

“Stop that Hannah, you’ll split your ends”, Erin smiled at the little girl.

Hannah stopped and reached for some candies, Erin didn’t attempt to stop her.

Marshall was about to say something to Hanna but James punched him in the thigh. He zipped his lips and said nothing instead.

“ Okay, we have a little pot in our jelly beans, confiscate them or something”, James said hoping the cop would buy the line.

“ Pot in jellybeans? You expect me to believe that?’ Erin snorted

She pulled out a couple of latex gloves from a pouch on her belt and started putting the thing gloves on in a display before the boys.

“ For one, you can’t put pot in jellybeans. Maybe thc, but neither of you have the brains for that. And not even the local biker chemist has figured that out.”

Erin then opened the bottle of cooking oil and poured a quite liberal amount in her glove coated hands. She rubbed her hands together until they were dripping with the cooking oil. And she continued.

“ Plus pot wouldn’t make anyone a “wimp”, lazy, hungry, tired, yes, but it doesn’t make them weaker”

She leaned between the two boys.

“ You two are going to tell me everything you know about the jellybeans, and that’s not a threat, it’s a fact. Whoever tells me first gets the reward.”

“ We arent going to tell you anything”, James said imagining himself to be the hardened badass from a cop film.

“ What.. What reward?”, Marshall asked wondering what kind of game the busty firehaired cop was playing.

“ The one that tells me, gets to cum”, Erin said with an evil smile.

She then reached into the two boys laps and gripped their cocks in her slick hands. A moan issued from their mouths. Erin then started stroking on the big dicks marvelling at their length and girth. In her mind she had already dubbed them the name with which the town would soon know them as “ The Ten Inch Twins”.

“ So who wants to talk?”, Erin said as she started stroking them.

“ Never, we’ve got lots of stamina”, James breathed out as Erin’s hand squeezed him

“ Yeah, we can go all night”, Marshall said trying to control himself.

“ I’ve heard that before”, Erin smirked

James laughed, “ Yeah, and then we’ll keep cumming, you cant stop us, this wont work”

“ We’ll see”, erin said smugly

The twins were pretty confident about their victory over the cop, she was downright stupid if she thought just jerking them off would make them talk They could cum and cum again, she had no leverage.

Erin on the other hand knew very well the recovery time of the drug, so she had no intention on letting them cum at all.

Erin told Hannah to bring her a chair and she sat down formally between the two blonde brothers. She stroked them masterfully. Fast and hard then slow and even. Her hands were like silk lightning on their dicks. She would milk them off a bit then rapid fire run her hands up and down their lengths.

“ where did you get them”, she asked

“ No, not talking” James said

Erin kept at it, stroking them off. Her hands were strong and smooth, the boys felt like they were being fucked silly just by her hands. It was incredibly good.

“ Where did you get the candies”, she asked again

“ Not going to ,urgh, tell you”, Marshall said his face going beat red.

Erin intensified her pace on the dicks, her hands jerking up and down even quicker, she asked Hannah to pour some on her hands, and the little girl did so. Erin could tell by the look in the little girls eyes and her heavy breathing she was pretty aroused by this. Erin was too, with her nipples hard as rocks, but she was determined to get some answers then go join in on Lou with Franny.

“ It’s okay Hannah honey, you can play with your magic spot”

Hannah smiled and sat down at the other side of the table and proceeded to pull down her pajama bottoms and rub her young pussy. The boys gulped hard at this, they were just talking the other day during a spit roast of their step mom wether they should tag team Hannah too, much to her mother’s protestations. It was kind of hot and James started feeling his balls begin to tighten.

“ mmmph”, James bit his lip down hard and started pumping his dick in the deputy’s hand.

Erin felt he was about cum so she shifted into a much different gear.

“ Oh ho, no you don’t”, she chuckled.

Erin then dug her nails and fingers into his balls very hard. James let out a yelp and nearly jumped out of his sweet. Instantly any urge to cum was overwhelmed by the sharp stabbing pain in his balls. But the red haired busty deputy merely went back to stroking on his thick dick before he lost his erection.

“ What’s wrong tough guy, don’t like it rough”, Erin laughed.

“ You’re crazy!”, James yelled at her.

Erin then jack hammered his cock in her hand untill he thought he was going to see stars, he felt he was going to blow again, but then she would suddenly let go of him and he just throbbed and ached for release. He tried reaching for himself but she interrupted im

“ You touch yourself, and you get arrested”

She then turned to Marshall whom she started double milking with both her hands. She bobbed her head over and started sucking on the end of his fat dick, relishing the taste of his early cums and his moms juices. She got a little of the oil in her mouth too, but was worth it.

She would tease him relentlessly untill he was ready to spurt, then she twisted his cockhead sharply letting him yelp as well. Then she turned back to James and repeated the treatment.

This went on for at least half an hour. It got really intense on the boys when they could hear Franny moaning and screaming from upstairs where she was clearly getting the big black cock treatment from Lou now.

The boys were sweating profusely and trembling, half delirious. Erin would bring them to the brink over and over and over again and leave them hanging. She would tease them, flick out her tongue to almost lick one cock then do it to the other twin. She would suck hard on one guy and ignore the other. They had completely gone out of their minds

“ Tell me! Who gave you the jelly beans”, she kept insisting.

‘ I’ll talk! I’ll talk!”, James finally screamed out

Erin turned completely to him in her chair, now milking his hard with both hands.

“ Who?”, Erin asked one last time.

“ Mrs Higgins! She lives next door!”, James screamed

“ Good boy, here’s your reward”, Erin said smugly.

Erin bent over and slurped his big cock into her mouth. She milked his thick beast into her mouth as she sucked on his cock hard. Within just a few bobs oh her head on his big dick, she tasted the salty spray of James unloading into her tonsils. She sucked and slurped and swallowed all his volleys until he could cum no more between her lips.

“ Tasty”, Erin said licking her lips.

Erin stood up and took off her gloves and threw them in kitchen garbage receptacle.

“ Which next door?”

James sighed, “ The one with all the rose bushes in front”

“ Hey, what about me?”, Marshall complained his slick dick throbbing and wanting to cum.

Erin looked over at Hannah who was twitching quietly in her chair still rubbing herself. In their urge to cum the boys had forgotten all about her. Two birds with one stone came to mind.

“ Hannah dear, go suck off your big brother”

“ Goodie Deputy erin”, Hannah smiled

“ But she’s 12!!”, Marshall blurted

“ And she’s already taken a cock as big as you, don’t be a baby”, Erin turned and squatted before, “ when he does cum, he’s going to shoot that white stuff, its going to taste a bit weird at first, but I want you to swallow every bit”

“ A good girl always finishes he meals”, Hannah smiled

“ You’re a sweetie pie”, Erin said kissing her cheek before turning to the twins, “ and if you two aren”t fucking your little stepsister by the time I get back, I’ll be busting you for possession and distribution of narcotics.

The boys just gulped and watched her as Erin walked away. Marshall didn’t get much of a breather as Hannah was already on her knees between his legs sucking on his dick. The little girl couldn’t manage much of her brother between her lips so she emulated what she saw erin do and milked his thick shaft with her tiny hands .

Marshall was so close to begin with that he just put his hand on the back of his 12 year old step sisters head and guided her as she sucked him. He came hard in the little girls mouth. It was slaly just as Erin said, and she tried swallowing it all but there was so much , that she had to drool some out of her mouth and it dribbled down her chin.

She looked up at her big brother with cum glazing her chin and a happy grin.

“ Did I do good, Marshall”, she said still trying to milk him

“ You did great Hannah”

“ Shit what should we do with her”, James asked still recovering from the super head

“ I know”, Hannah said scooting to kneel between James’ thighs” you take me upstairs and do some humping”

They didn’t really get time to react as the tiny blonde preteen was already sucking on his cock returning it to life.

“ Well, if you insist” James smiled and the two brothers high fived.

Erin stepped outside and inhaled deeply, it was such a huge relief not being in that cloud of sex. You could literally smell it everywhere in that house, she can’t have imagined how a family could function in that constant bachanal. She also needed a few second to calm herself down, it was all she could do to resist running back in there and throwing one or both the Chesterson boys into a bed and screwing their brains out.

Luckily for her, the combination of the red and white drug now functioning in her bloodstream let her dictate the course of her sexual aggression, even so far as to mostly resist the triple cocktail which was the most sexually potent of the many combinations.

She wiped her lip to make sure the spunk was gone and straightened herself out. She headed out to the cruiser and looked in the glove compartment and fished a pack of cigarettes. It was a vice of hers, and she didn’t always smoke, but she definitely needed one now. As she was smoking at the end of the driveway she saw n expensive four sedan pull up to the house next door, allegedly Mrs Higgins.

Mrs Higgins stepped out of the door with a suitcase and went quickly into the house with a friendly wave to the Deputy. She seemed a bit nervous that there was a police car in her neighborhood, even more so than some of the looky loos poking their heads out of curtains and blinds at the cop car. This kind of thing didn’t happen on Rosemary Drive, it would be gossip for a couple weeks.

Erin finished her smoke and started to head over to visit Mrs Higgins. Erin thought she seemed a bit odd, she was an elderly lady but she looked exceptionally young. And the way she hid in her clothes struck the red haired deputy as odd as well. Her face was slim, he neck was slim, but she wore an over sized dress that seemed to cover a bigger figure, that was easily discounted by how fluidly she moved.

Erin decided to scope the perimeter of the house, it was a big place; 2 stories tall and a basement. The yard looked great with the exception that the grass had been growing for just over a week now, and Erin was dazzled by the dizzying display of prize winning roses everywhere.

Walking along side the house to the front door, she noticed a window that opened up from the basement. She squatted down and peered inside. Jackpot. There was lab set up in the there with big chemical drums and apparatus and beakers and a lot of other things Erin never paid attention to enough in school to know what they were called.

What really stood out was the pile of red jelly beans sitting on a scale on one of the tables. Erin smiled, she had struck gold. Now she had good ole fashioned probable cause, having seen a drug lab up and seemingly functional. Not that she was going to arrest anyone, she just needed an excuse.

She walked up to the front door and wondered how to play this. Good cop or bad cop. Hell with it, she had been having fun all morning playing bad cop, why stop now. And it was just noon, she could play nice later. Maybe.

Erin straightened her uniform, attempted to button her top button to no avail and made sure her mirrored sunglasses and stetson was on square and right.

Erin banged firmly on the door.

“ Heaven’s Cove Sheriff’s Department! Open the door!”

Erin banged some more, and then banged again more firmly

“ This is the Heaven’s Cove Sheriff’s Department, open the door or I’ll knock it down!”

Just moments later the door cracked open and Mrs Higgins stood there with a shocked look mixed in with a little intimidation. She was now in a houserobe that was a lot more revealing. The little old lady next door with the grey frosted hair had a pair of huge boobs poking their cleavage out of the top of the robe.

“ Mrs Higgins?”, Erin asked sternly

“ Yes, how may I..”, Mrs Higgins asked

Erin pushed the door and marched right into the foyer making Mrs Higgins take a couple steps back. She grabbed Mrs Higgins by the wrist and twisted it , she spun the older woman around and pushed her up against the wall.

“ Mrs . Higgins, you’re under arrest for the production and distribution of narcotics, and for contributing to the delinquency of minors”

“ Ow”, Mrs Higgins whimpered as she was pressed into the wall, “ Drugs? I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

Erin slapped a pair of cuffs on one of the elderly lady’s wrists.

“ Don’t play stupid with me, James and Marshall Chesterson have provided more then enough evidence”

Erin hoped that double whammy would make her spill her guts, and she was absolutely right. Erin liked playing the bad cop, she got off on these power plays.

“ Wait wait wait, I can explain”

Erin dramatically paused then kicked the door closed. She then turned around the frightened Mrs Higgins to face her.

“ Alright, I’m listening, convince me”, she said cooly from her mirrored shades.

Mrs Higgins composed her self somewhat and took a couple heaving breaths.

“ yes, they are drugs”, she then panicked as Erin reached for her other wrist, “ but they’re not narcotics or physically addictive, they’re hormonal . They alter body chemistry in beneficial ways”

Now we were getting somewhere, Erin thought. At last some answers and right from the horse’s mouth.

“ At least they are supposed to be beneficial”, Mrs Higgins, “ there were some unexpected side effects”

Some unexpected side effects? That was the understatement of the year Erin thought to herself.

“ What sort of side effects?”, Erin asked curiously

“ It will be just easier to show you, come down to my lab”, Mrs Higgins said breaking away

Erin grabbed her quickly by Mrs Higgins hair by the back of the head and wrenched her back.

“ Oh no you don’t, that lab could be set up with booby traps like some sort of meth lab”

“ I assure you its not”, Mrs Higgins said meekly.

“ I’m going to have to do a strip search to find out if you’re concealing any weapons”, Erin said smiling wickedly internally.

“ A strip search?”, Mrs Higgins gulped.

Erin turned her back to the wall.

“ You heard me, off with the robe”

“ But, but..”

“ No buts, I don’t want to have to restrain you further, lose the robe sister”

Mrs Higgins hung her head and undid her robe and let it drop to her feet. Erin let out a whistle. Mrs Higgins had a smoking hot body on her. Yes there age lines and wrinkles, but she had the body of a woman twenty years younger.

She was dressed up in black fishnet stockings, high heels, garter belt with no panties which showed a bare pussy. She also wore a black corset which showed off a truly spectacular rack. To say she was top heavy was an understatement, she was probably in the same neighbourhood of her next door neighbour Franny’s overgrown bust now.

“ You are packing some serious guns there Mrs Higgins”, Erin said in approval.

“ That’s not very professional, Deputy”, Mrs Higgins protested

“ Shut up and face the wall”, Erin said spinning around the busty older woman.

Erin pressed Mrs Higgins into the wall and she braced herself against it with her hands. Erin spread the woman’s legs apart with a foot and made her spread them wide. She ten started patting down the older woman, despite obviously carrying nothing in her stockings.

“ Tell me more about side effects”, Erin instructed.

“ At first.. At first it seems harmless, but depending on the dosage and combination of the drugs it can demonstrate a wide range of side effects. It also greatly depends on the dominant chromosomal make up of the subject taking the drug, and by that I mean if it’s a man or a woman”

“ Give me an example”, Erin said gripping the older womans big firmly and squeezing

Mrs Higgins seemed flustered

“ Xr -81 and xr-86 for instance combine to..” Mrs Higgins

“ English damnit”, Erin said spanking Mrs Higgins

“ Xr-81, I mean the red pill and the white pill combine to cause enhanced recuperative powers in men with birth control and disease resistance in males; but in females the white pill acts as a inhibitor to women and promotes aggressive behaviour and sexual aggression in addition to the birth control and resistant benefits.”

That explained why Erin was so damn feisty today, she wanted to suck and fuck and kick ass. And not necessarily in that order.

“ That explains it”, Erin actually whispered out loud.

“ What was that”, Mrs Higgins asked over her shoulder

“ Shut up” Erin spanked her again.

Erin reached around and gripped Mrs Higgins huge tits with both hands. She cupped and squeezed them firmly. She ran her fingers over the woman’s nipples and they hardened instantly. Mrs Higgins seemed to be high on her own supply too it seemed. She had fantastic tits too, at her age they should be dropping to her knees. The drug obviously seemed to have some sort of anti-aging and firming reaction. Erin guessed she could go for a couple more cup sizes after all, she could get them reduced if they got too big after all.

“ Damn you’ve got some big titties”, Erin breathed into her ear.

“ Deputy!”, Mrs Higgins protested.

“ Your drug did this, didn’t it?” Erin asked pinching Mrs Higgins nipples lightly

She moaned” Yes, yes”

Erin ran a hand down Mrs Higgins side and up between her legs and found her pussy lips. The older woman as Erin slid a finger down the length of her slit. The old bird was wet and hot Erin could notice just by this light touch.

“ It makes you a horny slut too, doesn’t it”

“ yes, yes” moaned Mrs Higgins.

Erin stuck a finger into Mrs Higgins sopping wet depths, she could feel the older woman squeeze around her finger with incredible Kegel muscle control. She could only imagine what it feel like to have a cock inside that wetness. So naturally she pushed another finger into her. The old woman moaned like the bitch in heat she was becoming.

“ You gave it to them so they could stick their big dicks in you huh?”, Erin whispered in her ear.

“ Oh god , yes, it made their cocks so big”, she moaned some more

Erin started curling her fingers in the older busty tart and thrusting in and out of her tight cunt with rapidity. Making sure to probe at her g-spot with every curled in-thrust. The grey haired mega-boobed tramp started shaking as Erin finger fucked her mercilessly.

“ And you’re going to give it all to me to control”, Erin whispered

“ What? What? No”, Mrs Higgins protested.

Erin released her nipple with her other hand and then twisted Mrs Higgins arm around her back making her stagger and plant herself into the wall. She extricated her sticky fingers and grabbed the other wrist and attached the other cuff together so now the older woman was now firmly handcuffed behind her back.

“ You don’t have much choice now bitch”, Erin snarled.

Mrs Higgins was now face first against the wall with her butt stuck out. Her wrists were cuffed behind her and she couldn’t move without falling over on her tall heels. Erin took a step back to admire her handiwork. She looked good enough to eat. So she thought ; might as well.

Erin got down on the floor between the older woman’s thighs and turned around and buried her face in the older woman’s snatch. Mrs Higgins was old enough to be Erin’s grandmother, but her twat was as sweet and fresh as any college girl’s peach. She licked her tongue long and wetly up her slit and gave the older woman’s engorged clit a strong cat lick.

Mrs Higgins wanted to protest, but she had taken a strong triple cocktail when she got home, she had dressed up and was just about to call James and Marshall over to fuck her silly. She had missed their cocks in the long week that she had been away. Erin pounding on the door coincided with the drugs kicking in and now she was a slave to the sexual touch.

Erin slurped and twirled all the way around on the older woman’s cunt. Erin hadn’t touched a woman in over a year now, and Mrs Higgins wouldn’t have been her first choice, but she also knew it was partly the drug at work making her so ramped up. Plus she knew she could turn this into having a slut at her back and call, one that could give them access to the jellybeans. She also wanted to see Lou sticking his big dick in this womans ass.

Just thinking about this ramped up Erin some more. She unbuckled herself while she messily slurped away at Mrs. Higgins twat. She then snaked her trousers off and her panties followed suit. She diddled herself as her face and chin got more and more wet and the older woman’s juices soaked her face.

Mrs Higgins shook and came over the deputy’s face, she couldn’t even remember the last time she had been with a woman. She thought back maybe 10 years ago as an anniversary treat for her dear departed husband. It was delicious and divine, but she thought this shouldn’t be happening; but there was something in her that responded to being dominated and helpless.

Erin fingered herself to a much needed cum and trembled as it hit her, and stopped licking the sweet nectar dripping from Mrs Higgins. She would come back to this and have the old slut eat her out, but she had things to do first.

“ Alright tramp”, Erin said getting up and gripping Mrs Higgins by the hair, “ show me where your lab is.”

Mrs Higgins told where to go as she was led by the air to the basement. Erin opened the door into the basement. Most of the equipment was covered in drop sheets, as was a king sized bed that sat in the middle of the room. Mrs Higgins remembered that bed fondly, her and her husband would fuck like bunnies on it while waiting for another new batch to brew.

Erin pulled the drop sheet off the bed, and pushed Mrs Higgins onto the bed. She looked around the lab and saw a few smaller vats, which were filled with the candies. Even so, half of them seem dust covered.It didn’t look like this lab had been used in years, and apparently Mrs Higgins was just using the leftovers from a long time finished batch.

“ Shit, you mean, you’re not manufacturing this anymore are you?” , Erin stated angrily more then a question

Mrs. Higgins rolled onto her back “ No, I had enough for years for myself, at least a couple years for the boys and me as well.”

“ Hate to break the news, slut, but everybody next door is on it now”

“ Oh no! we have to cut them off!”, Mrs Higgins exclaim in her head.

“ Hell no, you’ve got to keep it flowing”

“ But , but,”

“Enough with the butts already, how long can what you have last for…”, Erin counted, “ … seven, no, eight people”

Mrs Higgins was always good with numbers. A triple cocktail, taken twice daily, with an x variable, subtracting causality of y events….

“ 1 year, if taken conservatively, 6 months if taken liberally, or 3 if you keep spreading it around”

3 to 6 months. Damnit.

“ Can you make more?”

“ The drug didn’t pass approval, I could buy the chemic