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2022-10-01 00:35:18


My name is April Caughman. This is a story of the day that changed my life. I was 18 when it happened. I am 5'10" with long brown hair. My 36c breast always caught the attention of most straight males. I have been involved with Cheerleading my whole life. So my body was lean with long muscular legs. I was the Cheerleading Captain for my high school. While most of my friends dated a lot I had only had a couple boyfriends. I had sex once before and had given a few hand jobs, but nothing more than that. My sexual experience was limited to say the least. What I didn't know was that all of that was about to change.

I went to a friend’s beach house for a party one weekend. Of course my parents thought that I was sleeping over at another friend’s house, so they had no clue that I was out having a good time. I was wearing a black string bikini top and a pair of short denim shorts over my string bikini bottoms. It seemed like everyone from our school was there. It was crazy. As the night went one and the more we drank the more obvious it would be that some guys at the party were staring at my breast, ass or long legs. I loved teasing them. Little did I know this would come back to bite me. I had a little too much to drink that night. Everyone starting leaving the party around 2:00am. All that was left at the house was my friend Michelle who was out on the beach making love to her boyfriend, a few people passed out drunk and a small group of freshman from our school. The freshman (Ronnie, John and Craig) were all dorks, very unpopular kids so I wasn't sure how they got invited but I was way too drunk to really care. All I knew for sure was that those little shits were molesting me with their eyes. It was like they didn't care if I saw them staring at my breast and legs.

It was late and I decided to head upstairs to find a bedroom that I could crash in. After looking around a bit I found the Master bedroom was empty, so I made my way into the room and turned on the TV. A couple minutes later Ronnie, John and Craig walked into the room. “This room is taken, so go find another one freshman", I said with a little snicker. John turned around and shut and locked the door. "We know it is, but we thought that you wouldn't mind sharing it with us. I'm sure you've shared a bedroom with three men before", Craig said before giving the other two a high five. I stood up and said, “get out now or you'll regret this". As soon as the words left my mouth Ronnie stepped up and punched me two quick times in my stomach. I fell to the bed gasping for air. “Get her arms", John yelled. Ronnie and Craig quickly pinned my arms to the mattress. John pulled a pocket knife out and said, “do you want me to cut up that pretty face of your bitch". “No please don't hurt me", I begged. "Keep your mouth shut and do exactly what we say and you'll be ok. If you don't I'll dice your face up until no one can recognize the bloody mess that will be left". John sat down on the bed next to me and said, “We’re going to fucking gang bang you like the whore you are. So you better fuck as good as you look or things won't end well for you". “No please, please don't rape me. I'm not like that. Please let me go I won't tell anyone", I said as I began to cry. John's eyes drifted from my face to my breast. My hard nipples were poking against the thin fabric of bikini top.

John put his hand on my shoulder and slowly slid it down to my breast. His fingers slid under my bikini as he began pinching one of my nipples. "Let me see them big titties", John said as he used both hands to tear my bikini top off my body, quickly throwing it to the floor. I was in shock as he bent over and began sucking on my hard nipples and squeezing my large breast. “Look at those tits", the other boys cheered as they began using their free hands to cup and squeeze whichever breast John wasn't sucking. John moved on the bed so he was over me. ”You’ve got some big tits April. Let’s see what else you have", John said has he unbuttoned my shorts. He quickly pulled them off me leaving me in my string bikini bottom. John put a hand on both sides of my bikini bottom and slowly slid my string bikini down my long tan muscular legs. I was so humiliated. I couldn't believe that I was completely naked in front of these boys. I had boyfriends that hadn't seen me naked, now these dorks loved my naked, exposed and helpless body. “Oh my god she shaves her pussy bald", Craig said with excitement. I tried to look away as John moved his hand up my muscular thigh and in-between my legs. I felt one of his fingers begin to work its way in and out of my slit. He's finger fucking me, I thought. John said remember, I said do exactly as we said or you know what will happen". I said, “I know. I promise, just don't hurt me". "Let go of her arms she's not going to fight back, are you April?” John said. "No, but you don't have to do this please let me go", I begged. Craig said," me first".

Craig release my arm and stood up. He quickly got undressed. Craig was a tall and heavy kid. He was easily 250lbs. I was amazed that I could still see his 10" rock hard cock bouncing underneath his big gut as he approached me. He laid down on the king sized mattress next to me and said, “Suck me off bitch. You're going to swallow my whole load". I got up on my hands and knees and moved my head over stiff cock. I wrapped one hand around his shaft and bent down and took his manhood past my pouty lips into my mouth. It was disgusting. His cock tasted like gym socks. I knew I had no other choice so I began to suck and stroke his cock as my head bounced up and down on it. Craig reached down with one of his hands and cupped one of my large breasts pinching my nipple between his fingers. "Oh yeah, suck my cock slut", Craig said as his breathing started to speed up. John slapped my muscular ass making it bounce. "Suck it bitch, suck him off", John said with a laugh. John then began fingering my bald slit from behind while I sucked on Craig's cock. Craig released my breast and put both hands on my head as he began pumping his hips. "This fat ass whole is fucking my face", I thought as he began pushing my head down further until my chin was on his ball sack. His hard hairy ball sack kept slapping my chin. I could taste something salty in my mouth. I quickly realized it was his precum. The idea of him cuming in my mouth made me gag, but Craig just kept fucking my face. My eyes looked around the room only to see Ronnie naked jacking off while he watched me suck Craig's cock. Craig held my head with one hand while the other went back to squeezing my big swinging breast. "Oh shit, here it comes. I never thought a girl like you would suck me off. You better swallow my whole load or I'll fuck you up. My lips were wrapped tight around his cock as more and more pre-cum began to leak into my mouth. "Oh yeah, oh shit, here I cum slut, swallow my load", Craig yelled as he held my head in place with one of his hands. Suddenly I felt his cock twitch in my mouth as he began to shoot his warm salty cum into my mouth. I knew I had no other choice so I began swallowing his load while I stroked his shaft. He just kept cumming, so I kept swallowing. I thought I was going to throw up, but I knew if I did I would be as good as dead. The other boys cheered me on as I swallowed Craig's warm, salty cum. John pumped two of his fingers in and out of my tight slit until I could feel his knuckle hitting my clit. As soon as I finished swallowing Craig’s cum I released his cock from my mouth and fell to the bed. I began crying. I had never had anyone cum in my mouth before. Now my first time was with this dorky, fat freshman. I was in hell.

John was next. He told me to spread my legs. “No please", I begged. "Shut up and do it April", John said sharply. I rolled on my back and spread my legs. I felt so dirty being naked in front of these boys with my long muscular legs spread apart. In school I wouldn't have ever spoken to these dorks. Now they were forcing me to have sex with them. John got undressed pulled out some KY and put it on his cock and then on my slit. I was so scared. I had only had sex one time and it lasted maybe three minutes. I was really scared because John's cock was easily 12"long and 3" thick. I couldn't imagine how he was going to get that thing inside of me without tearing me apart. John moved so he was lying on top of me. He sucked on my breast for a minute or two. Then it began to happen. I felt him line the head of his cock up to my slit. I closed my eyes as I knew what was about to happen. The KY made it easy for his cock to slowly sink inside of me with each pump. "Damn you are one tight bitch April, maybe you weren't lying when you said that weren't a slut", John said before quickly forcing his mouth over mine. I could feel his tongue inside of my mouth while he slowly sunk is long thick cock into my tight slit. John held one of my large breasts with one hand while the other hand was gripping my muscular thigh. I could feel my slit stretching as it tried to allow his thick cock access. After a few minutes of slow and steady pumps John grabbed a handful of my hair and said, "Look at me April. Look me in the eyes". I opened my eyes and looked at John. His face was covered with zits. I couldn't believe this was happening. As soon as my eyes locked on his he said, “take this you sexy bitch". Then with one swift hard pump he forced his thick cock all the way inside of my slit. He began pumping his thick cock in and out of my body with a vengeance. “Sexy stuck up bitches like you would never give me or my boys the time of day. Now look at your ass. Your sexy legs are spread and I'm the one fucking your tight pussy", John said as he laid on top of me fucking the shit out of me.

Suddenly he slowed his pumping down and bent down so he could suck on my nipples. Each nipple was hard as a rock from the sucking and pinching. He released my nipple from his mouth and put one hand on one of my large breast and the other grabbed my hair. He went back to slowly but deeply pumping my helpless body up and down on the mattress. My breast bounced up and down with each deep thrust. I thought his thick cock was going to rip me in half. My slit was wrapped like a glove around his cock. “I love your tight pussy, April. We should do this more often", John said as he stared at my sexy athletic naked body underneath him. He started letting out a solid grunt with each pump. I could feel his hard ball sack slapping my body each time he thrust his cock into me. "Please don't cum in me. Please pull out", I begged. John just laughed. He was in a zone as he pumped my naked body full of his thick long cock. My breast jiggled with each thrust. The other boys all cheer John on. John said, "Look at me April. I want to look you in those big blue eyes as I cum". Again I begged him to pull out. John grabbed a handful of my hair and forced me to look him in the eyes. "Damn, you are one tight piece of ass. I can't hold back any longer. Get ready I'm going to blow my load in you", John said as he stared me in the eyes. He pumped his cock in and out of me a few more times. Then he buried his cock deep inside my tight slit. "Oh shit, here I cum April", John said loudly. He let out a loud groan. I felt his cock twitch and pulse as he started cuming inside of me. I let out a gasph. I could feel his cock shooting his warm cum deep inside of my helpless body. I just laid there as he continued to milk every last bit of cum from his cock into my slit. After about a minute his limp cock slid out of my slit making a popping sound as exited my body. "You are a GREAT fuck April", John said as he got off me and put his boxers back on. I began to cry heavily as I felt his warm cum leak from my slit down my ass cheek.

Ronnie quickly flipped me over. “Get on your hands and knees bitch", he said angrily. I slowly raised myself up on my hands and knees. Ronnie got on the bed behind me. He ran his hands up my long legs and over my muscular thighs. We gave my ass a quick slap. Then he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back so my eyes were facing the ceiling. “Get ready, because I'm going to fuck the shit out of your sexy cunt, rough and hard", Ronnie said as he guided the head of his penis into my slit. John's cum acted as a lubricant because Ronnie easily began pushing his cock inside of me. Then with one violent thrust he shoved his cock all the way up me. I let out a gasp has I felt his hairy ball sack hit my clit. He began fucking me hard from behind. He let go of my hair and reach around and cupped my swinging breast. Then he leaned back and put both hands on my waist. The other two boys cheer him on as he fucked me violently. My muscular ass jigged with each thrust of his cock. Suddenly John got on the bed in front of me. His hard cock poked me in the face. "Open your mouth and suck me off April", John said. I opened my mouth and began to suck John's cock while Ronnie fucked me from behind. My large breast swung back and forth with each one of Ronnie's hard thrust. He was pounding the shit out of my slit with his ball sack. John began pumping his hips as I sucked his cock. I was so humiliated if it ever got out that I was gangbanged by these dorks no one would ever want anything to do with me. I gasped for air as John shoved his cock down my throat. After a couple of minutes I began to taste his salty precum. I knew what was going to happen next so I prayed for it all to be over quickly. John said, “You’re going to make me cum again. Swallow every last drop you sexy whore". Then he put both hands on my heads and pulled his thick cock halfway out of my mouth so the head of his cock was resting on my tongue. His cock twitched a couple of times as he shot his warm salty cum into my mouth. I gaged at first, but then knowing I had no other real choice I began to swallow his cum. He shot stream after stream of cum into my mouth as Ronnie kept fucking the shit out of me from behind. Finally when I finished swallowing his load, john got off the bed and slapped Craig a high five.

The boys were talking about how my muscular ass was bouncing with each one of Ronnie's deep thrust. Ronnie was in heaven. “I’m going to pump you full of my cum you little slut. Next time you’re cheering in front of our school crowd look for me and remember this night", Ronnie said. My slit was wrapped very tightly around his cock. I could feel his tight ball sack slapping my body. "Oh shit this bitch is tight. I'm not going to last much longer", he said. I could still taste John's cum in my mouth. That was the only thing keeping me from focusing on the hard fucking my young athletic body was taking from behind. Ronnie said, “I haven't gotten off in weeks. I hope you enjoy this, because I'm going to cum deep inside of you". "Please no!” I screamed. It was of no use Ronnie was in heaven fucking me doggy style. "Take this you sexy bitch", Ronnie said as he slammed his cock all the way up me. I felt his cock pulsate and twitch inside of me as it poured load after load of his warm cum into my helpless body. I felt warm all over. It felt like he had shot a gallon of cum inside my slit. Ronnie continued to pump my naked body making sure that every bit of his cum was inside of me. Finally his cock went limp and slid out of my tight abused slit. I felt Ronnie's warm cum leak down my muscular thigh.

I was in such shock that I didn't notice Craig moving behind me to take Ronnie place. Craig put one hand on my shoulder while the other guided his thick cock up my abused slit. He began drilling me hard. It was getting hard to hold myself up, but I knew I had no choice. "Damn even with all the cum this slut has inside of her she is still one tight bitch. I bet that ass is even tighter", Craig said as he reached for the tube of ky on the bed. He put some KY on his two of his fingers. He then began shoving them up my little ass whole. "Please, anything but that, please stop. Cum inside of me, I want to feel you cum", I begged. Craig pulled his cock out of my tight slit and began shoving it up my ass. My hands clinch the bed sheet as I felt my ass whole stretch trying to allow him access. After about a minute of slow steady pumps his long cock was deep inside my ass. "It hurts, please stop", I screamed as Craig pumped the full weight of his body into each thrust. "Oh god, she has got one tight ass. I'm can't hold back very long", Craig said to the other boys. " Fuck that stuck up bitch's ass", John said as he cupped one of my swinging breast. Craig began pumping his long cock in and out of my ass. My ass cheeks jiggled each time Craig's fat gut slap my naked body from behind. I could feel his hard ball sack slapping my asswhole. "Oh shit, I'm going to cum in your ass April", Craig said. I didn't care I just wanted this to be over. He pumped my helpless body a few more times. Then he let out an unholy groan and he cock unleashed his warm cum into my ass. He kept pumping his cock in and out of my ass milking all of the cum from his cock. When his limp cock slid out of my ass whole I collapsed on the bed crying as the boys all slapped each other high fives talking about how they had "owned my ass". I was so humiliated as I felt all of their cum inside of me and tasted it in my mouth. The rest of the night the gang banged me a few more times before finaly leaving my naked abused body laying on the bed. I never told anyone what happened because I was afraid what people would say and think about me. Whenever I see those boys in school they always blow me a kiss or give me a dirty look. It's been months now and I still get scared whenever I'm alone. I'll never forget what they did to me.